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Are you having trouble losing weight or dealing with serious health problems that are tied to your weight? Does your hectic schedule make it difficult for you to engage in weight loss activities such as performing any physical activity and calorie restriction, which are two of the most effective methods? We are aware that not everyone will receive the same health benefits from reducing body weight, and we also know that the path to a healthy weight and the ability to maintain weight loss is not an easy one, particularly for those who are new to this matter or have had a difficult time in weight management. Naturally, if we were to conduct a search on the internet or ask other people around, we would discover that there is a plethora of information available to help us lose the excess weight. Having said that, sticking to only a healthy diet and making entire lifestyle changes for the purpose of an expected weight loss will result in either a consumption of more time or a rebound of food intake that contains more calories. The removal of enough weight and the prevention of future weight regain both require a significant amount of discipline, yet not everyone possesses the time and energy necessary to live such a disciplined lifestyle. People lose weight for a variety of reasons, including warding off significant health challenges, improving their overall health or to treat obesity. It is essential for us to take into consideration the state of our own bodies in order to gain a better understanding of the issues with which we are dealing. Before beginning any kind of lifestyle program or making a commitment to a treatment plan, it is in our best interest to consult with a qualified medical professional in order to have a deeper understanding of our own bodies. It is possible that medical professionals or aestheticians can assist us in determining whether or not we have any potential health problems in our body such as high blood pressure, kidney disease, or severe liver injury. Plus, they will also assist you in calculating your body mass index (BMI) to diagnose whether to give any prescription weight loss pills, in this case for people who have a BMI greater than 30 (those who have too much fat and deal with obesity).


Lose Body Weight With Weight Loss Supplements

Prescription drugs or prescription weight loss medication are Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approved with completed safety review from medical experts to aid those who are struggling to treat overweight issues or to lose weight, prescribed by a health care provider.

They are not available for purchase off the shelf in a pharmacy in the same way that over-the-counter medications are. In conjunction with a healthy diet and a good physical activity, weight loss medications can be an effective tool for achieving your total body weight goals. Therefore, despite the fact that they are not a shortcut to treat overweight issues, they may be able to assist you in achieving weight loss when other options have been unsuccessful. In Australia, anyone looking to lose weight has access to a diverse range of weight loss medications, and potential side effects of the medications can be discussed with you by both your doctor and your pharmacist to help you lose weight without any worry of weight gain or serious side effects.



Types of Weight Loss Medicines


Orlistat (brand names Xenical and Prolistat), is one of the non-prescription medications and this drug helps in avoiding weight gain, avoiding weight gain and reducing body fat. Taking Orlistat works by preventing fat from being broken down in the digestive tract, which results in 1/3 less fat being absorbed. The undigested fat is eliminated from the body through faecal process, hence, a low-fat diet is essential when taking this medicine.

However, there are serious side effects to this medicine, which are a leaky rectal discharge and greasy, fatty bowel movements, which are sometimes accompanied by an increased need to evacuate the bowels more frequently. When used in the long term, there is a possible risk of being deficient in fat soluble vitamins such as vitamins A, D, E and K.

Phentermine Topiramate

Phentermine is one of the weight loss prescription medications used for weight loss as it suppresses appetite. As it reduces appetite, you will experience a reduction in your hunger. Because of the nature of these medications, close observation is required at all times, and your medical professional should conduct regular check-ups. It is generally recommended that phentermine be taken for a period of no more than three months, in conjunction with a diet that is low in calories. People who have uncontrolled high blood pressure, certain cardiac diseases, glaucoma, an overactive thyroid gland, a history of certain psychiatric illnesses, or a history of abusing or becoming dependent on drugs or alcohol should not take phentermine. Women who are pregnant should not take this medicine as it may give way to birth defects.

Dry mouth, headaches, insomnia, restlessness, nervousness, agitation, rapid heartbeat, elevated blood pressure, and, in extremely rare cases, psychosis and hallucinations are some of the potential adverse effects of taking phentermine. However, some doctors even prescribe the patients to take both phentermine topiramate as topiramate is used to treat seizures or headaches from happening.

Contrave (Naltrexone - Bupropion)

Contrave is a combination of two medications: Naltrexone and Bupropion. Naltrexone is used to treat alcohol and dependence on drugs however Bupropion is used to treat depression as well as assisting people to quit smoking. This type of medication will help you feel less hungry.

Unlike other drugs, Contrave gives out a list of adverse side effects such as heart disease, increased blood pressure, liver damage, dry mouth, and even suicidal thoughts. Serious prescription medications are needed to avoid these detrimental side effects from happening. It is understandable that lifestyle changes with weight loss medicines may help you achieve your weight goal, but please be aware of the consequences that some medicines may give out.


Alternatives to Weight Loss Medicines

It is going to be quite exhausting for you to have to complete an exercise program in addition to maintaining a reduced calorie diet while also taking other medications for weight loss. This is going to cost you a lot of money. When you try to follow too many different weight loss plans at once, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed out, especially when you have to juggle with one another in order to maintain a healthy balance and prevent major adverse consequences from developing. Weight management is no easy task, but it is more difficult for individuals to stay away from any kinds of weight loss surgery such as bariatric surgery that would cause harm to the body.

