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作者: Sabrina Adia|2024年3月11日

New year, new skin. Tired of having dull skin with dead skin cells? Concerned about sensitive skin? Try these best facials in Melbourne for supple skin!


Melbourne's Best Facials in 2024 for Rejuvenated Skin

New year, new me! Or would you prefer it as “new year, new skin”?

Everyone dreams of healthier skin, and it is important for one to consider taking facial treatments or take a day off for a skin day spa for treating skin concerns. Concerns regarding dead skin cells, dull skin and more can be concluded by visiting your local skin boutique or practicing healthy facial treatment habits at home such as deep cleanse, deep exfoliation, double cleanse, even drinking chilled cucumber water to promote and maintain radiant skin.

It is important to pay attention to the conditions of your skin to avoid potential dreadful circumstances if not taken care properly. Since the beginning of adolescence, our hormones have played a role in regulating the conditions of our body, including the conditions of our skin. If not taken care off in an early stage, it is possible to end up with dull and dry skin. A simple few skincare steps are more than enough to start one's journey in taking care of their skin for longer lasting effects.

As time progresses, people are more aware of their health concerns, and it is considered as a new age fancy to take care of your body including your skin. Glowing skin is becoming a trend among people, especially flawlessly dewy finish like being portrayed on social media.Who doesn't want a picture perfect, filter-free skin, right? Since different people have different skin types and skin issues, especially sensitive skin, it is important to seek professional dermal therapists for a better understanding before trying on a clinical approach for your own skin.

Before getting right into it, there are few terms and skin concerns that one should know first.



Skin Concerns

Don't know where to start? No worries! We are here to help detect and evaluate your skin concerns before visiting your local skin boutique.

Firstly, you should check your skin type. According to Kiehl's, there are 5 basic skin types: oily, dry, combination, sensitive and normal skin. To know so is pretty simple and easy! It is called the Bare Face Method: You just wash your face with a cleanser and pat gently to dry, without applying any skincare products afterwards. After half an hour, you may feel and observe your skin. To make it easier for you to indicate the conditions of your skin, here's a list of possible skin type results based on what you will feel and experience:

1. Skin feels tight and dry: Dry skin 2. Skin feels and looks shiny: Oily skin 3. Skin is both oily and dry: Combination skin 4. Irritation occurs on skin: Sensitive skin 5. None of the skin conditions mentioned above: Normal skin (Yay!)

But do be mindful that your skin type may change from time to time due to various factors such as hormonal changes and aging, so it is important to take note of the changes and retest your skin type if needed.

From there, we can sort out a treatment plan before going for a service treatment by annotating and checking your skin conditions such as dull skin, acne, hyperpigmentation and even uneven skin surface. It is also important for one to have a good and correct facial routine and techniques that can be done at the comfort of your own home.


Facial Routine

Of course, like skin types, facial routines are exclusive to each person. The basic crucial steps goes: cleanser, toner, moisturiser and sunscreen, but one can upgrade their skincare routine based on their skin types and condition. By double deep cleanse and deep cleaning exfoliation, the skin is cleaned thoroughly removing dirt, dead skin cells and unremoved makeup leftovers that are unseen to the naked eye. It is recommended to embed tension dissolving massage techniques, which also promotes lifting facial by massaging your face in repeated motions for blood circulation in your daily routine for a lush and younger skin look.

Adding serums such as retinol, antioxidant rich serums or organic rose oil deep into your routine is also a good step to achieve that lusher and brighter complexion as these serums help stimulate collagen production. Moisturising your skin is a very important step to be included and not to be skipped for a hydrated skin. Believe it or not, moisturisers (which help in hydration infusion), also boost collagen production and infuse vitamins so that's a plus point for our skin! Sunscreens are to be applied (and reapplied every 2 hours!) to prevent harmful UVs from ruining your skin. Sunscreens which contain Vitamin C are very good for UV protection to an extensive range.

It is vital to keep track of the substances used on your skin, recommended are natural ingredients and non invasive treatments. One should target focus areas such as acne prone areas or T-zone which is the home for excessive oil production, acne and blackheads and U-zone that is often dehydrated.



Facial Treatments

Now that we already recognize the condition of our skin, let's take a look at the facial treatment and clinical approach to rejuvenate our skin.

Light Therapy

Light therapy or LED light therapy is a safe skincare treatment which contains varying light wavelengths (not to be confused with ultrasound waves or ultraviolet rays!) which helps in acne treatment, reduces inflammation and promotes anti-aging. Red light is used to treat the epidermis which is the outer dermal layer, however, blue light is used on the oil glands just beneath the hair follicles. This treatment is often used for luminous skin clinics.

Light therapy is one of the good skin therapies as it does not hurt the users, and brings an abundance of benefits to those who use it. This treatment brings wonders as a result of clear and rejuvenated skin, so you might want to consider taking a look for this type of treatment.

