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作者: Tiviya Kumar|2024年3月7日

It’s that time of the year to write new year resolutions. But have you done anything from last year’s one? If your answer is no, do not be hard on yourself. Every year, most of us write about losing weight on our list but some of us never get to it, and it may not even be our fault. If you have gone on fad diets your whole life, losing weight can be a traumatising thing to do. However, do know that there are several other weight loss solutions that you could opt for without feeling miserable about it. If you have been in the lookout for fat freezing clinics near me, fat sculpting near me, fat freeze treatment near me related terms, then your search ends here! In this blog post, we will be sharing what fat freezing treatment can do for your body and how you find a good reputable clinic, amongst other important factors about fat freezing. Do not miss out on our frequently asked question section at the bottom of this article!


What Is Fat Freezing and The Concept Behind It?

Imagine this, you have been trying to lose your belly fat for a long time. You have paid fitness trainers and have only been eating chicken breast, rice and broccoli for a few weeks and you still look the same. Your trainer tells you that this may be the only way. Your motivation levels are low and soon you give up and up right where you started.

It can be very frustrating when you do not see fat reduction despite a healthy diet and exercise. Most of our clients that come in for fat freezing treatment have stubborn pockets of fat that just won’t budge.

Fat freezing or known scientifically as cryolipolysis is a fat reduction treatment that eliminates fat cells. Essentially, the role of these fat freezing machines is to lower the temperature for it to be cold enough to kill the stubborn fat cells permanently. The dead fat cells will then leave the body through the lymphatic system.

It can be very frustrating to remove stubborn fat pockets. Hence why fat freezing work can really be a game changer for those of you who have tried many ways to get rid of the unwanted fat in their body. However, do note that there is a huge difference when you visit fat freezing specialists who have done this treatment for many people.



Who is Fat Freezing Suitable For?

This is a very important part to keep in mind when you are looking for fat reduction treatments in the market. There is no specific group that cannot do this treatment, except for pregnant mothers.

This treatment would be very suitable if you are looking for targeted fat spot reduction. Thanks to medical advancements and technology growth, this is made possible with fat freezing. Very suitable for people who have not done fat reduction treatments ever as this is a non-invasive treatment. The common feedback we hear about fat freezing is that the treatment area may experience redness.

Be sure to visit a clinic that can come with a customised treatment plan that matches what you are looking for. Always clarify your doubts before beginning any kind of treatment process.


Is It Okay To Opt For At Home Fat Reduction Treatments?

This is a great question for those of you who prefer to stay at home. You have to trust us on this one as we really do not encourage this. If the pick was about hair removal, then you can proceed with an at home treatment as the risks are not so severe. If you want permanent fat reduction done right for you, you have to go to a trained clinician or therapist.

There are many non FDA approved devices that are out there. If you want to permanently remove stubborn pockets of fat, you have to use a device that has shown to be effective in clinical trials. If you skip this important part, there are many more further risks that could be a bigger hindrance to losing the weight.

We always tell our clients that even if they have a normal diet and exercise, it will be beneficial for them when paired with fat freezing works done on the body simultaneously. Cryo fat freezing treatments will freeze it until these fat cells crystallise and die over a span of few weeks.

While every treatment out there possesses a risk, it is safe to say that the risk multiplies if the clinic does not meet certain standards.



5 Must Haves In a Fat Freezing Treatment Clinic!

It is always good to have high standards. No one who benefited from it ever complains. We at Perfect Laser Clinics have put together these FIVE good signs every fat freezing treatment outlet should have.

1. A friendly attitude

It is very important that you have a safe space to ask about whatever that you are unsure of. Selecting a treatment as an aware person is way different than not knowing what you are in for. Our concern isn’t only about the treated fat cells, rather it's our overall experience. Be sure to share what your needs are and a reputable clinic will be able to carve out a customised treatment plan for you!

2.FDA approved technology

If you are wondering why the FDA approval is so important, let us remind you that when a device does not go through clinical trials, even if in theory it can function, the risks associated are high. One of the reasons why cryolipolysis fat freezing treatments have helped so many people achieve their desired outcome is because the technology was put to test.

Getting rid of excess fat is not easy. It is so important to make sure that our body fat percentage does not exceed an unhealthy amount. FDA cleared devices make that possible for many folks who have tried various ways to reduce stubborn fat. You will want to sign up at a clinic where others have seen reliable fat freezing results.

3. Adjustable and varied payment plans

This is not a must have as some good clinics have still faced certain limitations, however, most clinics should be able to break the payments. Do not ever settle for a treatment option that does not fit your finances. Speak to your clinician and be as candid as you need to.

4. Clinic Hygiene

Only go to clinics that practise proper hygiene and sanitisation. If there is one thing the pandemic taught us, it is the importance of disinfecting a place before beginning anything. We are all prone to many viruses and bacteria hence why it is important for clinics to maintain cleanliness at all times.

