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作者: Sabrina Adia|2024年3月6日

It is that time of the month for your monthly weight check-up, and to your surprise after several attempts of diet and exercise, you still didn't achieve your ideal body weight! It is getting tiring, having to juggle your busy and unhealthy lifestyle, and trying to take care of your own body. It is becoming more frustrating when the ideal beach body that you've always dreamed of is not within your reach as the weight loss journey itself is pretty challenging and hard. "Where did I go wrong? Was it the exercise method or was it because I do not understand how a healthy diet works?" you started to think about your actions and consequences. Trust us, you've done your best and it is a good thing that you are aware of your body's situation. However, a healthy lifestyle is not enough as a weight loss solution. Fatty tissues or unwanted fat are pretty hard and challenging to get rid of, especially visceral fat where the fat layer is hidden in the body, stored by wrapping the organs. To ease your understanding and help you calm down with all this worry, technology has already been developed advanced enough to get rid of stubborn fat for fat loss and body sculpting purposes. The fatty tissue in your body is certainly important for storing energy but is also pretty harmful if kept it is overproduced as unwanted fat. Every little detail of your body serves a specific purpose and benefit to protect from harmful substances or impacts that might hurt yourself. Fat cells are no alien to this. Fat cells serve a purpose in storing energy from the food that we take, and generally give energy and warmth for our body. For one's knowledge, there are two primary fat cells that we need to know: subcutaneous fat and visceral fat.


Types of Fat Cells

Subcutaneous Fat

Subcutaneous fat cells are stored just underneath the skin and serves few purposes such as storing energy for the body, as a padding from impacts for your bones and organs, insulating your body to maintain and regulate good body temperature, attaches the dermis (skin) to muscles and bones via a special kind of tissue and serves as a path for nerves and blood vessels.

Extra amounts of subcutaneous fat cells may cause dangerous health concerns and diseases. Too much of it may result in long term diseases such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, liver and kidney disease, and a certain type of cancer.

To know the condition of your subcutaneous fat, calculate your BMI by taking your weight in kilograms and divide by the square of height in meters. The range goes as normal BMI (18.5 to 24.9), overweight BMI (25 to 29.9) and obese BMI (30 or higher). Another method is by measuring your waist size: men over 40 inches and women over 35 inches are at risk of developing obesity-related diseases. This type of fat cells is visible to the eye and can be seen as stubborn areas such as outer thigh, double chin, and muffin top (also commonly known as love handles).

Visceral Fat

This type of fat is hidden inside the body, wrapping the organs with layers of fat cells and takes up about one tenth of our body, and is pretty annoying as it makes our belly and lower abdomen sticking out and gives out an 'apple' shape to the body.

To identify if one has excess visceral fat, is similar to identifying subcutaneous. Simply measure your waist size and if it is oversized, it would be a good idea to seek medical attention or visit a single treatment for further identification.



Ways to Remove Unwanted Fat

Knowing your Body Type

Like thumbprints, everyone is uniquely to their own body, including body types. Humans are not supposed to look the same, hence, the uniqueness to one's body and personality. However, different body types do give an impact towards the way you handle your lifestyle including specific diet and exercise. It is still important to know and take care of your body, and before you start on taking that specifically designed customised treatment plan, let's stand in front of our mirrors and observe yourself.

After a few accumulated hours of diet and exercise plans and ideas taken from TikTok trends and Youtube, your body sculpting is still at a hindrance and removing fat seems to be at an all-time low, noticeable bulges are still visible and now you are thinking of doing body contouring. You sure can! Just have to identify what body type you possess, and ease will come in your way to obtain that desired outcome.


If you see yourself having a long, lanky, and thin body, then you are likely to have an ectomorph body. You possess smaller bone structure, and you find it difficult to gain weight. Hence, this type of body can handle more carbohydrates in their diet plan. Exercise can be done with having to tone your muscle such as weightlifting to avoid injury risks. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a good way to shape your body as it helps build strength and muscles.


Notice an hourglass feature and medium frame? That's right, you possess a body type called 'mesomorph'. You are prone to have dominantly more muscle on your body. To keep mesomorphs in shape, various exercise plans are suitable to change every now and then to keep you from hitting fitness plateaus.


Endomorph havers typically tend to own more body fat cells in comparison with the other body types. Being curvaceous for women, or stocky as for men, endomorphs need to be alert with their carbohydrate intake as they are prone to insulin resistance. HIIT exercise is a good way to burn calories and get rid of the pinchable fat that is visible to see.

