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Perfect Laser Clinics is part of the largest medical aesthetics group in Hong Kong

Perfect Laser Clinics Benefits

Over 12 Million

Internationally Satisfied Customers


Medi-Aesthetics Technology

Listed on HK Stock Market

Customer Assurance


Fully Trained & Certified Therapists

Personalised Services

Customised Treatment Plans


We use all non-invasive treatments to ensure safety whilst achieving real results

Tailored Treatments

Our large team of professionals are dedicated to offering a personalised and tailored treatment plan to each of our customers


As the largest medi-aesthetic group in Hong Kong, we have accumulated numerous years of experience and helped many achieve their beauty goals

World-Class Machinery

At Perfect Laser Clinics we use the best machines available to ensure safety and quality

Highly Trained Staff

At Perfect Laser Clinics all our staff are fully trained and certified to ensure safety and confidence from our customers.

About us

Perfect Laser Clinics is part of the largest medical aesthetics group in Hong Kong. We have over 100 clinics across Asia and Australia and over 21 years of experience in the field. We use medical-grade, world-class machinery for all our treatments and provide personalised treatment plans with a therapist that will accompany you throughout your journey at our clinic. As of today, we have over 12 million satisfied customers world wide who placed their trust in our group's high-quality beauty services. We established our name in pigmentation removal and body sculpting but we have since expanded our range of treatments so we can satisfy all your beauty needs and goals.

Why Perfect Laser Clinics

Since it's founding in 2003, Perfect Medical Group has been redefining the medical aesthetics industry by bringing world-class beauty experiences to life. We started when the industry was still new and filled with unknown, we are now leaders in this field and we believe everyone deserves to live the life they envision. In 2019, we decided to bring our services to Australia in hopes of creating an exclusive beauty haven that is dedicated to individuality and refined beauty.

Treatments for Every Concern

At Perfect Laser Clinics we offer a wide range of beauty and body sculpting treatments. We target different skin and body concerns such as pigmentation, loose skin, wrinkles and stubborn fat. No matter your concern, Perfect Laser Clinics is the one-stop-shop for all your concerns.

Tailor-Made Treatment Plans

Every body is unique and everyones beauty standards are different. There's no such thing as the perfect treatment for everyone. At Perfect Laser Clinics, we assign one beautician per customer to ensure the most personable 1-1 experience possible. This combined with our years of experience, we can advise customers on a tailor-made treatment plan that works so you can achieve your beauty and body goals.

Where to find us

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