Laser Therapy

The word "laser" might be scary for the public but we assure you not! It is not dangerous or scary as it might sound it would be, laser therapy is far more user friendly and safe for you.

Laser therapy, or better known as Laser Skin Resurfacing is a type of treatment that acts as a helpful hand in treating skin blemishes and resurfacing skin irregularities such as wrinkles and fine lines. In this type of treatment that heats the epidermis of your skin, stimulates collagen production and also acts as clinical skin peels. This technique is considered as one of the finest facials as it promotes rejuvenating skin and requires proper aftercare after each session.


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Best Facials in Melbourne

Nothing is better than the best facials in your own neighbourhood! Take one day off for your skin day spa to reconnect and have your own personal facials in Melbourne! For 2024, let's start the year with fresher and healthier skin.

C6 Good Skin Laser Facial

Hyperpigmentation is somewhat irritating and concealer waste, why not get rid of them for good with C6 Good Skin Laser Facial?

C6 is a great choice to consider for pigmentation treatment as it treats deep to the roots of the cause: melanin. Not only it is best for pigmentation treatments, results are immediate and promote even complexion! It is also safe, and pain-free! Changes can be seen for small pigmentations after only one session, and complete clearance within a few sessions!

P9 Pico Laser Treatment

Similar to C6, this treatment treats hyperpigmentation but by using P9 technology! It is way faster than usual laser treatments as it uses picosecond plus nanosecond dual technology as it reaches deep into the skin to treat and custom to skin cell renewal. P9 technology is 1000 times faster, can you imagine how amazingly fast and effective this technique is?

This medical grade technology is a pure bliss as other than treating hyperpigmentation, it also improves your skin texture as well as brightening your complexion and controls the production of oil on your face. Concerned about the life-span? Worry not! P9 Pico Laser Treatment gives a long-lasting effect with no rebound as the high speed technology only makes a brief contact to the skin, preventing burns from happening.

Other than that, pain is out of the question as this treatment is a non invasive treatment and painless! As P9 Pico Laser Treatment only makes a small and fast contact to the skin, only a warm sensation will be in contact, but other than that it is pretty fast and good to go.

Chuan Spa

Looking for something more calm and revitalizing? Worry you not, visit Chuan Spa for your calm visage of an experience.

There are few facial treatments offered by Chuan Spa for your own relaxing time to boost and treat your skin such as collagen boost facial, LED light therapy, and Ultimate Lift HSR Therapy. No doubt by having to experience a calm and ambient setting, to escape from the hustle and bustle of your daily life, you will be pleased and rested knowing that your skin is already being taken care of with proper techniques.




It is important to consider the best facials for yourself, especially to start a new year, full of hopes, dreams, and good supple skin. Try out our latest technology, the C6 Good Skin Laser and P9 Pico Laser Treatment to accommodate your fast-paced city lifestyle.

Painless and clear skin, who doesn't want that? It is everybody's dream to acquire such healthy and clear skin, and our location is conveniently just around your own neighbourhood! So what are you waiting for? Don't be shy and don't hesitate! Book your appointment with us to acquire a rejuvenated and healthy skin today!


What are the causes of hyperpigmentation?

The common cause of hyperpigmentation would be from sun damage. Ultraviolet rays or UV rays are given out by the sun, and considered as one of the biggest red flags towards unprotected skin. Other than sun damage, pigmentation also occurs from age factor, change in hormones as well as low-quality skincare products.

Do lightening creams work?

It is recommended that we upgrade our skincare routine steps by adding serums, vitamins and what not. However, some products claim to have functions to treat pigmentations or lightening the skin, but then these products' molecules are too big to seep into our dermis layer to treat the said pigmentation spots. Hence, it is safe to say that these products are ineffective towards the treatment of spots and hyperpigmentation on the skin.

Is laser treatment painful?

Rest assured! Our laser treatment will not use any kind of incisions and injections. It also certainly will not be painful as it is a fast process, brief and comfortable as the laser will be in contact with the skin for only a short amount of time. Only a warm sensation will be experienced when undergoing the laser treatment process.

I am in a rush, when can I expect the results?

Since C6 and P9 are two different laser treatments, the result differs. As for C6, small pigmentations such as freckles and sunspots are expected to decrease after only one session and darker pigmentation takes about 6 to 12 sessions for complete removal. P9 uses a fast technology and is 1000 times faster than basic laser treatment, hence, 1 to 3 sessions is enough to see the complete result.

Is an aftercare routine required?

Both facial laser treatments require aftercare, and that is applying moisturisers and SPF 30+ sunscreens to protect your skin from harmful rays and other substances. Please avoid acidic substances such as chemical peels or exfoliating products and certainly do not pick your skin to avoid post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.


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