Back Acne & Scar Treatment

Remove Back Acne for A Silky-Smooth Back

About Back Acne & Scar Treatment

We know that body spots like "Bacne" is sometimes a pain to deal with, so we've got you! Introducing our ultimate solution to back acne - Back Acne & Scar Treatment. This treatment combines both alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) and laser technology. AHA can effectively clear out the dead skin cells and impurities hidden inside your pores on the back skin and on top of that the laser will then assist with removing pigmentations & scars on back, lastly we put medical grade essence to moisturize the area. This treatment can not only just clear out all the bacne & scars but also bring back your confidence!

Benefits of Back Acne & Scar Treatment

Efficient & effective

The Back Acne & Scar treatment integrates 5 major technologies. First of all, it uses the Silkpeel vacuum skin rejuvenation + medical-grade microdermabrasion technology to remove the oil and impurities hidden in the pores through suction. Then we will use the CPS skin rejuvenation method to dissolve and soften the excessively thick stratum corneum on the back and at the same time we also will infuse the medical-grade essence into the bottom layer of the skin to replenish nutrients and moisture. Lastly, combining with the upgraded C6 laser technology to effectively remove acne on the back. In just 1 treatment we satisfy all your needs for cleansing, moisturizing, and rejuvenating our back!

Eradicate acne & scars

Our back can sometimes be a "blind spot", it is difficult to wash thoroughly while showering. In addition, the oil glands on the back are active, the stratum corneum is thick, and the metabolism is slow. During summer, when your back sweats, the pores can be easily clogged by the oil and dirt, which will result in acne, and break out. So Back Acne & Scar treatment comes to your rescue! It integrates the Silkpeel vacuum skin rejuvenation and diamond-level skin resurfacing technology to remove the impurities and oil on the back, while dissolving the excessively thick cuticle, so that the pores can be restored and so as the metabolism.This treatment can also inhibit the growth of bacteria, truly prevent acne from "coming back".

Better Skin Texture

Besides acne, acne marks or spots can be often seen after the break out. Your back skin might not look as good as before, as it was left with enlarged pores and a rough skin texture. Fortunately, our Back Acne & Scar Treatment can perfectly solve the above problems, because the treatment not only includes the steps of deep cleansing, but also includes laser technology and moisturizing essence. Specifically, our medical-grade essence can go deep into the bottom of the back muscle to comprehensively repair the damaged skin tissue, and then by using the C6 whitening laser technology we could then lighten those stubborn acne marks, and achieving the ultimate goal of improving skin texture.

Gentle & Painless

The Back Acne & Scar treatment uses a non-invasive procedure. There are no incisions in the process, so we are ensuring you that there will be no irritation, no pain, and no damage done to the skin. Just consider it a back spa, and enjoy a comfortable and relaxing pampering time with us! Also there is no down time for this treatment so you can get back on your regular schedule immediately after.

How it Works?

How it works?

Step 1

Uses the U.S Silkpeel Vacuum Skin Rejuvenation + Medical-Grade Microdermabrasion technology for deep cleansing, gently remove impurities, oil and blackheads from pores, effectively improve different types of acne on the back

Step 2

Combining with the CPS skin rejuvenation, it can dissolve and soften the excess skin on the surface, and promote skin renewal. Then we will infuse medical-grade essence that gives the skin sufficient nutrition and moisture, nurture a healthy skin environment on the back, and prevent the recurrence of acne.

Step 3

Using the upgraded C6 whitening laser technology, without damaging the skin, to remove both deep and superficial acne marks and scars, then stimulates collagen regeneration, shrinks pores, and improves the skin texture on the back.

What You Can Expect?

Acne-Free Skin

This treatment aims to bring you breakout-free skin! The Back Acne & Scar treatment integrates 5 major technologies. In just 1 treatment it can satisfy all your needs for cleansing, moisturizing, and rejuvenating the back skin! To truly prevent back acne from recurring!

Flawless back

Back acne is annoying because it can also leave marks or scars. Our Back Acne & Scar Treatment uses the upgraded C6 laser technology to effectively remove pigmentations on the back, achieving a silky and flawless back.