This circumstance is equivalent to taking any prescribed medicine for weight loss. Although weight loss medications were discussed and approved by the FDA Drug Safety Communication review, it is still possible for side effects to occur as different types of bodies react differently to these drugs. Because of this, it is suggested that the medications only be prescribed by experienced medical professionals. Much like cases with bariatric surgeries, the cost of weight loss medications is higher because they require a lifetime prescription. Additionally, it is not unheard of for some of the medications to be part of a placebo group, which causes patients to believe they are losing weight even though they are not.



CoolShaping Fat Freezing Treatment

With our non-invasive and risk-free treatment, CoolShaping Fat Freezing therapy, you won't have to worry about eating pills that come with the possibility of troubling side effects. Instead, you may plan your weight management intelligently.

It is natural to be concerned about the potential for the listed adverse effects of weight loss pills and tablets to do more harm than good. However, we are firm believers that it is imperative to treat one's body with the utmost care and love in order to mould one's body into a better and healthier version of itself. Why not reward yourself with a method of weight loss that is superior, safer, and more comfortable all at the same time?

It is in our best interest to steer clear of any weight loss pills that might put our bodies in jeopardy in any way, as this would be the most prudent course of action for us to do. It is true that some patients taking any medication do not experience any negative side effects from doing so; however, it is important to keep in mind that different bodies react differently to changes, including weight loss, because we are each uniquely designed to meet our own individual requirements! The most efficient method for doing this is to get rid of the fat cells for good, and CoolShaping is more than capable of supporting you in accomplishing this objective.

The Harvard Medical School is responsible for the development of this medica-grade technology, which employs the cutting-edge cryolipolysis technology for cooling. The undesirable fat cells that have been collected in your body can be frozen with this technology, which shoots chilling energy at a freezing temperature ranging from -10ºC to -15ºC. Due to the fact that fat cells cannot withstand exposure to cold temperatures, this technology takes advantage of freezing the fat cells and completely destroying them, turning them into waste and will be drained naturally by metabolism, helping you get your dream figure!

To add, if you are looking for a treatment that helps remove fat in particular parts of the body, our CoolShaping Fat Freezing treatment might be able to help you address the concerns that you are having. We are aware that dietary changes, increased physical activity, and the use of weight loss drugs all contribute to a reduction in overall body weight. Having said that, we are also aware that some difficult fat cells are still alive in specific body areas; hence, this therapy can entirely eradicate any annoying and persistent fat layers away with under freezing temperature! You only need to discuss your goals with our experienced aesthetician, and you'll be well on your way to achieving a more toned body in no time.

This treatment is not only risk-free and easy to implement, but it is also simple to comprehend and straightforward in its delivery. The first step is to complete the registration procedure online, and then the next step is to pay a visit to our clinic and speak with one of our seasoned aestheticians. After that, our seasoned aesthetician will take the stage and perform a full and intensive full body analysis in order to identify any issues that may be causing concern or simply to gain a better understanding of your body in order to devise a version of the treatment that is individualised specifically for you!

After that, our aesthetician will explain to you every little detail about your body in order to assist you in gaining a deeper understanding about your own body issues and to assist in explaining the entire process of the treatment. You may also point out your own body issues for a targeted fat removal process to the therapist, who will then prepare the treatment region by, for example, sanitising it. This will allow for more targeted fat removal. When all of the preparations have been finished, the equipment will be turned on, and you might feel a tiny cooling sensation owing to the low temperature. However, you should not be concerned because there will not be any other discomfort that you will experience along the route.

People who are looking for a healthier way to reduce weight and are concerned about any major side effects that may interfere with their health are ideal candidates for the CoolShaping Fat Freezing procedure.


Trial Session

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If we want to avoid getting stressed out with other negative effects that will interfere with our own health, we need to have a good and idealistic weight management plan in order to manage our weight effectively and lose weight. It is crucial to think about the potential negative effects of using weight loss pills and tablets, and it is safe to state that selecting a strategy that is less dangerous and does not include any intrusive procedures is almost always the better option.

Please don't delay in calling us so that we can schedule your appointment for today.


Which is safer: this treatment or weight loss pills?

Both methods will bear different pros and cons, but this treatment is much safer as it is non-invasive and safe to use. It is true that weight loss pills do not require any kinds of injections or surgery, but it may give out serious side effects that will meddle with your own health.

What are the other benefits of this treatment?

Aside from helping you lose weight with fat reduction, this treatment offers tightening of the skin post-weight reduction and also boosts metabolism!

Which is worthy of my time: this treatment or weight loss tablets?

With CoolShaping Fat Freezing, you are able to see results with only one session! Weight loss treatment with medications takes up more time as it is adjusting to your lifestyle and eating habits, hence, resulting in a slow progress in weight loss.


Trial Session

Date should not be before minimal date

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