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There's a massive variance between PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment at Perfect Laser Clinic and micro-needling; all that ultimately matters is how the two medicines work. The PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment involves light as energy. This permits them to have a particular objective to treat the skin, like broken red veins or pigmented spots, without harming the encompassing tissue. It's a specific treatment. Micro-needling is the mechanical strategy for making a large number of little incisions all around a treatment region that forces the skin to recuperate. The outcomes are not particular to a specific issue, yet you can see improvement in many problems, causing collagen recovery and skin rejuvenation. The two treatments are utilised to mend particular worries, for example, skin inflammation, scarring, and revival. But before we dive into the difference between PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment and micro-needling, let us determine what classifies as a pigmentation issue.


What Are the Different Types of Pigmentation Problems?

There are several types of pigmentation issues faced by people today. To eradicate the issue of pigmentation, we must understand the types and causes of skin discolouration. This allows us to find the best way to prevent and tackle these symptoms before it’s too late.


Hypo-pigmentation happens when the skin becomes paler than usual. This occurs due to reduced melanin production.


Vitiligo is a type of hypo-pigmentation. It happens when white patches appear on the skin due to the damage of pigment-producing cells. There are a number of treatments, including cosmetic cover-ups, to treat this condition, but there is no definite cure for Vitiligo.


This is a genetic problem brought about by the shortage of overall melanin, bringing about a total absence of pigmentation in skin, hair, and eyes. Sadly, there is no remedy for Albinism.

Hyperpigmentation: Hyperpigmentation happens when patches of skin become more obscure than the encompassing skin because of the high level of melanin deposits in the dermis or epidermis.


Melasma happens when there is an irregular creation of pigmentation in the skin, showing up as brown or dark patches. While exposure to sunlight is the fundamental cause, specific medical and well-being problems are known triggers.

Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH)

Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation is a discolouration of the skin in light of irritation. Depending on the patient's complexion, PIH shows as pink, red, brown, or dark spots. It is typically aggravated by break-out, injury, rash, or pimple irritating skin.

Peri-orbital Melanosis

This sort of skin discolouration is normally known as dark circles. It is typically genetic however can be brought about by stress on the eyes.


Freckles are noticeable on lighter appearances and are generally hereditary. However, exposure to the sun can cause aggravate the increase of freckles.

Photograph melanosis

This is caused due to sunlight exposure and presents as a patchy pigmentation on the face, neck, back, and arms.

Burn from the sun

Sun-related burn is a rosy skin discolouration, that generally occurs in normal to lighter complexions. This occurs when there is an excess of sun exposure.

Age spots

Age spots, liver spots, or lentigines stem from skin damage from excessive exposure to the sun. These spots appear on the face, neck, décolleté, and arms. Sun protection from the beginning is the best way to prevent age spots.



What Can PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment and Micro-needling and Treat?

PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment can treat various skin concerns using the different types of lasers available. These include but are not limited to: • Hyperpigmentation • vascular sores • Matured skin • Skin resurfacing • Skin laxity • Irregular complexion • Injury expulsion • Tattoo evacuation • Wrinkle decrease • Rosacea • Melasma • Moles • Milia • Freckles • Skin break out • Skin break-out scars • Surgical scars • Hypertrophic scars - those with (or inclined to) keloid scars can't have Micro-needling • Other skin textural issues Micro-needling treatments can help heal and reduce the appearance of: • Break-out scars • Surgical scars • Wrinkles • Huge pores • Irregular skin texture • Irregular skin complexion


What Is the Procedure Do These Treatments?

PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment

PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment can definitively focus on many pigments with its four frequencies, 1064nm, 650nm, 585nm, and 532nm. To begin with, the nanosecond laser energy conveys short energy impulses to disintegrate the more extensive and profound shade. Later, picosecond pulses will break the lighter-coloured particles to be eliminated. High power can rekindle collagen development for repairing harmed tissues. The renewal of skin tissue further develops the skin's complexion, skin inflammation scars, and huge pores, bringing you vibrant and radiant skin.


Micro-needling uses little needles that are placed into the skin with delicate pulses, making a vast number of miniature dermal injuries. These miniature dermal wounds convey a signal to the skin, causing it to produce more collagen and ensure solid skin cell turnover. Since this interaction depends on a substantial skin turnover, it is best utilised on more youthful patients who probably have a quicker cell replacement cycle.



What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Micro-needling?

The advantages of micro-needling incorporate a somewhat faster downtime, as, after the treatment, you are likely to have a sunburned appearance. There are also lesser expected aftereffects. It is secure for all types of skin. The disadvantages of micro-needling are that the outcomes are frequently subtle. It can take a number of treatments to accomplish the results you want. Nevertheless, a few circumstances are best treated with a laser.


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What Are the Advantages of PicoCure?

Eliminate Pigments

PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment is the one and only high-powered laser treatment with four different frequencies, 1064nm,650nm,585nm, and 532nm. These four frequencies infiltrate all layers of the skin, as it targets and dismantles all types of pigmentation. The pigmentation is broken down into tiny particles and is then removed from the body via the metabolism system.

Kindle Collagen Production

When your skin is not in its best state, it produces excess melanin. The high-powered lasers promote collagen production. Collagen aids in repairing matured and damaged skin tissues as it gives your face a fuller look. It also fills up the bumps, holes, acne scars, and large pores and, ultimately, causes your skin tone to be even, revived, and healthy.

Top-Quality, Safe Technology

PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment is cleared by the FDA and is a CE-certified skin pigmentation removal procedure that guarantees safety and comfort.

Painless and no side effect

PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment is extremely quick as its pico lasers penetrates 1000 times faster than normal laser energy to remove pigment. This method is essential as pico laser beams comes into contact with the skin and leaves the skin too fast for the nerves to react. The treatment is non-invasive and efficient and it only takes 5 to 30 minutes per treatment session.



The Final Takeaway

If needles aren't your thing, or you don't have the time for recovery after treatment, the PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment is perfect for you. This painless and non-invasive treatment is FDA-cleared and CE-certified, so you know it's a quality option. Book your appointment with us today to remove those unwanted pigments!


What is the main difference between PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment and micro-needling?

PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment uses high-powered laser treatment with 4-frequencies, 1064nm,650nm,585nm, and 532nm. Micro-needling uses needles that puncture the skin and create a series of controlled micro-injuries.

Who is suitable for PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment?

PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment is suitable for people with all forms of pigmentation.

How many sessions will I need?

An entire PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment plan encompasses typically 3- 6 sessions. Our beauty advisor will design a personalised plan that best suits your needs and conditions.

Will I need any recovery time after this treatment?

PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment is non-invasive and harmless. You do not require any downtime after this treatment, allowing you to return to your routine almost immediately.

hat precautions do I need to take after this treatment?

Moisturise the skin with creams after the treatment. To shield yourself from UV light, use SPF 50+ sunscreen daily, even when you are inside. Stay away from direct sunlight to lessen the complications of sun harm. You must not partake in any laser, IPL, and skin needling/therapeutic grade skin strips medicines for the initial fourteen days after the treatment. Refrain from brightening, shedding, scrubbing, or acidic skin items for the primary week after treatment.


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