PicoCure Pigmentation
Removal Treatment

4 Laser Wavelength Break Down Pigmentation From Within

What is PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment?

Out with traditional laser treatments, in with PicoCure! Pico laser technology fires many laser beam shots of extremely short-pulse durations at your skin per second, breaking down melanin without burning the skin or rebounding - it's simply much better than generic chemical peel or laser treatments! Our PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment combines nanosecond and picosecond technology. We utilise four high-energy laser wavelengths to target and destroy pigmentations on common facial areas such as the upper lip and cheeks. First, nanosecond laser pulses deliver short bursts of energy to break down the larger and deeper pigment. Then, picosecond pulses diminish the smaller pigment particles, resulting in clean, plump, and flawless skin. PicoCure delivers brightening results 1000 times quicker than the usual laser pigmentation removal methods! PicoCure is your one-stop solution to having a bright and spotless face!

Benefits of PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment

Remove All Pigmentations

PicoCure is the only high-energy laser treatment with 4-wavelengths, 1064nm,650nm,585nm, and 532nm. These four wavelengths penetrate skin tissues at the same time, reaching all levels of the skin, targeting and dismantling hyperpigmentations of all sizes and shades. The pigmentations turn into shattered particles, which are then removed via metabolism.

Stimulate Collagen Growth

Excess melanin production occurs when the skin is not in its healthiest state. The high-energy laser beams encourage collagen growth. Collagen helps repair aged & damaged skin tissues, giving your face a plumped look while filling bump holes, acne scars and large pores. As a result, your skin tone becomes more even, and your skin now feels rejuvenated and healthy.

Top-Quality, Safe Technology

Perfect Laser Clinics chooses only the best pigmentation reduction equipment. PicoCure is an FDA-cleared and CE-certified skin pigmentation removal method, guaranteeing safety and effectiveness.

Painless and no Side Effect

Pico laser is super fast - it travels 1000 times faster than generic laser beams for pigmentation-removal. This is important because pico laser energy hits and leaves the skin too quickly for the nerves to respond. As a result, the treatment is painless and quick (five to 30 minutes per session).

How Does PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Work?

How it works?

Step 1

PicoCure can precisely target a wide range of pigments with its four wavelengths, 1064nm, 650nm, 585nm, and 532nm.

Step 2

First, nanosecond laser pulses deliver short bursts of energy to break down the larger and deeper pigment. After, picosecond pulses will shatter the smaller pigment particles for metabolism to remove.

Step 3

High energy can stimulate collagen growth for repairing damaged tissues. Skin tissue renewal improves overall skin tone & texture, acne scars and enlarged pores, bringing you impressive skin clarity.

What You Can Expect after PicoCure Pigmentation Removal

Flawless Skin

PicoCure is a laser treatment beloved by countless users. It can remove stubborn pigmentations such as  - blemishes,  - freckles,  - age spots,  - spots by sun damage,  - melasma,  - post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation,  - acne spots,  - ice pick scars, and  - Nevus of Ota

Clear Skin Tone

Collagen loss is due to aging, an unhealthy lifestyle, sun damage from excessive sun exposure, and environmental pollution. Collagen loss makes the skin dull and dry, resulting in pigmentation and other skin issues. Complete the PicoCure treatment to stimulate collagen growth for brighter skin tones and smoother skin texture.

Immediate Result

The combination of nanosecond and picosecond technology shortens the treatment time and frequency. The number of sessions required depends on the pigment types, size, depth, and shades. Generally, 1- 3 sessions are enough for shallower spots, while 4 -6 sessions are necessary for the deeper ones.

Safe and Painless treatment experience

PicoCure is an FDA-cleared and CE-certified procedure, guaranteeing its safety. In addition, each laser shot makes contact with the skin very shortly without damaging the skin, making the procedure painless and non-invasive, and bringing no rebound effects.

Who is suitable?

PicoCure is suitable for individuals with all forms of pigmentation, i.e. spots from sun exposure, melasma, large pores, acne scar, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, and more.

Recommend Sessions

A complete PicoCure treatment plan usually includes 3- 6 sessions. Our consultant will create a customised treatment plan for you to achieve optimal results according to your needs and conditions.

Recovery Time

Pico Cure is non-invasive, safe, and painless, with minimal downtime. This treatment is especially suitable for those with a busy daily schedule.

