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作者: Tiviya Kumar|2024年3月2日

Do you have areas on your face where the skin is darker than the rest? If so, you may have pigmentation. Rest assured, you are not alone. Pigmentation is a common skin condition that people with dark and fair skin tone have. Pigmentation can be caused by a variety of factors, including sun exposure, ageing, and hormones. While it is not always possible to completely eliminate pigmentation, there are treatments that can help improve its appearance. One such treatment is laser facial for pigmentation. In this article, we will discuss what laser facial is, how it works, who is a good candidate for the procedure and other important details that we feel is a must for you to know before selecting a service provider or board certified clinics. Perfect Laser Clinics has done over 13 million treatments for various types of skin and body concerns. We have over clinics worldwide, including our outlets in Melbourne and Sydney. Our clinic has been around for 18 years+ and we plan to keep growing. You can book a complimentary initial consultation with us to discuss a treatment plan that is suited to your needs. Now, let’s dive deeper to understand how laser technology works and how it can help you with your pigmentation removal.


What is Laser Pigmentation Removal?

Laser facial for pigmentation is a treatment that can help improve the appearance of dark patches of skin on the face. The laser is applied to the skin and it works by breaking up the pigmentation into smaller pieces that are then absorbed by the body.

This treatment is safe for most people, but there are some risks and side effects that you should be aware of before you decide to have it done.

How does laser treatment work?

Your therapist will be able to identify this discoloration with a laser treatment device. Because the dark spots are less intense than the surrounding skin, they combine and absorb laser energy.

The lasers used in Perfect Laser Clinics are non-toxic, medical grade lasers and will not irritate your skin. Lasers are created in a short amount of time. It is not heat sensitive in the same way that laser treatments are.

The accumulated skin pigmentation deposits are broken down into smaller parts. The pigmented lesions will fade or dry and flake off the treated area, leaving the skin with an even tone and complexion.

What is skin pigmentation?

A patch of skin that is pigmented is one that is darker than the surrounding area. Sun damage, black patches, melasma brought on by pregnancy, and freckles are examples of common skin discolorations.

Study shows that unusual melanin production by myelocytes is the root cause of excessive skin pigmentation. Granule pigments are made by melanocytes. The hue varies depending on how many melanocytes are in the skin.

As mentioned, the main factor in melanin formation is exposure to UV radiation from the sun, which serves as the skin's built-in defence system. Excessive melanin production and buildup cause hyperpigmentation. When the skin loses pigmentation, hypopigmentation happens.

What causes skin pigmentation?

Different factors can cause pigmentation, which would be categorised as a symptom. The leading cause of pigmentation in the majority of the population is excess production of melanin. Discolorations or pigmentation occur when a particular area of skin generates an excessive amount of melanin.

Sun exposure is a significant contributor to hyperpigmentation and the source of most pigmentations. Skin that has been exposed to the sun produces more melanin to protect it from the sun. As a result of exposure, your skin becomes lighter, or it is sun-sanitised. Extreme sun exposure increases the production of melanin in the skin, which results in hyperpigmentation.



The Various Kinds of Pigmentation

According to this article in A Beauty, all of the colour in healthy skin and hair is produced by melanin, but splotchy brown spots of pigmentation, also known as hyperpigmentation/pigmentation or pigmentary diseases, typically fall into one of three categories,

1. Photoaging pigmentation

These are spots of pigmentation caused by repeated UV exposure to the skin. It is relatively common.

2.Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH)

This is aggravated by skin trauma (wound or inflammatory response), which is more higher in patients with darker skin tones. PIH is caused by a local melanin excess production and appears as dark spots/patches in the same area as the healed injury.

Even with laser therapies, for some these marks can take months or years to disappear completely. However, studies has shown that they may worsen with UV exposure. Hence why people with acne must always protect their skin with SPF.


Melasma is splotchy brown hyperpigmentation that appears on sun-exposed areas of the face.

For some women, this can happen during their pregnancy. This pigmentation type has also been dubbed as the mask of pregnancy because it somehow is more common amongst pregnant women. Doctors usually use oral contraception or hormone therapy to reduce this hyperpigmentation.

Despite the fact that it is categorised as a complex pigmentary disorder brought on by a number of variables including hormones, heredity, and skin tone. However, research indicates that exposure to UV light causes and magnifies it.

Melasma is a frustrating and emotionally distressing condition because it is chronic and frequently recurs, particularly with continued sun and hormone exposure. It is more common in people who have darker skin tones.

Can you remove pigmentation with skincare products?

The answer is a yes and no. Without a doubt, we all know using sunscreen on a daily basis can help to reduce skin pigmentation. UV light exposure will always improve existing pigmentation, resulting in more pigmentation. Skin cancer risks increased as ultraviolet exposure increased.

You can opt for chemical peels or skincare products that have certain types of acids or active ingredients. However, unfortunately these products will not be as efficient as laser pigmentation removal.

