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作者: Sabrina Adia|2024年3月4日

It is already common knowledge that physical activity or doing an exercise routine plays an essential role in our daily lives. This is so that we may keep our bodies healthy and prevent any unwelcome diseases from establishing itself in our bodies. In light of what is depicted in the media and in some disciplines taught in schools, such as Biology and Physical Education, the concept of having a full body workout is always floating around, particularly as a potential method for losing weight. There is a wide variety of effective exercise routines available to pick from to promote weight loss. These routines concentrate on various sections of the body in order to burn fat and build muscle mass. However, before beginning any fitness programme geared at reducing body weight, one should keep in mind that physical activity on its own will not help one achieve their ideal body in a short amount of time. In order to successfully lose weight quicker, you are going to need to follow another regimen, which consists of eating healthily. To get more scientific, you need to establish a calorie deficit, which means utilising more calories than what you have been consuming. To successfully shed unwanted pounds, you need to burn more calories each day than you take in through your diet. If you want a more fruitful result in fat loss, intermittent fasting is always there for you to apply in your lives. One should also make a mental note to keep in mind that losing weight is not the solution to everyone's weight problems. Since each of us was made individually and is an individual with our own body, the state of our health will vary from person to person. Counting calories or keeping track of weight isn't necessary for everyone, particularly for individuals who have a history of eating disorders. Those individuals are exempt from this requirement. In any circumstance, an individual should seek the expert medical guidance of a doctor first in order to learn more about their own body composition and receive advice on how to lose weight in a healthy manner and understand weight management without experiencing any harmful side effects.


Burn Calories With Exercises For Weight Loss

1. Interval Training

One of the best weight loss exercises recommended by health experts is interval training. This exercise helps you lose weight by having your heart rate spike up and then comes down, in an interval form. One of the styles of interval training is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). The more vigorous the exercise, the greater the number of calories burned. For instance, because HIIT workouts are so strenuous (thus the name of High Intensity Interval Training), you can anticipate a significant amount of burning calories you consume while doing the workout routine. If you want to simulate the HIIT style while rowing or spinning, try doing short bursts of really hard and furious pushes. This will help you increase the intensity of your workout. The more your body utilises more energy than it takes in, the more calories burned.

2. Weight Training & Strength Training

Weight training or resistance training is an efficient method that can help in building muscle tissue and burn body fat. This type of training can be performed by using only your own bodyweight or with the addition of weights. It has been demonstrated that lifting weights can raise your resting metabolic rate, meaning that your body will burn calories even when you are not engaging in any physical activity. The effect, however, isn't huge, but more muscle builds equate to major muscle groups which also means you burn more calories throughout the day as you go about your normal activities. In addition, having more muscle allows you to push yourself further the next time, lift more weight, and derive an even greater benefit from each workout. When you lift weights at a high intensity, you get the added benefit of the "after burn effect", which is when you stop lifting but your body is still utilising the extra energy from the exercise. This is clear why weight training is also one of the best exercises for weight loss.

Strength training, however, can assist you in constructing lean muscle mass and revving up your metabolism, both of which begin to slow down as you approach your 30s.

3. Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercises or cardio exercises come in different shapes and forms, but all is great for any caloric burn activity! Of course, as its name suggests, these exercises are also one of the best exercises to avoid many chronic diseases and maintain our cardiovascular health. Walking is widely regarded as one of the most effective workouts to lose weight. It also can be done at a moderate pace, however, fast pace walk exercise burns most calories in one's body. A form of physical activity that puts minimal stress on your entire body and may be included into your regular weekly routine without causing undue difficulty. Numerous studies indicate that an individual who weighs 70 kilogrammes will burn around 167 calories in thirty minutes of walking at a pace of 6.4 kilometres per hour. Walking for 50–70 minutes three times a week has been shown to reduce a person's body fat percentage by an average of 1.5% and their waist circumference by an average of 2.8 cm.

4. Jumping Rope

According to a certified personal trainer and nutritionist Gabbi Berkow, jumping or skipping rope is a fun and effective way to improve your coordination, legs muscles, core strength and upper body strength. In addition to this, it assists in the development of bone density, which protects against any kinds of bone diseases. A complete-body workout can be achieved by jumping rope and aids in calorie burn as your quads and glutes will be activated to help you burst off the ground. Jumping with a rope will train your body to stay upright in a standing position while your arms and shoulders stay tight the whole time, resulting in a little bit of arm and shoulder exercise. A toned shoulder width can be seen too!



Lose Body Weight With Weight Loss Alternative

The weight loss journey is certainly a frustrating rocky journey especially when we are trying to avoid any weight gain as our body burns calories. It is understandable that sometimes fewer calories are being burned and the belly fat just won't go away after committing to intense exercises due to less muscle mass in the body. How many calories more to be burned just so that we could get the body of our dreams? Put your worries aside, we are here for you.

