The PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment Melbourne Helps to Eliminate All Skin Imperfections!

Facial skin pigmentation can be difficult to remove. But, with the PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment Melbourne, you can now have a clean and clear face in no time!

What is PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment Melbourne?

Uneven skin tone caused by age spots and other skin pigmentation disorders can leave the face looking dull and gloomy. These unwanted pigmentation disorders affect the underlying layers of the skin and encourage pigment-producing cells to increase melanin production which darkens the face in the long run. Our PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment Melbourne uses a combination of nanosecond and picosecond techniques that uses 4 different high-intensity lasers to address and eliminate pigment particles on popular cosmetic locations including the top lip and cheekbones. To begin, nanosecond laser beams offer brief spurts of radiation to decompose the bigger and denser pigment particles. The tiny melanin particles are then reduced by picosecond bursts, culminating in fresh, smooth, and beautiful skin. PicoCure whitening effects are 1000 times faster than traditional laser pigmentation elimination treatments! PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment Melbourne is your one-stop shop for glowing skin.

Advantages of PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment Melbourne

Get Rid of All Pigment Particles

PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment Melbourne is the only high-intensity laser procedure that uses four different frequencies that include 532nm, 585nm, 650nm, and 1064nm. These 4 frequencies permeate the epidermis simultaneously, penetrating all regions of the face and addressing and removing hyperpigmentations of various forms and hues. The pigments break down into fragmented fragments, then they are eliminated via metabolic rate.

Encourage Collagen Formation

Excessive melanin formation happens whenever the face isn't in the best condition. High-intensity light rays promote collagen development. Collagen aids in the restoration of the old and broken epidermal layers, offering the cheeks a puckered appearance and repairing bump craters, acne scarring, and big apertures. As a consequence, the complexion is more uniform, and the complexion feels revitalized and healthier.

High-Quality, Risk-Free Design

Perfect Laser Clinics exclusively uses the greatest pigmentation elimination technologies available. PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment Melbourne PicoCure is approved by the FDA and CE faces hyperpigmentation reduction treatment that ensures security and efficacy.

No Discomfort and No Health Consequences

Pico light is extremely quick, traveling 1000 times quicker than standard light laser for pigment elimination. This is significant since pico laser radiation strikes and exits the epidermis too rapidly for neurons to react. As a consequence, the procedure is both simple and rapid and does not cause harm to the surrounding skin.

Procedure for PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment Melbourne

How it works?

Step 1

PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment Melbourne’s four frequencies, 1064nm, 650nm, 585nm, and 532nm, allow it to accurately address a broad spectrum of colours.

Step 2

To begin, nanosecond laser beams offer brief energetic flashes to decompose the deeper and bigger pigments. Following that, nanosecond shocks will fragment the tiny colour molecules, allowing metabolic removal to eliminate them.

Step 3

High-intensity levels can induce collagen development in order to mend injured tissues. Epidermal layer rejuvenation enhances general skin colour and structure, as well as acne scars and dilated pores, resulting in stunning skin cleanliness.

What Can You See After PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment Melbourne?

Perfect Skin

PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment Melbourne is a light treatment that is popular among many people. It can erase obstinate pigment particles including blemishes, freckles, skin discolouration, sun exposure spots, melasma, post-inflammatory discolouration, acne scars or ice pick marks.

Clear and Smooth Complexion

Aging, a sedentary life, solar harm from prolonged sun activity, and environmental toxins all contribute to collagen degradation. Collagen breakdown leads the complexion to become dry and unhealthy, leading to pigment formation and other skin problems. Perform the PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment Melbourne to encourage collagen formation and healthier skin colour and appearance.

Immediate Outcome

The use of nanosecond and picosecond technologies reduces therapeutic duration and regularity. The quantity of applications needed is determined by the pigment's kind, shape, thickness, and color. Typically, one to three treatments are sufficient for shallow locations, while four to six rounds are required for profound spots.

The procedure that is both effective and comfortable

PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment Melbourne is certified and approved by the FDA and CE technique, which ensures its efficacy. Furthermore, each light pulse maintains brief interaction with the skin without injuring it, rendering the operation pleasant and non-obstructive, with no reverse causality.

Who is suitable?

PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment Melbourne is appropriate for people with all types of pigment problems, including sun patches, melasma, big apertures, post-inflammatory pigmentation, acne scars, skin tone differences and more.

How many treatments are needed?

A comprehensive PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment Melbourne care plan generally comprises three to six appointments. Our expert will design a personalised therapy regimen for you based on your exact requirements and symptoms.

What does the downtime look like?

PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment Melbourne is non-invasive, painless, and requires little recovery time. This procedure is ideal for people who have a hectic usual lifestyle.

Images of Before and After Treatment

Pre and Post-Treatment Care for PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment Melbourne


  • Before beginning the therapy, our clinician will go over the technique and contraindications with you. Please do not hesitate to approach the doctor about any concerns you might well have.

  • If you have a persistent sickness or skin condition, such as cardiovascular sickness, diabetes, serious dermatitis, or psoriasis, you should notify the clinician so that the therapy can be suitable for you. This procedure cannot also be permitted for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

  • Before beginning surgery, the practitioner will check the laser intensity on the palm of the hands to check that it is appropriate for the patient's skin type. Following that, the customer will put on special eyewear to safeguard his or her eyes. After ensuring that everything is in order, the procedure will commence.


  • Following the procedure, hydrate the face with moisturisers and facials. Apply SPF 50+ sunblock every day, even inside, to safeguard oneself from UV rays. To minimize the probability of solar damage, prevent prolonged sunlight exposure.

  • During the first fortnight after treatment, avoid undergoing any laser treatment, IPL, skin needling, and medically approved skin peels.

  • For the first two weeks after therapy, resist using brightening, abrasive, scouring, or caustic face creams.

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Perfect Laser Clinics is dedicated to offering high-quality beauty services to ladies worldwide by utilising globally acknowledged, secure, and dependable technologies.

Extremely professional team

Our experienced team has undergone advanced training to deliver the highest level of service to our clients.

Innovative Laser Technique

PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment Melbourne uses the most recent pico laser equipment in the industry. PicoCure laser pulses penetrate and exit the epidermis 1000 times quicker than standard laser rays, rendering each therapy procedure comfortable and speedy. Laser energy's 4 frequencies can treat skin pigment of any and all forms, shapes, thicknesses, and hues. Unlike some other therapies, you will see astonishing pigmentation reduction outcomes.

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