EX EYE Pro Under Eye Treatment

Dissolve Eye Bag | Stimulate Microcirculation | Reduce Edema | Tighten and Brighten Eyes

About EX EYE Pro Under Eye Treatment

Not sure what to do with your eye bags, wrinkles, dark circles and sagging lids? Don't worry. We've got your back! Perfect Laser introduces the EX EYE Pro Under Eye Treatment to tackle all your stubborn eye concerns with effects far surpassing eye creams. The powerful combination of monopolar RF and ultrasound can penetrate the skin, dissolve the excess fat in the under-eye bags, and detoxify via microcirculation of blood vessels. This treatment also stimulates collagen regeneration to reduce the appearance of dark circles, under-eye bags, under-eye puffiness, fine lines and tear troughs.

Benefits of EX EYE Pro Under Eye Treatment

Eye Bag Removal

The treatment uses a unique combination of ultrasound and RF of three wavelengths to penetrate the under-eye muscles for fat-dissolving and tightening the excess skin around the eyes. Sometimes, under-eye puffiness is not caused by excess fat underneath the eyes but by toxin and fluid retention. This treatment can reduce puffy eyes by accelerating the blood flow of blood vessels and lymphatic drainage to reduce swelling. Once your under-eye bags are gone, your eyes will look rejuvenated, radiant, and youthful.

Reactivate Collagen Production; Reduce Dark Circles and Wrinkles

As we age, the eyes, the thinnest and most fragile part of the body, are the most prone to collagen loss. When collagen loss exceeds growth, aging signs such as under-eye bags, wrinkles and dark circles will appear. Fortunately, the EX EYE Pro can repair the damaged collagen tissues and reactivates collagen growth under the eyes, effectively brightening skin tone.

Internationally Certified

EX EYE Pro is developed exclusively for delicate eye areas. The technology is a world-class technology that is FDA-cleared and CE-certified. You will be able to see visible tightening and rejuvenating results after just one session.

No Injections & Surgery

EX EYE Pro is entirely non-invasive - meaning no plastic surgery, no injection, no medication. We guarantee that there will be no pain, no irritation, no wounds and no downtime. You can return to your daily routine right after treatment.

How Does EX EYE Pro Under Eye Treatment Work?

How it works?

Step 1

RF at three wavelengths and ultrasound are combined for tightening skins. The energy emitted from the patented handpiece can penetrate the bottom of the eye muscle for a steady distribution.

Step 2

Reduce under-eye puffiness by dissolving excess fat in the under-eye area, instantly tightening eye areas. Promote lymphatic drainage and blood circulation of blood vessels to reduce fluid retention and dark circles.

Step 3

Stimulate collagen production and collagen tissue renewal. Reduce aging signs such as under-eye bags, wrinkles, tear troughs and dark circles without surgery or injection.

What You Can Expect from EX EYE Pro Under Eye Treatment

Sparkling Eyes

Under-eye bags, wrinkles and dark circles can make you look ten years older! This treatment can solve all your eye-related concerns and put the sparkles back into your eyes.

Collagen Regeneration

Results with the EX EYE Pro are exceptional. Your eyelids will become firmer significantly within two weeks post-treatment. As time goes on, high-quality collagen continues to regenerate, continuously improving the elasticity, firmness, and tightness of the eye area, making you look refreshed and youthful!

Transformative Results

The EX EYE Pro Under Eye Treatment is acclaimed and beloved by users for its versatility in treating all sorts of eye concerns, i.e. bags under your eyes, wrinkles, dark circles, saggy eyelids, and more. Be ready to witness transformative results after each session!

A Comfortable & Painless Experience

EX EYE Pro can dissolve eye bags without surgery or injections, leaving no wounds, bruises or fillers on your face. No medication is involved, so don't worry about any allergy symptoms! Most users love the procedure for being painless, non-irritating and comfortable. There is no downtime so you can return to your daily activities immediately.

Who is Suitable

It is suitable for anyone who wishes to reduce under-eye bags, dark circles, wrinkles and tear troughs, but is scared to go under the knife.

Recommended Sessions

A full EYE EX Pro treatment usually consists of 6-12 sessions. Our aesthetic therapists will create a customised treatment for you according to your needs and conditions.

Recovery Time

EYE EX Pro Under Eye Treatment is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment with no downtime. You can apply eye makeup immediately after the session and continue with your daily activities, which is perfect for those with a busy schedule.

Real Treatment Results

What You Need to Know about The EX EYE Pro Under Eye Treatment ……



  • Before the treatment, our therapist will explain to you the process and all precautions. Feel free to ask our therapist any questions you may have.

  • Kindly let us know if you suffer from any chronic illness, such as heart disease, diabetes, severe eczema or lupus, to ensure that the treatment is safe for you. Also, pregnant women or breastfeeding are unsuitable for this treatment.

  • Before the treatment, our therapist will carefully inspect the bags under your eyes and perform a sensitivity test on a small patch of your skin to ensure no irritation.

  • Wearing sunscreen with SPF 30+ protection can effectively avoid any sun exposure.

  • Apply a moisturising eye cream to keep the skin hydrated.

  • Avoid using irritating skin care products containing AHA/BHA, retinol, and any exfoliants for one-week post-treatment.

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Safe & Reliable

Safety has always been a priority for us at Perfect Laser Clinics. The EX EYE Pro Under Eye Treatment is 100% non-invasive and will not cause any harm to the skin.

Team of Experienced Therapists

Our experienced team has undergone extensive training to provide the best quality service for our customers

Incredible Results

With the unique combination of monopolar RF and ultrasound, the EX EYE Pro Under Eye Treatment can dissolve the bags under your eyes without injections or surgery.

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Professional Follow-Up

After completing the treatment, our therapist will follow up on your conditions to ensure that you are experiencing optimal results and zero discomforts.

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How does the EX EYE Pro Under Eye Treatment work?

EX EYE Pro is the only treatment worldwide to combine monopolar RF and ultrasound technologies. With a patented 360° probe, the heat energy can penetrate evenly into the skin around the eye area. The energy can effectively dissolve under-eye fat, promote blood circulation and lymphatic activities for reducing fluid retention, and break down any melanin buildup under the eye. Moreover, the heat also stimulates collagen generation to rebuild the elastin structure, remove under-eye bags, fine lines and tear troughs, tighten skin and lighten dark circles.

Who is EX EYE Pro suitable for?

This treatment is suitable for anyone concerned about the health of their skin around the eyes and who wishes to reduce under-eye bags, dark circles, fine lines, tear troughs and more.

Will there be any side-effects?

Not at all! The EX EYE Pro treatment is non-invasive - no surgical medical treatment, injections, or medication. The procedure is painless and causes no harm to the skin; in fact, it actually feels like a very comfortable eye massage. What's more, EX EYE Pro is an FDA-cleared and CE-certified technology, guaranteeing its safety and quality.

How many sessions do I need before I can see the results?

With just one session, you can see visible tightening and brightening results. However, we recommend a full-course treatment if you wish for optimal results. Our beauty therapist will customize the perfect treatment plan for you after conducting a comprehensive skin analysis. Milder cases of under-eye bags usually require around six sessions for an entire course, while severe cases may require up to 12 sessions, scheduled 14 days apart.

Can I go back to work immediately after the treatment?

Of course! This treatment does not leave any wounds on the face and therefore has no downtime. You can apply skin care products or makeup right after treatment and continue with your daily activities. Just remember to moisturise your eye area with eye cream and masks, and avoid using irritating skincare products, i.e. AHA/BHA, exfoliating or whitening products, for at least one-week post-treatment.

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