Treating Dark Circles and Eye Bags is Easy Now with the EX EYE Pro Under Eye Treatment Sydney!

The EX EYE Pro Under Eye Treatment Sydney removes dark circles and eye bags from darker skin tones without any surgery while inducing collagen production!

What is EX EYE Pro Under Eye Treatment Sydney?

Insufficient sleep can produce the impression of dark under-eye circles, as well as other eye issues that could make you feel aged. Several people prefer non-surgical wrinkling treatments such as iced tea bags and anti-wrinkle shots. What can you do if you have puffy eyes, wrinkles, dark under-eye circles, or dropping eyelids? Let's not be anxious about the biological ageing cycle or the effects of thin skin around the eyes. You have our full support! Perfect Laser Clinics provides the EX EYE Pro Under Eye Treatment Sydney to tackle all recurrent eye issues with outcomes that surpass eye drugs. The effective combination of monopolar RF and ultrasonic radiation can infiltrate the epidermal layer of the skin, eliminate extra fat deposits beneath the eyes and purify the blood vessels via blood flow. This non-invasive medical treatment also encourages collagen production, which aids in minimizing the perception of under-eye circles, puffiness under the eye area, the impression of creases, and tear valleys, while also boosting the natural skin tone and helping your eyes shine younger and more attractive!

Advantages of EX EYE Pro Under Eye Treatment Sydney

Remove Under Eye Bags

The procedure uses a one-of-a-kind combination of ultrasound waves and radiofrequency of three waveforms to infiltrate the tissues present in the under-eye area and remove fat deposits while constricting excess skin beneath the eyelids. Pollutants and fluid accumulation may cause swelling under the eye area instead of extra fat deposits behind the lids. This technique can reduce oedema in the eyelids by boosting blood flow and lymph drainage. Because the procedure constricts blood vessels, the eyelids will appear rejuvenated, radiant, and gorgeous once the under-eye swelling is removed.

Remove Fine lines and Under Eye Circles by Restoring Collagen Production

The eye skin, being the tiniest and perhaps most sensitive portion of the body, is incredibly susceptible to collagen deterioration as we mature. When collagen deconstruction outweighs collagen synthesis, signs of ageing such as under-eye circles, eye bags and wrinkles appearance can occur. The EX EYE Pro Under Eye Treatment Sydney, on the contrary, has the potential to replace destroyed collagen fibres and accelerate collagen production underneath the eyelids, resulting in significantly lighter skin tone.

Incredibly Skilled

The EX EYE Pro Under Eye Treatment Sydney was designed with delicate eye areas in mind. The apparatus is of the best quality eye treatment equipment and has been FDA and CE certified. Customers will experience visible tightening and revitalization after a single session.

No Pharmaceuticals or Cosmetic Surgeries

The EX EYE Pro Under Eye Treatment Sydney is fully non-invasive, requiring no beauty operations, needles, or drugs. We guarantee that you will experience no soreness, annoyance, blisters, or difficulty. During treatment, one could continue their simple existence

Procedure for EX EYE Pro Under Eye Treatment Sydney

How it works?

Step 1

Smooth and tighten skin is achieved by merging three wavelengths of RF with ultrasonic energy. The irradiation from the one-of-a-kind device enters the underneath ocular musculature, allowing for steady energy distribution.

Step 2

Reduce puffiness by removing extra fat stored under the eye area, which swiftly stiffens the eye tissues. Promote lymph drainage and blood vessel perfusion to minimise fluid accumulation and dark eye circles

Step 3

Stimulate the production of collagen and tissue restoration. Minimise the impression of withering signs such as dark under-eye circles, wrinkles, tear troughs, and eye bags without the need for surgical procedures or injectables.

What Can You See After EX EYE Pro Under Eye Treatment Sydney?

Eyes that Sparkle

Under-eye swelling, wrinkles, and dark circles can appear to make you look decades older than you actually are. This technique can treat all types of eye problems and recover the sparkle in your eyes.

Collagen Regeneration

The EX EYE Pro Under Eye Treatment Sydney achieves outstanding collagen restorative results. The eyelids will be considerably firmer after a week of therapy. Over time, unique and fresh collagen rejuvenates, improving the elasticity, firmness, and tightness of the eye area and returning to the youthful and refreshed nature of your eyes!

Important Results

Clients enjoy the EX EYE Pro Under Eye Treatment Sydney for its efficiency in treating a wide spectrum of eye disorders, such as rings underneath the eyes, wrinkles, bags under the eyes, sagging lids, and many others. Expect to witness a profound influence at the conclusion of each encounter!

Improved Skin Laxity with Zero Pain

EX EYE Pro Under Eye Treatment Sydney can reduce dark circles and puffy eyes without the necessity of aesthetic therapies or needles, leaving no marks, bruises, or additives on the face. There isn't any need for medication, therefore do not be anxious about sensitivities! The technique is famous amongst customers due to its speedy process, non-obtrusive nature and overall experience. Because there is no downtime, you can instantly continue your daily duties.

Who is suitable?

It is suitable for people who are seeking to reduce under-eye swelling, eye shadows, wrinkles, and tear troughs but are terrified of the operation. People with darker complexion could also benefit from this under-eye treatment.

How many treatments are needed?

A full EX EYE Pro Under Eye Treatment Sydney usually requires 6-12 appointments. Our beauty professionals will create a treatment protocol for you depending on your individual necessities and concerns.

What does the downtime look like?

The EYE EX Pro Under Eye Treatment Sydney is a non-invasive medical treatment with no downtime. You can put on cosmetics immediately after the surgery and resume your daily tasks, which would be beneficial for those who lead busy lives.

Images of Before and After Treatment

Pre and Post-Treatment Care for EX EYE Pro Under Eye Treatment Sydney


  • Before commencing the operation, our specialist will explain the operation and its aspects to you. Kindly do not feel shy to contact our therapist if you are facing any issues.

  • Please let us know if you have any significant disorders, such as coronary heart disease, diabetes, severe dermatitis, or psoriasis so that we can ensure the drug is right for you. Women who are pregnant or nursing are consequently unsuitable for this surgery.

  • Prior to the medication, our specialist will visually check the wrinkling underneath the eyelids and perform a resistance test on a little segment of the skin to ensure minimum discomfort.


  • Sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher can really reduce sun exposure.

  • Choose a moisturizing ointment to keep your skin hydrated.

  • Resist using aggressive skin care items such as AHA/BHA, retinoids, and cleanses for 7 days following the procedure.

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The EX EYE Pro Beneath Eye Treatment uses a unique fusion of monopolar radiofrequency energy with ultrasonic frequency to eliminate bags underneath the eyes without the use of medications or operation.

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