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作者: Sabrina Adia|2024年3月9日

To maintain a healthy weight and at the same time losing weight is a challenge for everyone who is struggling with weight management and weight related medical problems. A lot of us have started losing weight in the most possible way: physical activity counseling, reduced calorie diet, weight loss medications, and more. But it seems like there is little to no significant weight loss and taking fewer calories in our low-calorie diet doesn't seem like doing much. How is this possible? Indeed, performing increased physical activity and a proper diet will improve any weight related conditions and help you lose weight, however, there are few circumstances in which one should check upon their medical conditions first before applying more weight loss treatment or consulting other therapies regarding their own weight related conditions. This is one of the fundamental steps to lose weight and keep your body away from harm, and to avoid any serious side effects from occurring. Before seeking any medical help, you should know your body better to understand how much weight that is needed for an average weight loss. You may start by calculating your body mass index (BMI). There are few websites offering rapid BMI calculation such as this website, but to explain the process, you have to calculate your BMI using this formula: (Your body weight in kilograms) ÷ (your height in meters) ² Once you receive your measurement, you are able to classify your body according to these categories: Less than 16 = severe thinness 16 - 18.5 = thin 18.5 - 25 = normal 25 - 30 = overweight 30 and above = obese From there, you may plan your trip to the doctor's office for your weight concern. To lose weight is also a struggle when we do not know the reason behind obesity, especially when it comes to reasons that you are out of reach.


Reasons Behind Increased Body Weight

Our body weight depends on how we take care of our body. As our doctors have mentioned before, taking a proper food intake with few movements to keep you going will help you maintain your health and body away from any harmful diseases. As much as those claims are true, in some cases, our body is the reason behind the increased body weight.



Physical Factors

1. Age

When we grow older, our body changes along with our age. We tend to have slower metabolic rate and less muscle mass compared to the years before, prone to weight gain.

2. Pregnancy

Carrying an extra weight in the body is already tiring and takes up so much energy to provide food and churning breast milk for the baby, food intake gradually increases to help mothers have enough energy to supply for both her body and the baby's, hence, it is normal to gain weight but might be a little bit hard to contribute any significant weight loss results, leading to obesity.

3. Health conditions

Few unavoidable health conditions may also contribute to weight gain, such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), osteoarthritis (OA), thyroid cancer, prediabetes and more. It is worrying as it may become a full circle, in which obesity itself will lead to serious medical conditions such as kidney problems, allergic reactions, breathing problems and a more serious thyroid tumour.


Psychological Factors

1. Depression

Weight gain is one of the potential side effects of depression since it might cause some people to seek solace in the form of food. There are some antidepressants that have been linked to an increased likelihood of weight gain. It is a serious condition that should not be overlooked as depression itself could cause suicidal thoughts, and over or undereating.

2. Other medicines

Prescription medication or prescription drugs may give way into risk for weight gain. This could be the possible side effects of taking new medication or any maintenance dose such as steroids or birth control pills, as it would lead to weight gain.



Obesity Complications

Excess weight, and particularly obesity, is associated with a decline in practically every aspect of health, including reproductive and pulmonary function, as well as memory and mood. The incidence of various chronic and potentially fatal diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, and certain malignancies, is increased in those who are obese. It does this through a variety of different processes, some of which are as simple as the mechanical stress of carrying additional pounds, while others involve intricate changes in hormones and metabolism.

People who are either overweight or obese have a higher risk of developing a variety of significant diseases and health disorders, in comparison to those who maintain a healthy weight. These are the following:

1. Fast heartbeat (high blood pressure) 2. Diabetes 3. Stroke 4. Sleep apnea 5. Coronary heart disease 6. Increased blood sugar 7. Prediabetes

These diseases are certainly worrisome, and some patients lost their touch on taking real medicine or treatment, resorting to patients taking placebo as an alternative to "treat" these diseases. A medical therapy that appears to be "genuine" but is ineffective is an example of a placebo. It might be a pill, it might be a shot, or it might be some other "false" treatment altogether. One characteristic that is shared by all placebos is the absence of any active ingredient designed to influence one's health.

There are certain circumstances in which a placebo can create results instead of any significant weight loss even when the individual taking the placebo is aware that they are doing so. According to studies, placebos have been shown to be effective in treating illnesses such as:

1. Sleep disorders 2. Pain in the body 3. Menopause 4. Depression

Instead of going through the "placebo" effect, it is recommended that one should get a professional medical treatment complete with a doctor's verdict on health and body condition. This is when weight loss injection such as Saxenda treatment comes in.


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Lose Weight with Saxenda Treatment

If you have certain health conditions that make it difficult for you to maintain a healthy weight, your doctor may suggest that you take Saxenda.

Adults with excess weight (BMI 27) who also have weight-related medical problems or obesity (BMI 30) are candidates for the injectable prescription medication Saxenda injection 3 mg. Children aged 12 to 17 years old with a body weight above 132 pounds (60 kg) and obesity are also candidates for treatment with this medication. Not to be confused with it being a diabetes medication, taking Saxenda helps in weight loss as well as keeping the weight at a good scale without treating diabetes.