5. Other relevant certifications

This is an interesting one as different countries have their own local licensing board. Here in Australia, you need to make sure the clinic you visit has a practising licence from the Medical Board of Australia. Ask for more clarifications if you are unsure!


Trial Session

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The Potential Risks of Fat Freezing Treatments

One of the few known rare side effects is that when fat is frozen, it can expand rather than dissolve.

This is known as paradoxical adipose hyperplasia, and while the cause is unknown, it means fat cells are encouraged to grow, resulting in the opposite effect intended. The risk is the same irrespective of the treated area.

A minor side effect is numbness and redness in the treated area.

However, this risk is higher if the device used is faulty or not FDA cleared. At Perfect Laser Clinics, we only use FDA approved devices as it is our utmost priority to make sure the clients feel safe when opting for a fat freezing treatment.

Our CoolShaping Fat Freezing Treatment has left many of our clients happy with their natural body contour after just a couple of sessions.



A Rough Treatment Guide of Our CoolShaping Fat Freezing Treatment

If you want to say goodbye to the stubborn fat in your upper and lower abdomen, be ready to be amazed with how non invasive and painless our treatment procedure is!

Firstly, before our experienced aesthetic therapists perform a session, you must complete an in-depth consultation and body fat analysis. Our therapists do this to get a better understanding of your body type, health history, lifestyle, and weight concerns. This is also done so that they can tailor make a treatment plan that is the most effective and efficient one for you.

Step 2 can only happen once the client understands the technical principle and process of cryolipolysis. Once the client has no further questions and is ready to proceed, the therapist will clean the area to be treated, and then turn on the cryolipolysis equipment.

It will be very normal to feel slightly cold. Rest assured, this feeling does not stay throughout the entire treatment time. According to our feedback, most clients notice significant thinning of subcutaneous fat layers within 1 to 2 months post-treatment.

Do you realise how easy this treatment plan is? It is because it has been specifically designed to do that! The controlled cooling technology works in such a way that you will not feel too much discomfort during the entire treatment procedure.

Do note that at any point you want to stop the treatment, speak to your therapist and they will be able to guide you through it!


The Benefits Of Perfect Laser Clinics’ CoolShaping Fat Freezing Treatment

There are ample benefits when you opt for the CoolShaping Fat Freezing Treatment! Pair this with healthy lifestyle choices and you will keep the weight off indefinitely, fingers cross. Our treatment does not only stop at killing the fat cells but it can also help with skin tightening.

Below are some of the pluses of our treatment:

1. Painless and Non Invasive Fat Reduction

When you think of losing weight, all you ever remember is how painful it is. And no, we don’t mean like an actual physical wound, but also an emotional one. With CoolShaping, you don’t have to worry about the pain. Rest assured, this method has been studied in many clinical trials and has been proven successful! While there may be a slight discomfort, the controlled cooling technique will do its job to make sure it minimises that feeling.

2.Stubborn fat reduction

Whether it is a double chin or if you cannot seem to lose the fat around your upper arms, CoolShaping is clinically proven to cause fat loss. While there is a mild discomfort, we can assure you that this will not be as painful as what you may experience in an invasive surgery fat reduction method.

3.No weight rebound with CoolShaping

Most patients remain stable permanently, unless of course post treatment, they go through other personal issues or growth.

You can reduce fat easily with CoolShaping because the dead fat cells are seen as waste by the body and will excrete them naturally. Since the amount of fat cells in the body is fixed, the treated fat cells will not regenerate. Your unwanted fat is now gone once and for all.

4.No downtime needed

This is a huge plus! Can you imagine having to rest or be on a low movement restriction advice from the clinician after a fat reduction treatment? No you would not have to because right after your session, you can continue on about your day!



The Final Takeaway

It can be very difficult to get rid of stubborn fat resistant cells but we can assure you that with CoolShaping, you can let the medical grade technology do the work for you! If you complete your sessions and pair that with a healthy diet and exercise, you will be able to see the results you have waited for a long time in a span of a few weeks.

Call us now for a free consultation and end your search for "fat freezing clinics near me, fat sculpting near me, fat freeze treatment near me" related terms today!


How does the CoolShaping treatment work?

CoolShaping by Perfect Laser Clinics uses Harvard-developed Cryolipolysis technology. The cryowave energy is delivered into the fat tissues which will rapidly free fat cells at -10°C to -15°C. Following freezing, the body's metabolism naturally removes dead fat cells and will gradually reduce the accumulated fat layer. CoolShaping is a non-invasive, painless procedure with no downtime. Furthermore, the removed fat cells will not regenerate, implying that there will be no rebound effect.

What makes CoolShaping cryolipolysis different from thermal lipolysis?

With thermal lipolysis, the effect comes fast, within ten days is what the common consensus says. However, do note that it also goes fast. Thermal lipolysis reduces only the volume of fat cells, which will once again get bigger with a high-calorie diet. Fortunately on the other hand, cryolipolysis takes about 1 to 2 months to show its slimming result. The result is long-lasting with no chances of rebound because the excess fat cells are destroyed and will never regenerate.


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