Remove Unwanted & Stubborn Acne Scarring with Back Acne & Scar Treatment Melbourne!

The Back Acne & Scar Treatment Melbourne helps to remove dead skin cells and clogged pores from the back to give you smooth and silky acne-free skin! Call us now!

What is Back Acne & Scar Treatment Melbourne?

We understand that unsightly blemishes like back acne can be aggravating, but we've got you covered! Back Acne & Scar Treatment Melbourne is our definitive remedy for treating acne on the back. This procedure integrates alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) with laser equipment that can efficiently sweep out all the dead skin cells and pollutants that clog pores on the rear skin. The laser beam energy will next help with erasing hyperpigmentation and acne scars on the back before we use pharmaceutical-grade elixir to hydrate the region and calm down sebaceous glands This procedure will not just remove all of the unwanted bacne and scars, but it will also restore your pride!

Advantages of Back Acne & Scar Treatment Melbourne

Practical and quick

The Back Acne and Scar Treatment Melbourne combines five primary breakthroughs. To begin, it suctions out the grease and pollutants trapped in the clogged pores using the Silkpeel vacuuming skin regeneration therapy with medical-grade microdermabrasion technique. The CPS skin rejuvenating procedure will next be used to breakdown and lighten the extremely heavy stratum corneum (outermost layer of the epidermis) on the back, while simultaneously infusing the clinical grade essential into the skin's bottom component to restore hydration and nutrients. Finally, this acne-friendly skin care treatment is combined with an updated C6 laser technique to eradicate back acne successfully. We meet all of your purifying, moisturising, and revitalising demands in only one therapy!

Remove blemishes and acne scars

Our backside may become a "blind zone" sometimes, which makes it hard to completely cleanse while bathing. Furthermore, the sebaceous glands on the back are prominent, the stratum corneum is dense, and the metabolic rate is slow. Whenever the backside perspiration in the summertime, the capillaries can become rapidly blocked by sebum and debris, resulting in acne scars and breakouts. So Back Acne & Scar Treatment Melbourne is here to help! It combines Silkpeel vacuuming skin rejuvenating and diamond-level skin renewal innovation to extract pollutants and oil from the back whilst disintegrating the abnormally dense cuticle, allowing the apertures and metabolic rate to be regenerated. This therapy can also block bacterial development, effectively preventing acne from reforming again.

Improved Skin Structure

Aside from acne, acne markings or patches are frequently visible after only an outbreak. The skin on the back may not seem as wonderful as it once did because of increased porosity and harsh skin quality. Thankfully, our Back Acne & Scar Treatment Melbourne may properly handle the aforementioned issues since it incorporates not only pore cleansing processes, but also uses laser techniques and moisturising substances. Furthermore, our healthcare-grade substance may easily penetrate into the back muscles to heal wounded skin tissues, and then, utilising C6 brightening laser technology, we can remove these obstinate acne scars, reaching the eventual goal of increasing the appearance of the skin.

Pain-free and soothing

A non-invasive process is used in the Back Acne & Scar Treatment Melbourne. Due to the lack of wounds in the procedure, we guarantee that there will be zero pain, skin irritation or injury. Imagine yourself undergoing a back spa, and come in for a pleasant and peaceful soothing session with us! This procedure also has no recovery time, enabling you to resume your usual routines promptly.

Procedure for Back Acne & Scar Treatment Melbourne

How it works?

Step 1

Contains the Silkpeel Vacuum Skin Rejuvenation + Medical-Grade Microdermabrasion innovation from the United States for thorough washing, delicately removing pollutants, sebum, and blackheads from clogged pores with hair follicles, and completely treating various forms of back acne scars.

Step 2

When combined with CPS skin regeneration, this could break down and smooth extra tissue on the epidermis while also promoting skin regeneration. Then we'll inject a clinical-grade elixir that will nourish and moisturise the epidermal layer, cultivate a balanced skin condition upon that back, and minimize the return of acne.

Step 3

The updated C6 brightening technology removes both profound and shallow acne scars and marks without hurting the skin, then encourages collagen renewal, minimises apertures, and enhances skin smoothness on the backside.

What Can You See After Back Acne & Scar Treatment Melbourne?

Skin that is free of acne

This procedure attempts to give you acne-free skin! The Back Acne and Scar Treatment Melbourne combines five primary innovations. It may meet all of your demands for washing, hydrating, and renewing the rear skin in just one therapy! To possibly stop reoccurring back acne and acne scars!

The back is immaculate

Back acne is inconvenient since it can create lesions or scarring. The improved C6 laser technique is used in our Back Acne & Scar Treatment Melbourne to successfully eliminate pigmented skin on the rear, resulting in a smooth and perfect back.

Tangible Impact

ou will notice a difference after just one appointment! In addition, it clears acne and yet also brightens acne scarring and promotes general skin structure on the rear.

Convenient and Efficient

The Back Acne & Scar Treatment Melbourne employs a non-obstructive approach; the complete operation is soothing and relaxing, and no scars or incisions are left on the surgical site. What's more, there is no hidden recovery time required following the therapy, so it won't interfere with your ordinary life!

Who is suitable?

The Back Acne & Scar Treatment Melbourne is appropriate for most complexions, particularly some with back skin issues such as pimples, back acne, blackheads, acne scars, big porosity, poor and inconsistent face, scratchy skin, and so on.

How many treatments are needed?

Follow-up appointments are usually required to retain the greatest benefits, so we propose 6-12 occasions as a therapeutic purpose for the Back Acne & Scar Treatment Melbourne. Our cosmetic professionals will also schedule a full appointment for all of you in order to adapt the procedure to the immediate requirements.

What does the downtime look like?

Our Back Acne & Scar Treatment Melbourne is a non-invasive process requiring no recovery after therapy. It is appropriate for persons who are overworked.

Treatment Results

Pre and Post-Treatment Care for Back Acne & Scar Treatment Melbourne


  • Our cosmetic advisors will thoroughly discuss the therapy and procedures with you prior to the therapy. We'd appreciate hearing from you should you have additional concerns.

  • If somehow the consumer has a medical disease or skin rash, such as elevated blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, serious dermatitis, immune deficiencies, etc., or is currently experiencing radiotherapy (electrotherapy) or cancer treatment, kindly contact our advisor to determine if the therapy is secure for oneself; pregnant and nursing women are indeed ineligible for our therapeutic interventions.

  • Well before professional treatment, the clinician will thoroughly verify the condition of the machine and conduct a series of tests on a small region of the skin to make sure that things run properly and there is no skin irritation.


  • Wear loose garments to prevent abrasion and stress on the injection site.

  • Prevent any lasers, IPL, or radio frequency therapies on the treated area for 4 days after the procedure.

  • To decrease itchiness, resist utilizing cosmetics that include acid, alcohol, scrubs, salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide

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Back Acne & Scar Treatment Melbourne can significantly enhance your skin problem on the rear while also preventing the recurrence of back acne, pimples, and acne scarring. As you adhere to the proper regular cleaning measures and follow our maintenance advice, the acne scars will never return, while also being permanently treated.

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