Visible Effect

In just 1 session you will see a visible result! Not only does this eradicate acne but also lightens acne scars, and improves the overall skin texture on the back.

Comfortable & Effective

The Back Acne & Scar Treatment uses a non-invasive procedure, the entire process is gentle and calming, it will not leave wounds or incision on the treated area. What's even better is that there's no down time needed after the treatment, it will not affect your daily life at all!

Who is suitable?

The Back Acne & Scar Treatment is suitable for most skin types, especially those with back skin problems, including: acne, pimples, blackheads, acne marks, large pores, dull and uneven skin tone, rough skin, etc…

How many sessions will I need?

Generally, follow-up sessions will be needed to maintain the best results, so we recommend 6-12 times as a complete treatment for our Back Acne & Scar Treatment. Our beauty consultants will also arrange a detailed consultation for each of you, to tailor the treatment according to your needs.

Is there a downtime?

Our Back Acne & Scar Treatment uses a non-invasive procedure, there is no down time required after the treatment. It is suitable for people who are busy with work.

You deserve real results

Benefits of Back Acne & Scar Treatment

Before Treatment

After treatment

  • Before the treatment, our beauty consultants will clearly explain the treatment & process to you. If you have any questions, just let us know.

  • If the client has any chronic condition or skin diseases, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, severe eczema, lupus erythematosus, etc., or is undergoing radiation therapy (electrotherapy) or chemotherapy,please take the initiative to check with our consultant to see if the treatment is safe for you; pregnant and breastfeeding women are also not eligible for our treatments

  • The therapist will carefully check the status of the device and perform a sensitivity test on a small area of your skin to ensure that everything goes smoothly without any discomfort before the actual treatment.

  • Avoid wearing tight clothing to reduce friction & pressure on the treated area

  • 2 weeks after the treatment, avoid any laser, IPL, and radio frequency treatments on the treated area.

  • Avoid using skincare that contains acid or alcohol and scrubs to reduce skin irritation

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Safe & Reliable

We pay great attention to the safety of our treatments. Our Back Acne & Scar treatment is absolutely non-invasive, safe, and will not cause damage to the skin.

Team of Experienced Therapists

Our therapists are professionally trained and have extensive experience in treating acne. They are able to provide the most suitable solution to your acne problem and tailor a treatment plan according to your needs.

Incredible Results

The Back Acne & Scar treatment can really help you to improve your skin condition on the back, prevent back acne,blackheads and acne scars to recur. As long as you follow the correct daily cleansing steps and keep up with our aftercare tips, the acne will never rebound, and it will be cured once and for all.

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Why back acne keeps coming back?

The most obvious reason is that it can be difficult to cleanse the back thoroughly which will lead to acne. However, the sebaceous glands on the back are very active. Especially during summer, excessive sweating and tight clothing can breed bacteria, and result in acne. To effectively reduce the recurrence of back acne, it is necessary to wash the back thoroughly, especially in summer or after exercise. Making sure to wash clothes, towels and bed linens frequently will also help minimise the recurrence of back acne.

What can the Back Acne & Scar treatment do?

This treatment was specifically designed for the back . It can effectively target various problems such as large pores, textured skin, acne, hyperpigmentation, blackheads, and uneven skin tone. In addition to this, the treatment will also improve the overall skin condition of our back, including stimulating collagen regeneration, balancing oil secretion, and preventing bacterial inflammation, to not only cure but prevent back acne and scars from recurring.

Is the Back Acne & Scar treatment safe? Does it hurt?

This is a non-invasive treatment. The whole treatment procedure is gentle and painless. There is no downtime required after the treatment, it is safe and highly suitable for those who have a busy schedule.

How long will I see the results?

With just 1 session, you will notice a difference. You will notice acne scars becoming lighter and there will be a huge improvement on skin texture as well. However, we still recommend a complete course of treatment sessions for the best results.

Are there any deals/ offer at the moment?

Now we are offering a discount for all of you who registered online. Just simply submit the registration form and then you can experience one session of our Back Acne & Scar treatment for free. You will also get a complimentary consultation with our professional beauty consultants and they will perform a skin analysis to better assist with your personalized treatment plan.

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