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作者: Sabrina Adia|2024年3月10日

Ah, Sydney. A city of wonders with hustle and bustle. Busy and hectic everyday life is no stranger to the citizens of this north shore city, and beauty and health strains are almost normal to keep up with the fast-paced lifestyle acquired by the people of Sydney. Due to the occupied lifestyle of Sydney, pollution and stress may give few effects towards your skin health. The occurrence of dull skin, wrinkles and darker complexion are possible when undergoing a skin analysis on your busy skin. Our faces are gentle and need care from time to time, hence, visiting facials or treatment rooms may give a little love for your already engaged body. Don't you feel agitated and somewhat uncomfortable with your skin concerns? Mind you that lunch break alone won't facilitate in producing youthful looking skin. How about taking a day off and treating yourself with a self care day spa? These go to local relaxation treatments can aid your personal individual skin concerns and improve your skin conditions without leaving for a lengthy trip to go to a spa. Be it by visiting your local skin bar for a facial treatment, or a body spa for that long awaited foot massage. Even a simple shoulder massage! Believe us, your body needs that pure relaxation treatment and skin rejuvenation. A busy lifestyle does not equate to ignoring self care nor waking up early to patch up that one particular annoying adult acne with concealer before you start the day. It is important for one to ponder upon and take actions in taking care of yourself, including your facial features as it portrays your own beauty. If you are new to this area of expertise, worry not, it is never too late to understand and experiment for your own growth and improvement in life! A simple skincare routine can be done to start off your glowing skin journey, but before anything else, let's check out the skin concerns first.


Skin Concerns

Let's start off by picking up the nearest mirror for your own skin analysis. First you have to take note of the skin types that you have. Since every person is unique to their own personality and even thumbprints, it is the same for skin types! To start understanding better about skin types, note that there are 5 different classification of skin types: normal, dry, oily, combination and sensitive. Confused and not knowing which type your facials are in? No worries, we are here to help you classify your own skin.



Skin Type Analysis

The steps are simple! This method is called the bare-face method; simply use a mild facial cleanser and wash your face. Without using any skincare products, wait for approximately 30 minutes to feel and observe your skin. Here's a simplified indicator for you to detect on which type of skin that you are in:

1. Skin feels tight and dry: dry skin 2. T-Zone (your forehead, nose and chin) feels and appears oily: normal or combination skin 3. T-Zone and cheeks feels and appears oily: oily skin 4. Irritation occurs on skin: sensitive skin

Pretty easy and simple, right? However, please bear in mind that your skin type may change from time to time due to a wide range of other factors such as hormonal changes, genetic, or aging factors. Hence, it is recommended that a proper and correct skincare routine is needed for each individual to adjust to their own skin's liking.


Skin Care Routine

Having a personal skincare routine is pretty exclusive for everyone. Consider it as a little me time before starting your day, or when you are unwinding after a hectic day at work or school. For starters, a simple skincare routine consists of three (four if during the day) main steps: cleansing, toning, moisturising and applying sunscreen (during the day). A good habit of routine twice a day can maintain or even produce outstanding results, plus, helping you feel renewed as claimed by beauty editors.




A good skincare product with natural and active ingredients is important for the maintenance of your skin. Before visiting the nearest drugstore for a little bit of shopping, you should be able to understand and find out which cleanser is suitable for you. When you walk into the skin product oil and pick out the cleanser that caught your eye, do search for the skin type mentioned on the label of the product to save you some time from wondering if it'll be worth it or not.

As recommended by dermatologists, cleanse your face twice a day: day and night. A simple cleansing can get rid of dullness, reducing acne, and unclog pores. To produce a greater result, double cleanse (or even triple cleanse!) is recommended to thoroughly wash and cleanse your skin from unwanted dirt, unremoved makeup, and even dead skin cells. By double cleansing, it doesn't mean to cleanse your face with the same cleanser, but with oil-based cleanser first, followed by a water-based cleanser to get that squeaky clean face. To help get even better results, while cleaning your face with the mentioned products, try and gently rub your face with repeated motions throughout your face structure. A face massage may help in the circulation of blood in the face, helping you get that lush and rejuvenated skin.


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Toning is a process of applying toner in between cleansing and moisturising. This is to prep your face before moisturising, giving lots of benefits without us even realising it.

Toners help in a lot of purposes. And by a lot, we mean it. From removing excess dirt after cleaning your face, to keeping your face from being too oily (keeping it matte throughout the day? What a catch!) and making you look young and lush. Honestly, a holistic approach to a great vital product to boost up your facial routine.




A self-explanatory name, moisturisers are used to moisturise your skin after cleansing, keeping the dryness at bay and sealing the moisturise in the skin for a better hydrated face.

For a better moisturised result, one should look for a few ingredients in a moisturiser such as hyaluronic acid, SPF and ceramides.


Other products for glowing skin

Ready to ramp up and go to the next level of your skincare routine? Buckle up as we are about to blast off to a journey of getting that dewy, Instagram filter-free skin! There are a wide range of facials that may help you boost your skincare routine to help clear out simple but obvious skin issues at the comfort of your own home.

Before any facial treatments start, one may use several skincare products to help facilitate the reduction of skin issues before proceeding into tougher ones. Products such as serums, eye creams and retinol may help in the boosting of collagen production for a more youthful look.