Saxenda decreases the amount of food you feel hungry for while also making you feel fuller after meals. It makes it easier to consume less calories, which is a factor that contributes to weight loss over the long term. You will incorporate Saxenda into a comprehensive strategy for long-term weight management. This should involve an increase in physical activity as well as a reduction in calorie intake. Your doctor will be able to assist you in developing a strategy that is tailored to your specific needs.

However, those Saxenda works well in terms of reduction of weight, there are some side effects of Saxenda that we should know off. There have been reports of the following Saxenda adverse effects that are mild:

1. Itchiness and rash on the injection site 2. Uneasiness on the stomach area 3. Fever 4. Nausea 5. Headache

Saxenda has the potential to cause serious adverse effects; however, these reactions are uncommon. If you are experiencing severe adverse reactions to Saxenda, you should contact your healthcare provider as soon as possible. However, you should call any emergency number listed for your area if you believe you are experiencing a medical emergency.

There have been reports of the following serious adverse effects associated with Saxenda:

1. Low blood sugar level 2. Allergic reaction 3. Acute pancreatitis 4. Kidney problems 5. Thyroid cancer

How much does Saxenda cost? It is depending on the user itself as it varies between people (some may include insurance, and some may not). Nonetheless, there are no mentions of any Saxenda coupon, but the manufacturer does provide a cost saving card along with any purchase of Saxenda.

Usually injected into your belly or upper arm, Saxenda treatment is as strict as other weight loss medication. To start Saxenda, one should consult a professional doctor as the strength varies according to the receiver's body condition. Dosages increase weeks after starting Saxenda, and the next one that should be taken is the day after the dosage intake (meaning that if a person took a dose today, the next dose would be tomorrow). If there is any missing dose, the patient can continue using the prescribed dosages as per usual, but it is not recommended to take up more Saxenda dosage to make up for the missed dose.



No Injection Weight Loss Treatment

A weight loss journey is undeniably tiring and sometimes, there is no possible time for us to do so! We have done so many activities for more weight loss: increased physical activity, taking any appetite hormone lowering pills, and even avoiding eating as the final resort. It has become a burden to do so, and we still want to achieve our body weight loss goals without hurting ourselves.

Taking Saxenda is an option for fat loss, but what if there is another alternative for us to choose without bearing the consequences of any side effects or any kind of injections? Do you know that is it possible for you to get rid of unwanted excess fat and achieve your dream body without any needles or incisions involved?


CoolShaping Fat Freezing Treatment

Introducing CoolShaping Fat Freezing treatment! This treatment is completely painless and non-invasive, meaning that you don't have to jab yourself with any medications every day and no need to remind yourself to take the prescribed medication as this treatment does not require any downtime, and no rebounds at all!

No need for any increased physical activity, our fat freezing treatment will get rid of all your excess fat at specific parts of your body such as belly fat, thick thighs, love handles and even back fat! By using a unique cooling cryolipolysis technology, the CoolShaping device will freeze the unwanted fat cells with temperature under the freezing point which is at -10ºC to -15ºC! Since our body cells cannot tolerate extreme temperatures, the fat cells will be destroyed and removed naturally through our body's metabolism as our lymphatic system will see the dead cells as waste. Don't worry! The fat cells will be gone forever and there is no chance for it to regenerate!

Not only does it remove fat and help in weight loss, but this treatment also helps in the thinning of subcutaneous fat layers after 1 to 2 months post-treatment, and gives way for the skin to adapt and retain its firmness. Hence, no sagging skin at all! What a miracle!

To start the treatment, our experienced aestheticians will go through a detailed consultation with you to look into your body condition, body mass index, type of body and your health concerns. This is done to tailor to the treatment program to make it efficient for you. The treatment area will then be treated and sanitised, and the specialised cryolipolysis equipment will be turned on for the process. Since it will give out a freezing temperature experience, you may feel a bit uncomfortable or slightly cold during the treatment process.




Having to lose weight or maintain your weight is a pesky process, especially if the unwanted flabs are stubborn to get rid of. Taking injections such as Saxenda is one of the ways to get rid of the excess fat cells, but there are non-invasive methods that we can opt from.

CoolShaping Fat Freezing is certainly non-invasive, no needles or injections needed and fast too! Get your ideal body weight now by contacting us and book your appointment today!


How is this treatment different from thermal lipolysis?

The difference between this treatment and thermal lipolysis is that thermal lipolysis uses heat energy to reduce the volume of fat cells but may rebound if consuming a high-calorie diet. Our cryolipolysis will have no chances of rebound as the volume of fat cells will be gone forever.

What are the benefits of CoolShaping treatment?

Not only does CoolShaping treatment get rid of unwanted fat cells, but this treatment promotes reducing the whole body to your preferred shape without any loose and sagging skin!

Do I need to wait for recovery?

Nope! There is no need for any recovery time as CoolShaping treatment does not tamper with any incision or injections. You may continue your daily schedule as usual post-treatment!


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