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作者: Tiviya Kumar|2024年3月12日

More than ever, studies are showing that yo yo dieting does more harm than good. So ditch that new diet and ask yourself, are there any other non painful ways to do this? Body wrap weight loss treatment has been around for decades. However, there are no accurate studies that can prove this way of reducing fat works. Most of the evidence you’ll find are from the brand that sells this service. So, the real question is, do they really work? But before we come to a conclusion, let’s dive deeper to understand body wrap treatments and why it was popular. In this blog post, you will also learn the risks of this treatment and other alternatives to effective non surgical fat loss treatment options.


What Is a Body Wrap Treatment?

Body wraps are noninvasive treatments that have been touted for their health, beauty, and overall wellness benefits.

They usually involve applying a skin care mask or cream to the affected area and then covering it with fabric or plastic wrap. These elements are said to "melt" fat away while providing perfectly taut skin, but they are not without risk.

This is a placeholderThere are many types of body wrap options. Here are some:

- Heat wraps - Slimming wraps - Infrared body wraps - Detoxing wraps

Strips of fabric covered in herbal compounds are wrapped firmly and tugged around your body in an effort to detoxify your system. These topical herbs are supposed to aid in weight loss and cellulite reduction.

Once the wrap is removed, due to its compression, your skin may appear tighter. This could be one of the reasons people believe body wraps help with weight loss. Unfortunately, this side effect is frequently only temporary.



Is There Any Technology Powering This Treatment Option?

Sadly, the answer is no for most of the body wraps out there. However, the infrared body wrap is said to use red infrared light that helps to produce heat that can help lose weight. However, like the other treatments, only clinics that provide these services have information about them.

While it is totally up to you if you want to opt for treatments that do not have technology to back it up, we strongly advise you to opt for long term weight loss treatment options that have been shown to be successful in clinical trials. Although weight loss varies from person to person, losing cellulite is not an easy process.


Are Weight Loss Body Wraps FDA Approved?

The answer is a huge no. Unfortunately, FDA only approves a few types of body wrap treatments that are designed for skin tightening and cellulite appearance reduction. These body wraps are not meant to be marketed as fat loss treatment options.

However, if you intend on going for a body wrap treatment, try one for skin tightening or a cellulite reduction therapy. This way, you are aware of what the true potential of the treatment is and you can manage your expectations better.

The odds of you visiting a registered dietitian and opting for a healthy diet and some exercise could have a bigger impact than relying on body wrap weight loss treatments. While it may make promises to reduce inches, be mindful that “miracle weight loss” body wraps do not have any science to back it up!

There are other proven ways to lose inches without using plaster body wrap or herbal wraps!



The Risks and Side Effects of This Treatment

Always know what the risks or side effects are for any treatment you are planning to opt for! You would not want to risk your health just to lose a few pounds, the risky, scary way.

There are a couple of risks to these body wrap treatment choices:

1. Burns and scarring from heat

The chances of this happening is quite high if you use devices that are not clinically tested. Also, be mindful of how long you have the body wrap on your skin. No proper body wrap treatment will burn or scar you.

2. Dehydration

This often gets overlooked but body wraps in general cause dehydration. Hence why, most of these treatments result in water weight loss rather than fat loss. Be sure to drink plenty of water if you are planning to do a body wrap treatment.

3. Frequent treatments

Most places may encourage you to do it more than once a week, however, this could lead to other potential health crises that could land you in a hospital.


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What Happens In a Body Wrap Weight Loss Session?

This is depending on the type of body treatment you have opted for. Most treatments do start with a herbal tea consumption, if you go for it at the spas. However, some beauty clinics offer this too.

Do inform the therapist if you have sensitive skin or are prone to other skin or body issues.

Most treatments begin with a body cleanse, a mask and then the whole body is wrapped with the type of body wrap selected by the client. During this treatment, some people experience core body temperature change. Do inform the therapist if you feel uncomfortable at any point.



Other Non Surgical Weight Loss Treatment Options

Often not, when you think of effective fat loss, you think of liposuction or some very invasive, surgical procedure. However, thanks to technological advancements, we can now opt for proven and effective methods to say goodbye to fat, with no rebound!

These treatments are suitable if you want to get rid of stubborn fat in areas like thighs, stomach, abdominal fat and other areas.


Unlike body wraps for weight loss, cryolipolysis is a proven and effective way of saying goodbye to your fat, permanently! This treatment does not only reduce cellulite but will also help with tightening your loose skin post fat loss. This treatment will eventually help show your body’s natural shape.

