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作者: Tiviya Kumar|2024年3月4日

The struggle of finding a good and reputable clinic can be very hard. Things may appear normal on the outside but the horror starts when you are mid treatment and your therapist starts pushing more services on to you. Yikes! Lucky for you, thanks to this guide, you will be able to filter out clinics with suspicious signs and hopefully find the best clinic that fits your needs. Everyone has different needs and it is important to fulfil them. Our bodies are usually at a vulnerable state when we are in our sessions, hence why finding a good clinic is much more than just the service they have offered. In this blog post, you will get tips on how to find a reputable clinic and a mini checklist for you to keep in mind whenever you decide to go for cosmetic treatments. Do not forget to read our frequently asked questions at the bottom section of this article! But first let’s explore more about what cosmetic clinics do!


The Role of a Cosmetic Clinic

Whether you are looking for cosmetic surgery or non surgical treatments, it is so important to understand the role of the facilitator, and in this case, its cosmetic clinics. Most of the best selling technology, whether it be for weight loss or hair removal, all relies heavily on the beautician who is carrying out the treatment.

We have always believed that technology will be of great help but it is pointless if it isn’t for the therapists and doctors who spend their time understanding the best way to use it, while keeping the client’s needs in mind. It is definitely not an easy task!

Before we dive into the checklists, let’s understand the common issues that cosmetic clinics can help to heal!



Common Issues That Cosmetic Treatments Will Help

There are so many treatment options available when you visit a cosmetic clinic. Some treatment options can also help solve a couple of concerns in one session. The following issues are commonly solved when you visit a reputable clinic.

1.Weight gain

Gaining weight periodically can really suck. It is one of those things that creeps up on you and when you step on the scale, the number is suddenly so far away from what you thought you remembered. Of course, there is water weight to be taken into consideration, however, if you have poor lifestyle choices, chances are you have gained fat.

2.Sagging skin

Ageing is inevitable but fine lines and wrinkles can go away. As we age, our bodies produce less collagen. This of course affects many other components of your body, but the most visible sign is loose skin. There are multiple skin treatments one can go for before seeking help at a cosmetic clinic, but do note that skincare products can only help to a certain level.

3.Rapid hair growth

This is a more common issue that younger folks face. For most of us, shaving has always been the way to go. It is affordable and very accessible as you can even find a pack of razors anywhere. But, this comes with a huge price. First off, you will have to deal with razor cuts, which are definitely not pleasant.

4.Acne and pigmentation

So many of our clients come in for skin treatments. These are the common issues that they face, acne and pigmentation. There are so many reasons why people get acne. Stress, genetics, lifestyle choices or it could be as simple as a dirty pillowcase. Clients who have these issues have said that sometimes non surgical cosmetic medicine may not be as efficient as a simple cosmetic treatment. That being said, a famous alternative for acne and pigmentation healing is medical grade skin peels.

5.Eye bags

Eye bags hit differently when you start to age. If you have deep set eyes, that can make it appear worse. However, there are non-invasive skin treatments for this type of problem. You may not need eyelid surgery to solve this.


Non Invasive Treatment Options Offered By Cosmetic Clinics in Melbourne and Sydney

When we ask our clients for feedback, most of them always say they prefer non surgical treatments. Most of them have tried anti wrinkle injections or dermal fillers and have suffered from terrible side effects. Surgical cosmetic treatments have helped many people. But the risk is way higher than non surgical procedures.

Here are some of the popular non surgical cosmetic treatments:

1.Fat freezing aka Cryolipolysis

If this is your first time hearing about fat freezing, you are going to love this! Fat freezing was developed by researchers in Harvard. This treatment uses a cooling device to penetrate deep into the fat layer and freeze them. The frozen fat cells are then discarded as toxins via the lymphatic system.

Thanks to the latest technologies that are designed for a holistic approach, we get to benefit so much and the best part is that it is pain free! Most cosmetic doctors suggest this for clients who want to do body sculpting.One thing is certain, you have alternatives to weight loss without feeling like liposuction is the only way!

Perfect Laser Clinics offer CoolShaping Fat Freezing treatment that is proven to effectively lose fat! Call us now to book a free consultation.

2.Ultrasound skin treatments

This is a placeholderaUltrasound cosmetic procedures can help with facial rejuvenation. Depending on the clients skin conditions, therapists will have to adjust the levels by performing a test patch on their skin. This treatment plan has helped clients achieve their aesthetic goals!

3.Laser hair removal

During laser hair removal, the therapist will clean the treatment area and put on a cool gel while going over with the laser device. The heat from the device will kill the hair follicles permanently.

4.Laser skin treatments

Using laser technology, you can treat acne and pigmentation issues. Beauty treatments like laser skin resurfacing can also reduce the scars from acne and help prevent acne formation. Unlike cosmetic injectables, this treatment promises long lasting results.

