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作者: Sophia Man|2024年3月8日

Technology is evolving rapidly in the beauty and cosmetic treatments industries. Few devices represent the leaps and bounds we’ve experienced better than the Picosecond Laser. Skin problems, acne scarring, discolouration, untimely maturing, undesirable tattoos, and other circumstances can shake our self-assurance. If you relate to these issues, the P9 Pico Laser Treatment might be the excellent solution you've been searching for as it utilises picosecond and nanosecond dual technology. It's quick, safe, and painless. The outcomes are also upheld by hard, logical proof, and that is the endless treatment examples of success stories from using this treatment.


What is the Difference between Picosecond and Nanosecond?


The Q-switched laser, otherwise called ND YAG Laser, utilises laser beam energy in nanosecond impulses to separate over access of pigmentation. The body's immune system will gradually eliminate the broken melanin. Q-switched ND YAG laser has a particular frequency of 532nm and 1064nm. It is applied to the skin and the shaded pigments skin absorbs these energy beams. The power settings can be adjusted for laser frequency accuracy depending on patient’s skin goals and conditions. The low-energy laser specifically debilitates melanocytes and, to some extent, obliterates some melanin shades. The intensity emitted from the laser simultaneously excites collagen creation inside the dermis. There is lastly tightening of the skin. The laser tenderly disintegrates the extremely shallow layers of the skin. So, a Q-switched ND YAG laser is basically a laser intended to treat pigmentation issues. The short-frequency laser is valuable for treating shallow pigmented skin injuries. The Q-Switched laser has a widespread security profile. Its high-level shaft profile gives an exceptionally even beam outline, fundamentally decreasing hyperpigmentation. It may be securely utilised for an extended period with no disturbances in beams or loss of energy.


Picosecond lasers use impulses that span under one nanosecond, which causes overwhelmingly photoacoustic harm (beams of light that can be estimated by changes in pressure, i.e., sound waves) as opposed to photothermal obliteration of pigment or ink particles (assessed by the creation of heat). This outcome successfully clears strange shade while limiting photothermal harm to the encompassing tissue. A picosecond laser specifically obliterates the targeted pigmentation without harming any healthy, ordinary tissue. This allows fast removal of irregular pigmentation with minimal damage to encompassing tissue. Picosecond lasers utilised for tattoo removal require fewer medicines, cause fewer aftereffects, and result in fewer recovery times than nanosecond Q-switched lasers. They can clear a few tattoos that are obstinate to different types of laser treatment, and there is a decreased risk of causing scarring and hypopigmentation.



What Is the Benefit of The P9 Pico Laser Treatment?

Laser pigmentation removal

The P9 Pico Laser Treatment utilises the picosecond and nanosecond double technology. The energy produced ventures a thousand times (x1000) quicker than conventional laser treatments to seek out and obliterate melanin and pigmentations particles in different layers of the skin. The P9 Pico Laser Treatment works harmlessly and successfully to decrease the presence of pigmentation. For example, acne scars, melasma, spots, sun spots, age spots, and that's just the beginning. The broken melanin particles will be eliminated through the body's metabolism system.

Enhances skin texture

The P9 Pico Laser Treatment can ignite collagen regeneration for fibrous tissue to fix and fill the scars and expanded pores in the long haul. It can also smoothen the skin's surface, further developing its elasticity and renewing the complexion.

Radiates and controls oil production

Individuals with oily skin will generally have more acne issues than most people with other skin types. The P9 Pico Laser Treatment pacifies hyperactive sebaceous glands for a steadier sebum discharge, allowing your face to be less gleaming and less inclined to acne issues. The laser energy can likewise kindle the development of collagen, minimise pores and restore your skin.

Effortless and does not backfire

The P9 Pico Laser Treatment utilises the picosecond and nanosecond double technology, transmitting energy to penetrate multiple times quicker than the conventional laser treatments. Because of its speediness, the P9 Pico Laser Treatment’s energy makes contact for a short while with the skin, leaving just a somewhat warm sensation. In addition, the Pico laser targets the pigmented area without affecting the encompassing skin tissues. This obliterates the pigmentation with no backfiring impacts in other designated regions.


How Does the P9 Pico Laser Treatment Work?

By incorporating picosecond and nanosecond technologies, the laser energy can penetrate through the epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis equally to mark the pigmentation at each layer. The laser breaks the tough melanin into tiny elements to be discharged through the lymphatic system of the body. Collagen creation proceeds even after the P9 Pico Laser Treatment, and the rejuvenated collagen tissues fill up your face from the inside. This naturally fills scarring and acne while concurrently smoothening your skin's texture and overall appearance.




Suppose you're looking for a laser clinic that can take care of all your pigment and skin concerns, look no further than Perfect Laser Clinic. Our P9 Pico Laser Treatment removes your pigmentation issues, controls your sebum production, and increases collagen production to ensure your skin stays firm and clear! And the best part? It only takes 8 minutes per session! Radiate with clearer skin at Perfect Laser Clinic!


What causes pigmentation?

Adrenal disorders,Genetics,Hormone changes,Injury to the skin,Medications,Melasma, Sun damage ,Thyroid disorders

Who is suited for this treatment?

This treatment is suitable for people of all types of skin that endure uneven skin tones, sun spots, acne scars, largened pores, freckles, melasma, and other pigmentation problems.

How many sessions will I need?

Usually, we recommend 3-6 treatments to ensure maximum results. Our aesthetic beauty consultant will design a personalised treatment according to your needs and conditions.

Will I need any downtime after this treatment?

The P9 Pico Laser Treatment is a non-invasive, harmless, pain-free treatment with no recovery time needed. You can resume your daily routine immediately after the treatment sessions.

What should I do after the treatment?

You should ensure the skin is moisturised with hydrating skincare items and utilise SPF30+ sunscreen on a daily basis to safeguard your skin from excessive sunlight. For a fortnight after treatment, you should not take part in any laser, IPL, chemical strips, skin needling, brightening, shedding, and acidic skin health management items.


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