To add, the application of sunscreen is really important as it will protect your skin from dullness and possible negative consequences. Sunscreen acts as a protection (or a double mask if you prefer), from UV rays that will cause hyperpigmentation on the skin. Other than that, sunscreen can protect yourself from excessive lines and wrinkles, maintaining a young and fresh look. It is important to find a good sunscreen, preferably one that can protect you from strong rays of sun such as SPF 30+.

A small visit to the steam room or spa and skin bar for facial treatments will definitely help you enhance your facial situation by getting good targeted treatments. Of course, luxurious facials are to dream for, so let's take a look at types of facial treatments to be considered for your journey of getting that good look.



Facial Treatments

Now that you have perfected your own skincare routine, how about a visit to your local skin bar for that extra step to treat your skin? Again, let's pick up your mirror and take a look at your skin. Notice the small and little stubborn issues that won't fade away after a few months of using good products. How do we treat this? Is there a way for it to go away, forever? Worries assured! There are few facial treatments that we can list out for your own reference.


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Light Therapy

Light therapy or commonly known as LED light therapy is a safe yet relaxing skincare treatment which contains various range of light wavelengths, ultimately used for its red and blue lights for the treatment of skin conditions.

The facial treatment starts by letting you enter the facial room in the spa for the light therapy process. It depends on what type of facial treatment that you would like to proceed, as different types of light wavelengths offer different treatment. For example, red light is used to treat the outer layer of the dermis layer which is called epidermis. Blue light, however, goes deep beyond the layers of the skin and seeps into the oil glands that are just right beneath the hair follicles.



Heart Chakra Facial

The Heart Chakra Signature Facial treatment is one of the best facials that can be offered to any busy citizen of Sydney for a relaxing time. This treatment is a traditional French-style facial that is infused with modern and scientific massage treatments.

This type of facial starts in the facial room with a specific massage of lymphatic drainage while double cleansing, then followed by dissolving any dead dry skin with the help of enzymatic exfoliation for that organic radiance glow. Since this type of facial treatment helps in regulating blood and lymph circulation as well as collagen production, there is no need to undergo any skin needling treatments. Skin needling provides the same benefit as Heart Chakra facial, so your pocket is safe and sound.


Best Facials Sydney

Ready to visit your local facial center for a day spa? Let's take a look at what Sydney's best facials have for us!



Acne Scarring Treatment

Acne scarring is a skin condition that is caused from stubborn acne and may be harder to get rid off. There are few types of acne scars such as raised scars, hypertrophic scars and dark spots; all of them are annoying! Let's put a stop to unwanted scars with our Acne Scarring Treatment!

The treatments start by having an experienced consultant perform a detailed skin analysis of your own skin, and continue by applying laser treatment carefully onto the acne scars and pigmented spots. To ensure an even complexion of your skin, the entire face will also be lasered.

This treatment facilitates instant acne scar removal, eliminates dark spots (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation), smoothing out textured skin by reaching the collagen tissues underneath the skin and even prevents future acne and unwanted blackheads outbreaks. Amazingly safe and guaranteed results!


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PicoCure Pigmentation Removal

"Laser? What a scary thing to be put on your skin? Is it trustworthy?" Yes, it is totally safe and not scary at all! Despite the name, laser treatment such as our PicoCure Pigmentation Removal is one of the best facial treatments that we can offer to you, in your own neighbourhood!

PicoCure or Pico laser technology brings out many laser beam shots onto the skin at a brief amount of time per second, breaking down the melanin without hurting or burning your skin, which is way better than chemical peels or other basic laser treatments.

PicoCure brings out the best by producing brightening results up to 1000 times quicker than usual laser pigmentation removal method! Talking about less time consumption, perfect for your fast-paced lifestyle. It is certainly safe, and painless as the laser energy in contact with the skin for only a short amount of time.




Despite the busy daily life that you have, it is important to once in a while to properly take care of yourself, especially your skin as it is often times being exposed to harmful rays or dirt. An uneven and patchy skin is certainly not what we dreamt of, so be sure to try our latest Acne Scarring Treatment and PicoCure Pigmentation Removal at our treatment center in Sydney!

A healthy skin is what we needed the most, and we can provide it for you! Don't hesitate, book your appointment with us for better and good skin!


Are laser treatments painful?

Our technology provides a harmless, safe and non-invasive experience. No need to worry as it is painless, and only a warm sensation will be there during the process.

What is the difference between these technologies and other laser treatments?

Since the technology that we are using have different wavelengths of laser beams, it is specialised to cater to different ranges of skin areas as well as pigmentation that occur. Deep in the dermal layer, PicoCure is able to reach and get rid of the unwanted hyperpigmentation and improve skin tone and textures.

Is there any post-treatment care that I should take note of?

Yes, a proper aftercare is needed to avoid any inflammation from occurring. Proper care includes using sunscreen, covering your face from direct sun exposure, avoiding picking scabs and avoiding exfoliating.

Can Acne Scarring Treatment remove red acne scars?

It certainly can! As red acne scars occur from inflamed skin that is yet to heal, the laser's photothermal effect can boost collagen production and repair the skin itself.

I'm interested, where do I sign up?

You may visit our website and pick your preferred branch. Any enquiries may be directly asked to our centers near you.


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