This Acne-Friendly Skin Care Treatment is All You Need to Treat Severe Acne on the Back!

Remove dead skin cells, clogged pores and acne scars with the Back Acne & Scar Treatment Sydney! Promote collagen synthesis for smooth back skin! Call us now!

What is Back Acne & Scar Treatment Sydney?

We recognize how unpleasant and unattractive pimples like back acne may be, and we've already got visitors handled! Back Acne & Scar Treatment Sydney is our go-to procedure for breakouts on the backside. This method combines alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) with laser technology to effectively remove dead cells and impurities that clog pores mostly on the back skin. Following that, the pulsed laser radiation will aid in the removal of discolouration and acne scarring on the back as we utilise a healthcare-grade elixir to moisturise the area and quiet sebaceous glands. This will not only operation eliminate all of the undesirable bacne and scarring but as well as reinstate your dignity!

Advantages of Back Acne & Scar Treatment Sydney

Simple and convenient

The Back Acne and Scar Treatment Sydney incorporates five major advances. To commence, the Silkpeel vacuum skin revitalization procedure with medical-grade sandblasting method suctions out the sebum and impurities stored in the clogged pores. Following that, the CPS skin rejuvenation technique will be employed to disintegrate and brighten the relatively thick stratum corneum (topmost layer of the epidermal region) on the back, whilst concurrently delivering the therapeutic grade necessary into the skin's bottom layer to reestablish moisture and vitamins. Finally, this acne-friendly skin care procedure is paired with an upgraded C6 laser technology to completely eliminate back acne. We address all of your cleansing, soothing, and energizing needs in a single session!

Acne scars and blemishes should be removed

Our rear can occasionally become such a "blind zone," making it difficult to properly scrub while showering. In addition, the back oil glands are conspicuous, the outermost epidermal layer is dense and the metabolism rate is relatively slow. When the behind sweats during hot weather conditions, the arteries might become quickly clogged by oil and particles, culminating in acne scarring and eruptions. Back Acne & Scar Treatment Sydney can assist you! It integrates Silkpeel vacuum skin rejuvenation and diamond-level skin regeneration invention to separate impurities and sebum from the back while dissolving the excessively dense barrier and regenerating the openings and metabolic activity. This medication can also inhibit the growth of bacteria, potentially blocking acne from reoccurring.

Skin Texture Improvement

Apart from pimples, acne scars or spots are highly prevalent even after a single episode. Due to the increasing openness and rough skin texture, the epidermis on the back might not always appear as lovely as it previously did. Fortunately, our Back Acne & Scar Treatment Sydney can effectively address the aforesaid concerns because it includes not only pore purification methods, but also laser procedures and hydrating elements. Additionally, our medical-grade ingredient can readily enter into the muscles of the back to mend damaged epidermis, and then, using C6 brightening laser equipment, we can eliminate these stubborn acne scars, achieving the ultimate goal of improving the skin texture.

Soothing with no pain

Back Acne & Scar Treatment Sydney employs a non-invasive procedure. We guarantee that there will be no discomfort, skin irritation, or injury as a result of the procedure's lack of wounds. Imagine yourself having a back spa treatment, and come in for a relaxing and soothing session with us! This technique also requires no recovery time, allowing you to resume your normal routines as soon as possible.

Procedure for Back Acne & Scar Treatment Sydney

How it works?

Step 1

Features the American Silkpeel Vacuum Skin Rejuvenation + Medical-Grade Sandblasting invention for comprehensive cleaning, carefully eliminating contaminants, oil, and pimples with hair follicles that cause clogged pores and thoroughly healing numerous types of skin conditions.

Step 2

When paired with CPS tissue formation, it might decompose and flatten excess epidermal tissue while also boosting skin renewal. Then, the in-house experts will proceed to administer a clinical-grade solution that helps to replenish and rehydrate the epidermal layer, develop a regulated complexion on that back, and reduce the likelihood of acne reoccurring.

Step 3

The improved C6 brightening innovation dissolves both deep and light acne scars and markings without causing damage, then promotes collagen synthesis, reduces openings, and improves skin suppleness on the back of the body.

What Can You See After Back Acne & Scar Treatment Sydney?

An acne-free complexion

This process aims to provide you with acne-free skin! The Back Acne and Scar Treatment Sydney includes five major breakthroughs. This could suit your needs for cleansing, moisturising, and regenerating the back skin all in a single treatment! To maybe prevent recurring back acne and acne scarring!

The back is flawless

Back acne is aggravating because it may cause sores or scars. In our Back Acne & Scar Treatment Sydney, the enhanced C6 laser technology is applied to completely erase discoloured skin on the behind, culminating in a beautiful and flawless back.

Observable Effect

After just one appointment, you will notice a difference! Furthermore, it clears acne while also brightening acne scarring and promoting general skin structure on the back.

Straightforward and Effective

The Back Acne & Scar Treatment Sydney takes a non-abrasive technique; the entire procedure is pleasant and pleasant, with no scarring or wounds left on the operative site. Furthermore, there isn't any concealed time to recover necessary after the procedure, so it will not impede your normal activity!

Who is suitable?

The Back Acne & Scar Treatment Sydney is suitable for lighter and darker skin tones, especially those with back skin difficulties such as breakouts, blackheads, back acne, acne scars, enlarged pores, clogged pores, poor and irregular face, irritating skin, and so on.

How many treatments are needed?

Follow-up consultations are frequently necessary to maintain the best results, thus we recommend 6-12 sessions as a rehabilitative goal for the Back Acne & Scar Treatment Sydney. Our beauty specialists would also plan a complete consultation for all of you in order to personalize the process to your specific needs.

What does the downtime look like?

Our Back Acne & Scar Treatment Sydney is a painless and comfortable procedure that requires zero recovery time after treating acne scars and acne issues. It is suitable for people who are overburdened.

Treatment Results

Pre and Post-Treatment Care for Back Acne & Scar Treatment Sydney


  • Before undergoing the therapy, our cosmetic advisers will continue to explain the treatment and techniques to you. If you are experiencing any additional questions, please let us know.

  • If the customer has a health problem or skin irritation issues, such as hypertension, heart events, diabetes, severe rosacea, immune deficiencies, and so on, or is undergoing significant radiotherapy (electrotherapy) or treatment for cancer, simply notify our consultant to evaluate if the medication is safe for them; nursing or pregnant women are not qualified to undergo our medical approaches

  • Before beginning specialized care, the doctor will visually check the equipment and perform a number of tests on a limited area of skin to check that everything is operating fine and that there is no skin irritation due to inflammation.


  • Dress in loose clothing to avoid scratching and pressure on the treated area.

  • For the next four days, avoid using laser treatments, IPL, or radiofrequency medicines in the targeted area.

  • To reduce irritation, avoid using makeup containing acid, alcohol, scrubs, salicylic acid, and benzoyl peroxide.

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Back Acne & Scar Treatment Melbourne can significantly enhance your skin problem on the rear while also preventing the recurrence of back acne, pimples, and acne scarring. As you adhere to the proper regular cleaning measures and follow our maintenance advice, the acne scars will never return, while also being permanently treated.

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