Cryolipolisis was developed by researchers at Harvard and the technology has been patented since then. Perfect Laser Clinics’ CoolShaping Fat Freezing treatment has helped so many clients achieve their body goals and helped them get into shape! You will lose more than just a few pounds.

2. Laser treatments

Laser energy has been super helpful in the medical world. Most surgical wounds now no longer need surgical stitches as they can be done with laser energy. Likewise, laser treatments have been shown as an effective way to lose inches of entire body fat!

FDA approved devices will help reduce fat cells by emitting laser energy into the fat layer in the body. Be prepared to sweat as it can be slightly warm, however, laser fat loss treatments are non invasive and painless!

Perfect Laser Clinics’ S6 Body Sculpting Treatment uses the state of the art laser device and is paired with a cooling device for ultimate comfort! Contact us to know more about this treatment!


Why Pick CoolShaping Fat Freezing Treatment?

Let’s start by acknowledging one thing, water loss is not the same as fat loss. While body wraps may help flush away toxins stuck inside your body, you may not lose weight. Weight loss is slightly more complicated than sweating profusely in plastic wrap for hours.

With CoolShaping, you can rely on the technology that has been proven effective for many people. The sessions do not last long and you can go on with your day because fat freezing treatments have no downtime.

Fat freezing treatments have helped so many people lose inches of their body and never gain it back!



What Happens In One Session of CoolShaping Fat Freezing Treatment?

Our experienced aesthetic therapists will conduct an in-depth consultation. This is a very important part of the treatment plan. Doing this consultation will help the therapist understand your body type, health history, lifestyle, and weight concerns.

Our therapists will also do a body fat analysis. Collecting all these data will help them guide you throughout the treatment plan seamlessly. At Perfect Laser Clinics, we want a plan that suits your needs because everyone’s body has different needs.

During your consultation, our therapist will also walk you through the technical aspect of your treatment plan. You will be an expert on cryolipolysis after that!

You will then be brought over to the treatment room. The therapist will clean the area to be treated, and then turn on the cryolipolysis equipment. Most clients have said that they feel slightly cold but not uncomfortable during the treatment process. Do note that CoolShaping has a controlled cooling technique that will make sure that it does not get too uncomfortable for the client.

At that point, if you feel uncomfortable, you can always alert the therapist and they will be able to stop and understand you better to adjust the treatment.


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The Benefits of Our CoolShaping Treatment!

The list of fat freezing benefits are endless. It is of no wonder that this treatment option is one of the most popular fat reduction methods out there.

Here are some of the benefits:

1. Non invasive and painless

This has to be one of the biggest advantages of our treatment. The technology behind this treatment supports the idea of losing weight with no pain because often not, that is what hinders people from losing weight. They have tried so many other options but they can never almost see long lasting results. A treatment that has no pain and no knife involved and promises no weight rebound, who would not want to sign up for that!

2. Targeted spot reduction

Thanks to cryolipolysis, you can now reduce cellulite. It can be so hard to do physical arm workouts to lose that flabby arm, but with CoolShaping, you are able to tone specific areas of your body that require contouring. Most clients notice significant thinning of subcutaneous fat layers within 1 to 2 months post-treatment.

3. Skin tightening

Part of weight loss is loose skin. This is inevitable as the skin elasticity is not as fast as the fat lost. As we age, our collagen production also reduces. With CoolShaping, you can expect fat loss to be paired with skin tightening.



The Final Takeaway

Using body wrap that can help to lose weight may not be the best idea. However, body wraps are not the worst thing to do. Some body wraps can result in a smoother skin texture or even exfoliation! But it is very important to note that body wrap treatments for weight loss are not scientifically proven and may not help you achieve your body goals.

It is important to acknowledge the warning signs you read about treatments that use non FDA approved tools.

If you pair our CoolShaping with some fitness, a healthy diet and get some moderate sun exposure, you will see a world of difference! Do not forget to hydrate regularly as more water can help with fat loss.

Contact us today to find out more about the treatment and book a complimentary consultation with our trained professionals!


What makes thermal lipolysis different from CoolShaping cryolipolysis?

The effect of thermal lipolysis is immediate and is said to show within ten days, however, it also wears off quickly. Thermal lipolysis simply shrinks the size of fat cells; a high-calorie meal will cause them to grow once again. On the other hand, cryolipolysis takes one to two months to produce noticeable weight loss. However, because the extra fat cells are eliminated and can never grow back, the result is permanent and there is no danger of a comeback.


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