This Laser Pigmentation Removal Treatment Eliminates Skin Pigmentation in All Layers Effectively!

Uneven pigmentation can be a nuisance to deal with. But, with the PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment Sydney, you can now have clear and smooth skin quickly!

What is PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment Sydney?

Imbalanced skin colour from age spots as well as other skin pigmentation issues can make the appearance seem dreary and drab. These hyperpigmentation problems damage the skin's bottom structures, encouraging pigment-producing cells to produce more melanin, which tarnishes the complexion in the big scheme of things. The PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment Sydney at Perfect Laser Clinics employs a mixture of nanosecond and picosecond procedures, as well as four distinct high-intensity laser beams, to target and eradicate pigmented lesions on common beauty areas such as the upper lip and cheeks. For starters, nanosecond lasers emit brief bursts of energy that break down the larger, heavier-pigmented lesions. Picosecond spurts decrease the microscopic pigment called melanin, resulting in clean, clear, and appealing skin. The lightning results of PicoCure are 1000 times speedier than typical laser pigmentation removal procedures! PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment Sydney is a one-stop solution for a healthy, gorgeous complexion.

Advantages of PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment Sydney

Eradicates All Pigmented Lesions

PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment Sydney is the sole high photon therapy that employs four distinct wavelengths that include 532nm, 585 nm, 650nm, and 1064nm. These four wavelengths enter the epidermal layer at the same time, reaching all areas of the affected facial skin while resolving and eradicating hyperpigmentation of diverse shapes and colors. The pigmented lesions degrade into shattered particles, which are then removed by the body's metabolism, thus treating pigmentation in all layers of the skin.

Stimulate the Synthesis of Collagen

Excessive skin pigmentation occurs when the complexion is in poor health. High-energy laser beams stimulate collagen production that helps to restore the old and torn epidermis, giving the cheekbones a crinkled impression and healing bumps craters, acne scars, and large pores. As an outcome, the face is more consistent, and it appears refreshed and brighter.

Prime Structure with Low Risk

Perfect Laser Clinics only employs the most advanced pigmentation removal procedures accessible. PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment Sydney is certified by the FDA and CE skin pigmentation removal treatment ensuring effectiveness and safety.

No Inconvenience or Medical Repercussions

Pico laser is 1000 times greater than ordinary light beams in terms of pigmentation removal. This is important because pico laser energy reaches and departs the skin too quickly for cells to respond. As a result, the operation is easy and quick, while also not affecting the adjacent skin.

Procedure for PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment Sydney

How it works?

Step 1

This laser pigmentation removal with PicoCure Sydney's four wavelengths, 1064nm, 650nm, 585nm, and 532nm, enables it to handle a wide range of hues correctly.

Step 2

Nanosecond laser treatment delivers short bursts of energy to disintegrate the denser and larger skin pigmentation. The microscopic pigment particles will then be fragmented by millisecond pulses, enabling metabolic clearance to destroy them.

Step 3

In order to reconstruct wounded cells, high energy can trigger collagen formation. The regeneration of the epidermis improves overall skin tone and texture, in addition to acne scarring and enlarged apertures, culminating in astonishing skin hygiene.

What Can You See After PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment Sydney?

Flawless Skin

PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment Sydney is a renowned laser treatment that is capable of removing recalcitrant pigmented particles such as imperfections, freckles, skin discolouration, sun damage spots, melasma, post-inflammatory discolouration, acne scars, and ice pick imprints.

Skintone that is Clean and Pleasant

Collagen breakdown is accelerated by the natural ageing process, an inactive lifestyle, sun damage from extended sun exposure, and ecological pollutants. Collagen disintegration causes the epidermis to be rough and unpleasant, resulting in skin pigmentation and other skin ailments. PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment Sydney is recommended to promote the synthesis of collagen and better skin tone and look.

Rapid Results

The employment of nanosecond and picosecond technology shortens the time and frequency of therapy. The number of treatments required is governed by the type, size, depth, and shade of the skin pigmentation. For superficial lesions, one to three sessions are usually enough, whereas 4 to 6 sessions are needed for deeper lesions.

Simultaneously Efficient and Pleasant

PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment Sydney is FDA and CE method recognized and authorized, ensuring its reliability. Additionally, each laser pulse interacts briefly with the epidermis without harming it, making the procedure comfortable and non-obtrusive, with zero adverse correlation.

Who is suitable?

PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment Sydney is suited for persons who have sun spots, melasma, large pores, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, skin color variances, and other pigment issues.

How many treatments are needed?

A full PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment Sydney treatment plan typically consists of 3 to 6 sessions. Depending on your unique needs and ailments, our specialist will create a customized treatment protocol for you.

What does the downtime look like?

PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment Sydney is non-obstructive and pleasant, and recuperation time is minimal. This technique is suitable for persons who lead demanding daily life.

Images of Before and After Treatment

Pre and Post-Treatment Care for PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment Sydney


  • Our therapist will review the procedure and any concerns with you ahead of therapy. Therefore, feel free to contact the clinician if you've got specific problems.

  • If you are suffering from chronic illness or skin problems, such as vascular disease, diabetes, severe eczema, or dermatitis, you must inform the doctor in order for the medication to be tailored to your needs. This technique also isn't authorized for women who are pregnant or nursing.

  • Before commencing surgery, the physician will evaluate the light strength on the participant's palms to ensure that it is acceptable for their skin tone. To protect his or her vision, the client will be wearing special eyeglasses. The process will begin after checking each aspect is safe to commence.


  • Refresh the skin with lotions and masks after the operation. Apply SPF 50+ sunscreen on a daily basis, even when you are indoors, to protect against UV radiation. Avoid extended sun damage to reduce the possibility of sun exposure.

  • Resist all laser treatments, IPL, skin prodding, or clinically permitted exfoliation for the initial two weeks after therapy.

  • Avoid applying lightening, harsh, scrubbing, or chemical face products for the initial 2 weeks after treatment.

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Innovative Laser Technique

PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment Melbourne uses the most recent pico laser equipment in the industry. PicoCure laser pulses penetrate and exit the epidermis 1000 times quicker than standard laser rays, rendering each therapy procedure comfortable and speedy. Laser energy's 4 frequencies can treat skin pigment of any and all forms, shapes, thicknesses, and hues. Unlike some other therapies, you will see astonishing pigmentation reduction outcomes.

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