5.Radio frequency beauty treatments

A common treatment is radio frequency skin tightening. Essentially, the high heat temperature in the thermal energy that is deployed by the device will increase levels of collagen in your skin and once your collagen levels are higher, your skin will tighten.



Surgical Beauty Treatments and Their Complexities!

Gone are the days where you hear plastic surgery being the first choice of treatment. However, there are upsides to going under the knife for some of the treatments. But keep in mind that you have to be careful with who and where you get these surgical treatments done. You would not want your lip enhancements to go wrong!

Now that you understand roughly what kind of surgical and non surgical treatments there are out there, let’s see what are the 5 important signs that a clinic with a good reputation has!


Trial Session

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5 Green Flags Every Reputable Cosmetic Clinic Has

Green flags are very important when you are finding a cosmetic clinic. Here are some positive signs to look out for:

1.Verified and certified

This is very important because visiting a clinic that claims to have years of experience but doesn't seem to have their certificates up on the wall can make the treatments more risky. Check on the certifications thoroughly!

2. Friendly and trained therapists

Going in for these treatments may make you feel overwhelmed or scared. That is normal and almost everyone feels that way. Doing a beauty treatment with a therapist who has had extensive training and is friendly can really help you feel more assured. Patient satisfaction has to be their priority.

3. A clean clinic

This is very important because often not the clinic may appear to look clean from the outside, but treatment rooms are not clean. If this is the case, what is the guarantee that the devices they use are clean and sterile for the next client?

4. Transparency

We cannot stress how important this is for people who are seeking cosmetic procedures. When your therapist is transparent with you about the kind of treatment you can or cannot do, it builds trust between both parties. You would not want to get cosmetic treatments done in clinics where they simply push you to buy their “bestselling” plan.

5. Good pricing point

Money is everything and it is so important to select a treatment that works best for your budget. Most clinics offer payment plan options that can allow you to make monthly payments. Always check before signing!



3 Major Red Flags to Look Out for!

If you come across any cosmetic clinics in Melbourne and Sydney that show these signs, run!

1. Pushy behaviour

This is a no go! It clearly shows that the clinic only has their interest at heart and not the patient's satisfaction. As a client, you are allowed to change your mind to meet your needs. Do not fall

2. Fail to rectify your doubts

If you feel that your therapist is evading your questions, that is a huge red flag! You must always clear your doubts before beginning your treatment plan. When you are fully informed and aware, you will feel more confident in the therapist and also the treatment choice.

3. The use of non-FDA cleared devices

Clinics that do this often do not last long in the market. The reason why the FDA certification is important is because the FDA conducts trials on the treatment before it gets approved. This reduces the risk hence why it is important to use the device that has been approved.


5 Things You Can Do To Find The Best Cosmetic Clinic In Melbourne and Sydney!

Now that you know what are the good signs and bad signs to look out for, it will help you gauge better on which clinic you will opt for. Below are 5 things you should always do before going in for a consultation:

1. Do your research

Go on Google and read up on articles that explain about the treatment and issues in depth. Doing research before visiting the clinic will help you prepare to look out for the bad signs!

2. Ask questions

Always ask your friends who have gone for these treatments. Them sharing their experiences would have you gauge better when you go in for the free consultation. If you feel something is off, then best to not pursue it!

3.Compare clinics

This is very helpful! Only when you compare the services and price, you’ll know better. Sometimes, cosmetic clinics in certain areas of Melbourne and Sydney may charge more due to geographical conditions. When you compare, you are more aware!

4.Check on the reviews

Always read the reviews before going into the clinic. Reviews are very important because people are able to give their honest feedback. However, keep in mind that some reviews by fake profiles may not be accurate.

5. Always ask for a free consultation

If the clinic does not offer you a free consultation, scratch them off your list. The first consultation is a very important part of any treatment plan. That is when you get to meet a therapist and discuss your concerns!



Why should you pick Perfect Laser Clinics?

Perfect Laser Clinics have been around for more than 18 years and have clinics in over 50 locations worldwide. We started off in Hong Kong and now we are able to help so many people across the world to solve their concerns. FYI, we have done over 13 million treatments!

So call us to book a free consultation in our cosmetic clinic in Sydney or cosmetic clinic in Melbourne! Clarify your doubts with our highly trained and friendly therapists who can help you pick the right treatment!


Can I seek cosmetic treatments if I am pregnant?

The short answer is no because some of the chemicals or devices used may affect your pregnancy. Always consult with your OBGYN before making a decision.

How do I prepare before coming to the clinic for my treatment?

This is depending on the kind of treatment that you are seeking for. Your therapist will brief you on the preparations you may need to take. The general rule is to avoid too much sun exposure!


Trial Session

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