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Regular exercise, strict diet, combating hunger, weight loss medication; you name it! So many methods have been considered and done to lose weight in our weight loss journey but nothing really changes on our body weight and shape! The idea of diet and exercise has already made us nervous, and the thought of seeking other rapid weight loss alternatives comes to mind. Did you know that diet and exercise can be replaced with other weight loss treatment plans? There are other easy solutions when it comes to weight loss offered by any weight loss clinic including weight loss surgery, prescribed weight loss medications, weight loss injections and offering weight loss programs to those who are seeking to lose weight. Due to the fact that obesity contributes to few alarming health conditions, it is important for one to regularly check their weight and watch their lifestyle changes to avoid any other health conditions that might be a hindrance for one's body health. To start with, one can calculate and check their body mass index (BMI) to identify which class that they belong to: 18.5 or under is underweight, 18.5 to 25.0 is normal weight, 25.0 to 30.0 is overweight and 30.0 and above is considered as obesity.


Obesity: What and How?

Obesity is due to specific causes, but generally, consuming too much fat or high cholesterol fatty foods compared to the calories that you burn while doing any physical activity. But diet itself does not only contribute to this health condition, there are few that you may or may not avoid.



Common Causes of Obesity

The gain of body weight or weight regain stems from few causes such as:

1. Genetics, which might influence how the body converts the food that was eaten into energy and how it is stored in the body. 2. Aging or advancing in age, which can cause a loss of muscle mass and a slowing of the metabolic rate, both of which make it simpler to put on weight. 3. Pregnancy, due to the fact that the weight that is gained during pregnancy may be difficult to shed and may eventually lead to obesity. 4. Health conditions, such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), Prader-Willi syndrome, Cushing syndrome, osteoarthritis (OA) and hypothyroidism.


Health Challenges of Obesity

The effects of obesity extend beyond a simple increase in body mass. When you have a high proportion of fat to muscle in your body, this places stress on not only your bones but also your internal organs. Additionally, it leads to an increase in inflammation throughout the body, which is thought to be a contributor to the development of cancer. Obesity is another key contributor to the development of type 2 diabetes. There are a number of health problems that have been related to obesity, some of which can be life threatening if they are not addressed properly.

Mentioned health problems that contribute and contributed from obesity include high blood pressure, obstructive sleep apnoea, diabetes, headaches, and loss of appetite.



Treating Obesity

To reduce excess weight is possible and is available for almost everyone with their own personal weight loss goals. Of course, good exercise, reduced calorie diet and healthy lifestyle changes contribute to an abundance of benefits to achieve a healthier life.

There are a lot of different diet plans that can be found on the internet, and many of them make bold claims about how quickly they can help people lose weight. Among these various diet programmes, the ones that are most effective are the ones that cut down on the total number of calories you consume each day and are simple to follow for an extended period of time.

Increasing your consumption of veggies, fruits, healthy grains, and lean proteins while decreasing your consumption of sugary snacks and processed foods is the most straightforward method for dieting.

Dietary programmes have the potential to be successful if followed correctly. However, you might have to go through a process of trial and error before you find a solution that is effective for you. In order to get support, you should ask your doctor for a referral to a dietician.

Obesity has more effects than just making a person bigger. When you have a lot of fat compared to muscle in your body, it puts stress on both your bones and your organs. It also makes the body more inflamed, which is thought to help cancer grow. Another important cause of type 2 diabetes is being overweight. Obesity has been linked to a number of health problems, some of which can be life-threatening if they are not taken care of properly. It is a good step to seek professional help from an experienced doctor before taking any treatment plan for losing body weight.


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Weight Loss Medications

In addition to dietary and activity routines, your physician can also recommend using some weight loss drugs that are available with a prescription.

Medication is not often recommended for weight loss until other weight loss strategies have been unsuccessful and the individual has a body mass index (BMI) of 27.0 or above in addition to obesity-related health problems.

Medications available by prescription for weight loss work by either blocking the absorption of fat, reducing hunger or as appetite suppressant. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given their blessing for the weight loss drug to be used over an extended period of time (at least 12 weeks):

1. Saxenda 2. Contrave 3. Qsymia 4. Alli, Xenical (FDA-approve for children 12 years and above)



Weight Loss Injection

Supplements known as lipotropic injections are utilised for the purpose of fat loss. These are designed to work in conjunction with other parts of a weight loss programme, such as going to the gym and eating a diet low in calories.

Vitamin B12, which, even when consumed in huge doses, is not thought to pose any health risks, is the component that is most frequently found in injections. On the other hand, using lipotropic injections on their own without also following a weight loss plan could not be safe.

Although there is a lot of excitement regarding B12 and mixed-ingredient lipotropic injections, neither of these are a guarantee for everyone, nor are they entirely free of risk.

