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作者: Tiviya Kumar|2024年3月3日

Looking to lose weight with weight loss injections? Wondering if using weight loss needles is safe and reliable? Read more to find out!


Weight Loss Needle: A Weight Loss Treatment

The thought of losing weight has been circulating the minds of every person when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding concerning weight related health conditions such as high blood pressure, catching a chronic disease, sleep apnoea and even slight lifestyle changes.

In order to achieve an average weight loss, one should check upon their body conditions first. It is best if an overall health check-up could be done with a healthcare professional in order to understand better about your own body before jumping into any weight loss treatment or plans.

It is important to perform a comprehensive check-up on the body to determine whether or not there are any weight related medical problems, how much weight needs to be lost to meet the individual's optimal body weight, and even their body mass index (BMI). Other than that, doctors may observe any physical activity intake from the patients, waist circumference, cholesterol levels and even signs of prediabetes. The clinical trial of your programme for weight management can benefit from the assistance of healthcare professionals as they are able to help prevent any difficulties that may arise throughout the course of the treatment plan and give verdicts on any treatment plans such as any weight loss medications prescribed alongside maintenance dose or any other medications to help weight loss.

Everyone has access to a wide variety of options to pick from in order to facilitate weight loss in a healthy manner. These various options, which can help you lose weight more readily depending on the characteristics of your body, range from taking a balanced diet to undergoing bariatric surgery (a type of surgical weight loss). Getting weight loss injections to help you lose weight is one of the options available. Let's delve even further into the specifics of this method to lose weight.



Lose Weight With Injection

Before deciding to have an injection for weight loss, it is crucial to have a solid understanding of the different kinds of injections that are available, type of weight loss medications and how each one functions. You can obtain the information at any clinic; nevertheless, it is in your best interest to complete your research beforehand so that you do not wind up receiving the incorrect type of injection. Because it is an injection, choosing the incorrect one can have negative consequences. When it comes to weight reduction shots, you need to exercise extreme caution because you run the risk of being allergic to the components. There are three different sorts of injections for weight loss that we should be aware of: B12, Lipotropic and Vitamin B & Lipotropic.


Types of Weight Loss Injections

1. Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12, sometimes referred to as cobalamin, is a vitamin that dissolves in water. It is essential to the proper functioning of the brain as well as the synthesis of DNA and the formation of red blood cells. The effectiveness of this weight loss injection is based on the impact that vitamin B12 has on our bodies. This vitamin can assist in speeding up the body's metabolism and compelling the fat cells in our bodies to release more energy. This can also help lower the amount of fat tissue in the body. Burning fat and bringing down your overall weight can be helped by getting a B12 injection in the right dose (1). However, the effectiveness of this injection is debated by a great number of medical professionals as it leans more towards treating B12 deficiency than it is for weight loss.

2. Lipotropic

Supplements known as lipotropic injections are utilised for the purpose of fat loss. These are designed to work in conjunction with other parts of a weight loss programme, such as going to the gym and eating a reduced calorie diet. Vitamin B12, which, even when consumed in huge doses, is not thought to pose any health risks, is the component that is most frequently found in injections. On the other hand, using lipotropic injections on their own without also following a weight loss plan could not be safe. Although there is a lot of excitement regarding B12 and mixed-ingredient lipotropic injections, neither of these are a guarantee for everyone, nor are they entirely free of risk. In addition, they are not subject to the same regulations that are imposed on prescription and over-the-counter medicines. Always consult a medical professional before beginning any weight loss regimen, including the use of lipotropic injections.

3. Vitamin B and Lipotropic

Here is another one of the vitamin injections that can help you lose weight! In addition to the vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, and C, this injection also includes three different lipotropic and lidocaine. The concoction is administered through injection. While the vitamins make sure that our body is not deprived of necessary nutrients, this injection effectively contains all of the components that help with weight loss by burning excess fat. Avoid getting the injection if you know or suspect that you have an allergy to lidocaine. This injection does not contain any common allergens, except for the lidocaine that is used. The beneficial effects of both the B12 and the Lipotropic are utilised during the injection. This causes us to lose weight because it causes the fat that is already in our bodies to be burned, which in turn releases energy.



Lose Body Weight With Weight Loss Injection Options

Let's have a look at the many injection alternatives that are accessible to us now that we have an understanding of the different kinds of injections that are on the market.

Saxenda Weight Loss Injection

Saxenda Liraglutide or simply known as Saxenda, a weight loss injection that is a synthetic form of a long lasting GLP 1 (Glucagon-like-peptide agonist). Taking Saxenda has the potential to help manage your appetite, making you feel fuller much more quickly, and then keep you feeling fuller and more content for a longer period of time. In other words, Saxenda works as an appetite suppressant.