Real Treatment Result




  • Prior to treatment, our therapist will walk you through the procedure and precautions. Feel free to ask our therapist any questions you may have.

  • If you suffer from any chronic illness or skin disease, i.e. heart disease, diabetes, severe eczema, or lupus, you must inform the therapist to check if the treatment is safe for you. Also, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding must not receive this treatment.

  • Prior to treatment, the therapist will first test the laser energy on the back of the hand to ensure it is suitable for the client's skin condition. Next, the client will wear protective glasses to protect the eyes from damage. After making sure everything goes well, the treatment will officially begin.

  • After the treatment, moisturise skin with cream and masks. To protect yourself from UV light, use SPF 50+ sunscreen daily, even indoors. Avoid direct sun exposure to reduce the risk of sun damage.

  • Do not undergo laser, IPL, and skin needling/cosmetic-grade skin peels treatments for the first two weeks after the treatment.

  • Avoid whitening, exfoliating, scrubbing, or acidic skin products for the first week after treatment.

Your Best Choice - Perfect Laser Clinics

Safe & Efficient

Perfect Laser Clinics guarantees the use of original equipment certified by international authorities. Also, the treatment is completely painless, safe and non-invasive.

Team of Experienced Therapists

Our professional team is experienced in various pigmentation treatments. A beauty consultant will conduct a comprehensive skin analysis to study the type, depth, size and shades of the skin pigmentation on you. The analysis is useful for customising the most suitable laser pigmentation removal plan.

Breakthrough Laser Technology

PicoCure employs the latest pico laser technology on the market. PicoCure laser beams hit and leave the skin 1000 times faster than the typical laser beams, making each treatment session painless and quick. The four wavelengths of laser energy can cover skin pigmentation of all types, sizes, depths and shades. You will witness remarkable pigment removal results unlike any other treatments.

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Experience In-Stores

Visit the branch of your choice on time and show us your confirmation message; our professional beauty consultant will conduct a comprehensive skin analysis on you.

Professional Follow-Up

After completing the treatment, Perfect Laser Clinics will continue to follow up on your case. We will use your results and feedback to adjust your future treatment plan accordingly.

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What is the difference between PicoCure and other pico laser treatments?

PicoCure employs four different wavelengths of laser beams: 1064nm, 650nm, 585nm and 532nm. These wavelengths can simultaneously cover a wide range of skin areas, and target skin pigmentation of all types, sizes, depths and shades. As a result, even dark marks and pigment deep in the dermal layer are defenceless against PicoCure. Besides pigment removal, the high energy can also stimulate collagen growth, aiding in filling scars & pores and improving skin tone & textures. PicoCure is your one-stop solution to multiple common skin concerns.

How does PicoCure work?

First, Nanosecond laser pulses deliver short bursts of energy to break down the more extensive and deeper pigment, such as dermal pigment. After, picosecond pulses will diminish the smaller pigment particles. The result is clean, plump, and flawless skin. Moreover, the four wavelengths can cover a wide range of pigments on various skin layers and skin types.

Is PicoCure Safe?

PicoCure is 100% safe as it is a non-invasive optical treatment—the treatment is FDA-cleared and EU CE-certified. The laser beams make contact with the skin briefly, avoiding the risk of burn and irritation. Most clients reported that the treatment process was comfortable and painless, and only a few felt a minor tingling.

Is there any downtime? When can I see the result?

PicoCure is a non-invasive treatment that does not leave wounds, meaning it does not require recovery time. PicoCure is a highly efficient treatment. Depending on the skin types and condition, some can notice visible results with just the first treatment session. In most cases, only one to three sessions are necessary to clear all pigmentations of lighter shades. After three to six sessions, you will also see the removal of deeper pigmentations. With proper skin care and sun protection, pigment removal results can last 3-5 years.

What should I pay attention to post-treatment?

Avoid sun damage from UV exposure; wear sunscreen SPF 30+ before going outside; wear an umbrella or hat to protect the skin from direct sun exposure. Use hydrating face masks frequently. Use gentle motions during your daily skincare routine. For the first two days post-treatment, avoid strenuous exercise or anything that may cause excessive perspiration, including saunas, spas, and steam rooms. Avoid picking or rubbing your skin on the treated area. Stop using lightening creams and any scrubing, exfoliating, or acidic skin care products. Avoid any IPL, laser or radiofrequency (RF) treatments for two weeks post-treatment. Please feel free to contact our consultant for any questions.

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