CoolShaping Fat Freezing Treatment

Maintaining a stringent exercise routine and carefully monitoring your calorie intake can be very taxing, and there are times when we simply do not have the time to do so. Because of our hectic schedules, we frequently fail to keep track of our weight loss achievements or progress because we are constantly on the move and time is always getting away from us. As we are aware of the difficulties and obstacles associated with weight loss, we are pleased to introduce you to one of the most effective slimming treatments that we offer: the CoolShaping Fat Freezing treatment.

Since each individual's body is special in its own way, it is not surprising that many approaches to weight loss are ineffectual for most people. This was discussed in the previous section of the article. Therefore, the difficulty and the bodily conditions are varied for each individual, and rebounds are certain to occur for some people if the methods of weight loss are carried out in an improper manner. Getting rid of the fat cells for good is the most effective way to do this, and CoolShaping is more than capable of assisting you in achieving this goal.

This medical-grade technology was developed by Harvard Medical School and uses the innovative cooling cryolipolysis technology. This technology blasts cooling energy at a freezing temperature of -10ºC to -15ºC in order to freeze the unwanted fat cells that have been accumulating in your body. Freezing fat cells will result in the breakdown of the cells, which will crumble down as waste and be flushed out naturally by the metabolism, thereby toning and moulding your dream physique. This is because fat cells are unable to tolerate cold temperatures.

In addition, if you are seeking for a therapy that can reduce fat in specific areas of the body, our CoolShaping Fat Freezing treatment might be able to assist you in addressing your issues. We are aware that dieting and exercise does help us reduce overall weight. However, we are also aware that some troublesome fat cells are still intact in specific body sections; hence, this therapy can cool blast the fat away from you! Simply communicate your desires to our seasoned aesthetician, and you will soon be on your way with a more toned body.

Did you know that going too extreme in terms of your diet and exercise routine may end up doing more harm than good for you? It is extremely risky, particularly for those who are still at the beginning of their journey to lose weight, to put undue pressure on oneself by exceeding one's own limitations in the absence of appropriate guidance from a qualified medical professional. If you are not accustomed to the regimen, you run the risk of injuring your body from the strenuous exercise and adverse post-effects, such as a rebound to weight gain following calorie restriction, which can cause you to gain weight. Why not choose to lose weight in a way that isn't going to hurt you and doesn't need any invasive procedures? Because we think that our therapies should be successful while also being comfortable, we do not employ any invasive procedures in the course of our care. This indicates that there is absolutely no need for any form of surgical procedure, injections, or even drugs!

The steps are easy to follow as well! After completing the required steps to register online, you will be able to visit our clinic in order to engage in a comprehensive consultation with one of our trained aestheticians. From this information, we will be able to determine your body weight concerns, as well as your body type, fat analysis, and even your lifestyle. A treatment plan that is uniquely suited to your needs will be developed using the information that was gathered.

In order to ensure that you have a complete comprehension of the cryolipolysis procedure, our aesthetician will provide you with an in-depth explanation of both the method and the technological basis underlying it. After that, the therapist will sanitise the treatment area, and then they will proceed to turn on the cryolipolysis equipment. You might experience some discomfort owing to the low temperature, but other than that, you won't have any problems with it!

This treatment is ideal for people who are looking for a method of losing weight that is not only effective but also safe, and who also want to tone and slim their body without having to engage in strenuous exercise. In addition, rapid weight reduction can cause cellulite and loose skin, however these side effects are not associated with the CoolShaping system. Following treatment, subcutaneous fat layers will progressively become thinner within one to two months, providing sufficient time for the skin to adjust and continue to preserve its firmness.



Although following a good eating plan and exercising on a weekly basis is certainly an effective method for losing weight, the two activities take up a significant amount of time. It is natural to look for anything that will get the job done in less time and with less risks; for this reason, our CoolShaping Fat Freezing procedure was developed.

Don't hesitate to give us a call today to schedule your appointment!


Can I still continue working out after the treatment?

Yes! As our treatment is completely non-invasive and painless, there will be no rebounds and no wounds to be healed. You may continue your usual schedule almost immediately post-treatment!

What is the difference between thermal lipolysis and cryolipolysis?

As mentioned in the names of the process, thermal lipolysis uses heat energy to reduce the volume of fat cells. However, rebounds can happen with thermal lipolysis due to a high-calorie diet. Cryolipolysis utilises cool temperature energy and completely destroys the fat cells without any chance of rebound!

What are the benefits of CoolShaping?

Aside from fat reduction, CoolShaping Fat Freezing helps in metabolism boost, tightening of the skin and targeted fat loss!


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