In addition, they are not subject to the same regulations that are imposed on prescription and over-the-counter medicines. Always consult a medical professional before beginning any weight loss regimen, including the use of lipotropic injections.


Weight Loss Surgery

Bariatric surgery is another name for the operation that is performed to help patients lose weight.

In order for this sort of surgery to be effective, either the amount of food that you are able to consume without feeling uncomfortable is reduced, or your body is prevented from absorbing food and its associated calories. It is possible for it to do both at times.

Surgery to reduce excess fat is not a quick fix. This is a major operation that comes with the potential for significant complications. People who have surgery will need to make adjustments to both the way they eat and the amount of food they consume afterward, or else they run the danger of becoming ill.

However, there is no guarantee that nonsurgical treatments will be successful in assisting persons who are obese in losing weight and lowering their risk of developing comorbidities. Here are few type of bariatric surgeries:

1. Sleeve gastrectomy: removing part of your stomach 2. Gastric bypass surgery: surgeon creates a small pouch at the top of the stomach and directly connects to the small intestine. 3. Biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch: Removes most of your stomach.



Weight Loss Injection in Australia

With obesity increasing by the minute, a pharmaceutical benefits scheme came out with weight loss injections, and it is available in Australia! To achieve a good body weight, one should get prescribed drugs from experienced doctors before getting into the treatment. Some patients may experience few common side effects, hence, it is vital to look into your body condition first before visiting your doctors.


The medication known as Victoza served as the inspiration for the development of Saxenda. It was initially administered as a diabetic injection and was used as a treatment for excessive blood sugar levels. Novo Nordisk was the company that manufactured it. It turned out that the medication had an appetite suppressant effect, as patients reported significant weight loss and decreased hunger over the course of treatment.

Monthly injection for saxenda cost around AUD $380. Aside from the benefits of weight loss, common side effects are there such as nausea, headaches, stomach pain and fatigue.

B12 Injections & Lipotropic Shots

These nutritional injections come in the shape of needles, and they are administered subcutaneously. They function as injections for weight loss and either comprise unadulterated vitamin B12 or a combination of lipotropic amino acids. Choline, inositol, methionine, and the vitamins that make up the B complex all collaborate on the process of directly breaking down fat.

In Australia, it is easy to get these shots! This medication can be found online, with a cost of AUD$8 per shot. Other than that, you may also find these therapeutic goods in medical spas in Australia!


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Losing Weight Without Weight Loss Medication

It is understandable that one seeks for long term success instead of any short term treatment. The idea of jabbing yourself with drugs and weight loss medication seems a bit of a worry, especially when it comes to your own body and health. Other concerns such as high blood pressure, sleep apnoea, nausea and prescribed off label also may raise some eyebrows for patients, hence, seeking for a non-invasive treatment plan.

S6 Body Sculpting Treatment

Get your ideal weight and body without any surgery or medications with S6 Body Sculpting Treatment today! By using a high-performance laser technology, this treatment penetrates deep into the fat layer to dissolve any unwanted excess fat!

With S6, you can sculpt your body and lose weight as the dissolved accumulated fat will be drained from your body by the lymphatic system! It is completely non-invasive and painless too!

The process is simple, really! First, our experienced aesthetic therapist will use a specialised treatment equipment and position it on top of the treatment area to release bio-laser energy that will then penetrate deep into the adipose tissue of the skin.

Using a pneumatic technology, the lymphatic drainage system will be sped up, generating speedy fat removal via lipid metabolism. From there, the fat layer will become thinner and thinner via fat metabolisation. This technology also produces a tightening effect, which helps eliminate any loose or sagging skin post-treatment.

You will notice a firm body profile and smaller figure as the high-performance bio-laser technology deletes any unwanted subcutaneous fat, inducing fatty acid catabolism through the decomposition of fat. It is completely painless and comfortable to receive it too!




It is certainly a hassle to get rid of unwanted fat and dream of achieving your body goals. Exercising and diet alone is not enough to tone down your body, hence, try our S6 Body Sculpting Treatment today!

Contact us and book your appointment now!


Is this treatment safe?

Yes, it is safe! Unlike other rapid weight loss treatments, we do not condone any invasive method for weight loss and encourage our patients to receive painless, comfortable and an enjoyable experience when receiving our treatment.

Is the recovery time long?

Believe it or not, there's no recovery time needed for this treatment! As there is no surgery and medications, so no wounds are there to be treated. You can continue doing your daily routine as usual post-treatment!

I am rather chubby, is it okay for me to receive this treatment?

Yes, anyone with weight-related issues are more than welcomed to receive our treatment. This sculpting treatment will give you the benefits of weight loss and can also target specific spots to slim down.


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