The spots and specklings on your face differ in sizes, shades, depth and causes. For example, freckles are inherited and are in the outermost skin layers; sunspots and age spots are self-explanatory and are in the inner skin layers; melasma stems from hormonal imbalance and is very deep within the skin. There are many more types of pigmented spots - you can learn more about them and how to deal with them with these articles!
PicoCure Vs. Micro-needling: Which Is Better to Treat Pigmentation?

There's a massive variance between PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment at Perfect Laser Clinic and micro-needling; all that ultimately matters is how the two medicines work. The PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment involves light as energy. This permits them to have a particular objective to treat the skin, like broken red veins or pigmented spots, without harming the encompassing tissue. It's a specific treatment. Micro-needling is the mechanical strategy for making a large number of little incisions all around a treatment region that forces the skin to recuperate. The outcomes are not particular to a specific issue, yet you can see improvement in many problems, causing collagen recovery and skin rejuvenation. The two treatments are utilised to mend particular worries, for example, skin inflammation, scarring, and revival. But before we dive into the difference between PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment and micro-needling, let us determine what classifies as a pigmentation issue.

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