Your weight loss will accelerate as a direct result of your decreased food consumption. The Saxenda weight reduction injections circumvent the issue of feeling hungry, which is a common side effect of other diets and weight loss fads, such as the cabbage soup diet and the lemonade diet. Saxenda cost varies based on the service that was provided together, however, average cost (including prescription, medicine and backup) costs around AUD$325 per 24 days.

Saxenda may help in reducing high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels as it is taken alongside a low-calorie diet and exercise.

There is always some level of risk connected with any treatment or drug, including the possibility that you will experience some adverse effects or possibly put your health in jeopardy. This includes common side effects such as nausea, constipation and diarrhoea.

B12 Weight Loss Injections

Vitamin B12 is found in its natural state in foods and products derived from animals, in particular dairy products, eggs, meat, and seafood. It performs essential functions that are necessary for the smooth operation of your body as a whole. Injections of vitamin B12 are used for weight loss since there is a correlation between not getting enough of the mineral, also known as a deficiency, and experiencing a variety of symptoms and effects as a result of this.

Your metabolism will speed up thanks to B12, and you'll have access to a higher source of energy as a result. Therefore, in addition to being able to function as a result of the food that you consume, B12 injections may even help you work out and exercise more.

Instead of being directly caused by B12, the majority of the time the more significant weight loss is accomplished through this route.

However, some patients stop taking this weight loss injection as they report an allergy of cobalt and fear of any risk of infection. There are few potential side effects as well, including nausea and diarrhoea, fatigue, and in rare occasions, problems breathing and slurred speech.


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Alternatives to Weight Loss Injections

It is unsettling to even consider the possibility of needing to get any injections, especially considering how common they are. Even while you may not be afraid of any type of needles, the thought of conducting the procedure on oneself might be scary because mistakes are likely to occur, especially if you haven't had much practice. Hence, we are here to suggest a non-invasive option for you to consider!



CoolShaping Fat Freezing Treatment

Getting rid of excess fat can be a real pain, especially when you consider that it takes a lot of time and could put a serious dent in your finances for the rest of your life. It is normal that one would look for a more suitable option for oneself, one that might provide comfort and safety without the need to consider through any surgical procedures or receiving any injections in order to shed excess pounds. The CoolShaping Fat Freezing therapy is the right one for you since it is simple, quick, risk-free, and, at its best, comfortable.

Cryolipolysis is the foundation of the CoolShaping Fat Freezing procedure, which freezes fat cells to remove them. At temperatures ranging from -10°C to -15°C, the body's surplus fat cells can go through cryolipolysis to be eliminated. The cells of the human body are unable to withstand temperatures that are too high, and as a result, the fat cells that are being targeted will be eliminated. After then, the body will regard the disintegrating fat cells as a waste product, and the metabolism will be responsible for removing them from the body. Are you concerned that it would return? Have no fear! The treated fat cells will never regrow as they have been eliminated permanently.

The first step in the treatment is a basic one. The process begins with a detailed consultation that is carried out by one of our highly trained and experienced aesthetic therapists. The purpose of the consultation is to collect information about your body, including an analysis of your body fat, your medical history, and other weight-related concerns. The treatment will be programmed to be matched to your body's demands based on the collected data in order to make the process of fat removal as effective as possible.

The CoolShaping Fat Freezing procedure does not need the use of any drugs or injections, nor does it require surgery. Because it makes use of cryolipolysis technology, the process is totally painless and non-invasive. There is a possibility that you will experience a mild chill but rest assured that your body and health will not be harmed in any way as a result of this. The majority of our customers have reported that a few months following treatment, they also saw a considerable reduction in the thickness of the fat layers beneath the skin.

Due to the fact that this treatment helps to tighten the skin, you won't have to be concerned about any loose or sagging skin either! The skin will be able to adjust well to the changes that occur when the fat layers diminish, and it will be possible for the skin to keep its firmness even as the fat diminishes. After having fat removed, your body will have a sculpted appearance that is free of any sags caused by excess skin.



Sticking to a healthy eating plan, getting the recommended amount of exercise, and even getting weight loss injections are just some of the many options available for people who want to lose weight and get rid of excess fat. Injections may have a noticeable effect on the reduction of body weight, but despite this, they are still regarded as an invasive method because they have the potential to cause adverse consequences.

Do not be afraid to get in touch with us and schedule your appointment for fat reduction right away if you are thinking about trying a treatment that does not include surgery.


Is there any recovery time with this treatment?

As our treatment is completely safe and non-invasive, there will be no surgery and injections so there will be no wounds to heal! You may continue your daily life almost immediately after the treatment.

Are there any side effects from taking this treatment?

Unlike taking any weight loss drugs, our treatment does not have any serious side effects, only small bruising and swelling but it will subside within a few days. Taking weight loss drugs are prone to get long term side effects, hence, we recommend opting for safer options.

Will there be any lifestyle changes when receiving this treatment?

None at all! There will be few follow ups post treatment as our professional therapists will use aftercare treatments for an optimised result, so there will be no major lifestyle changes happening for this treatment.


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