Our C6 Good Skin Facial has left many clients happy because it has effectively reduced the appearance of hyperpigmentation and age spots. This treatment is for a full face pigmentation removal and is suitable for all skin types. At Perfect Laser Clinics, we only use medical grade laser technology, handled by experienced therapists. Call us to find out more!


The Benefits of our C6 Good Skin Facial Treatment for Pigmentation

1.Removal of freckles and sunspots

Superficial pigmentation refers to pigmentation at the epidermis, the skin's lowermost layer. One of these are freckles and genetics is the main reason behind this. The majority of freckle-faced people are extremely sensitive to sunlight, which multiplies and darkens their freckles. Sunspots are another type of superficial pigmentation.

According to our therapists, the C6 treatment plan is extremely effective at removing freckles and sunspots; only 1 to 2 sessions are required for significant reduction results.

2.Getting rid of hormonal spots

Melasma, age spots, and hormone spots are just a few of the dark pigmentations that C6 Good Skin Laser Facial may get rid of at the dermis and hypodermis. Topical therapies like bleaching creams, chemical peels, and low-pulse laser therapies are unable to penetrate pigmentation or dissolve melanin.

The C6 targets and permanently removes the pigmentations using a direct heat high-pulse laser for optimal results.

3.Having an even toned complexion

Who does not want an even skin tone? Many clients prior to treatment always feel insecure about having uneven skin tone. The C6 treatment can brighten dull and uneven skin tones that are brought on by ageing, UV radiation, inflammation, and acne scars in addition to removing skin pigmentation.

Unlike common chemical peels, the C6 energy increases the appearance of new skin by promoting the development of collagen. The skin is left bright and smooth thanks to the rebuilt collagen tissues. This will then reduce fine wrinkles and enlarged pores and boost the water content in the skin.

4.Get immediate results

If there are any benefits at all, the majority of whitening products take months to show. To remove spots before they worsen, you therefore need a process that is both effective and efficient.

The superficial pigmentation can be improved with just one C6 Good Skin Laser Facial treatment session. You can definitely notice a reduction in dark pigmentations at the dermis and hypodermis after three sessions.



The Final Takeaway

There are various ways for pigmentation removal. You have the option to use skincare products with active ingredients like glycolic acid, kojic acid or seek treatment for pigmentation at a reputable clinic. Finding a reputable clinic with experienced clinicians can definitely be a struggle. Always ask for clarification if you are doubtful of the devices used. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Our C6 Good Laser Facial treatment for pigmentation is effective and pain free. Call us now to book an initial consultation. You are just one treatment away from achieving your skin goals; irrespective of your skin type!


Which factors result in skin hyperpigmentation most regularly?

Congenital and acquired causes of pigmentation fall into two categories. Freckles, which are frequently inherited from parents, are the most prevalent kind of congenital pigmentation. People who are born with higher active melanin react to UV radiation more strongly. As a result, freckles are more obvious in the summer and less evident in the winter. Due to their location at the skin's deeper layers, freckles are the first to disappear following a single laser treatment. Sunspots, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, age spots, and hormone spots are examples of acquired pigmentation. These elements increase the formation of melanin, which intensifies the pigmentation in the dermis. Acquired hyperpigmentation can only be effectively treated with medical lasers.

How is pigmentation removed with the C6 Good Skin Laser Facial?

The focused-pulse laser utilised by C6 has a high intensity and can pierce both the outer and inner layers of skin. Additionally, the energy wavelength can be changed to dissolve melanin in all layers of the skin. C6 is a non-invasive, painless pigmentation reduction technique because the photothermal impact will cause melanin to break down into minute particles that will be eliminated by the metabolic process.

What additional advantages does laser treatment for skin provide besides reducing pigmentation?

In order to reduce pore size and restore clear, moisturised, smooth, and supple skin, C6 can break down old and hardened collagen and stimulate collagen regeneration. How soon can we expect to see the effects of pigmentation removal? After one session, freckles and sunspots have changed in their surface-level pigmentation. Expect complete eradication of darker dermal pigmentation after 6 to 12 sessions.

Is there going to be pain?

A non-invasive, painless procedure without injections, medicine, or downtime is the C6 Good Skin Laser Facial. The therapist will put an eye mask on you before the therapy. Additionally, a patch test will be done to adjust the laser's intensity for best comfort. Most patients feel warm, gentle rubber-band flicking sensations on their skin during the process. Normal post-treatment side effects include scabbing, slight redness, dryness, and sensitivity are possible. To hasten the symptom subsidence, apply moisturiser. Use a moisturiser that has properly sourced ingredients for a better effect. Most of the moisturisers out there have many filler ingredients that can be harmful for your skin. Avoid picking at the skin in the treated region because doing so could lead to damage or hyperpigmentation after an infection. Use sunscreen and stay out of the sun's direct light to avoid solar damage. Stop using irritants for your skin, including chemical peels and skin needling. Watch for reduced pigmentation, smaller pores, and refreshed skin over time.


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