Fat Removal Treatments

Body type identification? Check. Exercise plan? Check. Specific diet and meal consumption plan? Check. Now let's get rid of those excess stubborn fat and permanently remove that unwanted double chin and few other targeted areas on your body.

Of course, dieting and exercising as a daily routine is tiring enough for us to deal with, and we would prefer a non-invasive alternative yet effective treatment with less recovery time to keep up with our busy life. Technology itself is pretty advanced to help with fat reduction, so here are some fat reduction treatments that are considered as non-surgical alternatives.

Laser Lipolysis

"Liposuction? Isn't that an invasive method?" Nope, as laser lipolysis is one of the non-invasive methods for fat reduction! Not to be confused with regular liposuction, laser liposuction removes stubborn fat cells by using a heat-based laser to emit heat energy onto the body to produce dead fat cells on the surrounding tissues. These dead fat cells will then be absorbed by the body.

The recovery is very short too if it is compared to other fat reduction methods - 6 weeks for complete results. It won't bother you during your daily life as well but may see some redness or soreness within the treated area. Medical experts recommend applying laser liposuction onto treatment areas such as upper arms, inner outer thighs, belly and back.

Cryolipolysis Treatment

Cryolipolysis treatment, or commonly known to the public as fat freezing or cool slimming, is a non-surgical treatment to undergo fat reduction on the body. Using an extremely freezing temperature, cryolipolysis treated fat cells into freezing state, making the fat cells die due to low temperature. It is completely safe and non-invasive, and selectively targets the treatment area for any coolsculpting procedures.

To start fat freezing work, registered nurses or doctors will apply a precisely controlled cooling and suction out your skin area to undergo fat reduction and kill off the extra fat cells in your body. Since fat freezing requires freezing temperature to work, you may feel a little bit stinging, numb or cooling sensation, but it will not hurt you as it is safe, and no rebounds will happen.


Let's Remove Dead Fat Cells from Your Body Now!

No serious liposuction required? That's a relief. Let's take a look at the fat freezing treatment that we have special for you!


CoolShaping Fat Freezing Treatment

Interested in fat freezing and getting rid of your unwanted fat cells once and for all? Try our CoolShaping Fat Freezing Treatment today!

The procedure makes use of a cutting-edge technology called cooling cryolipolysis, which lowers the temperature of the fat cells to between -10 and -15 degrees Celcius. The treated fat cells are then eliminated from the body in a natural process called metabolism. Just one session is all it takes to see the slimming effects! Take a breather, relax and let the CoolShaping Fat Freezing Treatment do its work as you lie down.

This treatment is very suitable to those who already tried multiple techniques or those who are too busy to diet to achieve rapid weight loss. It is completely non-invasive, painless, does not require any medication, and what's best is that there is no required downtime! Talking about good time management!

The treatment is simple, simply visit our center to meet our experienced aesthetic therapists for a thorough consultation complete with body fat analysis to understand everything you need before a cryolipolysis such as your lifestyle, health history and even your own body type. Then, the area to be treated will be sanitised and cleaned before turning on the equipment for the treatment to start. However, you may feel a cooling sensation or maybe a bit uncomfortable, but experienced clients noticed thinning of subcutaneous fat layers within a few months after the treatment.



Losing weight is unquestionably a challenging and time-consuming process to go through. It took a lot of effort to cut down excessive fat cells from the body and maintain a healthy diet.

Be sure to try our CoolShaping Fat Freezing Treatment to save your time and get your dream body! Contact us for more info!


What can CoolShaping treatment provide me?

A lot of people have something called "skinny fat," which means they only have excess fat in certain portions of their bodies, such as "beer belly" or thick thighs. Dieting to a strict regimen and engaging in cardiovascular exercise help reduce overall body fat, which often results in smaller breasts and a flatter waistline. CoolShaping is a treatment for reducing stubborn fat in targeted areas such as the stomach, upper arms, thighs, and hips. This treatment does not cause any pain and is quite pleasurable.

How does this treatment work?

Cryowave energy is transmitted into the fat tissues by the apparatus, which rapidly lowers the temperature of the fat cells at the treatment site to between -10°c and -15°c. After exposure to cold temperatures, the body's metabolism will naturally eliminate the necrotic fat cells, resulting in a steady reduction of the accumulated fat layer. The CoolShaping procedure does not include any incisions or pain, and there is no downtime necessary after treatment. Furthermore, the removed fat cells will not rebuild, which means there will be no rebound effect after the weight loss.

What's the difference between cryolipolysis and thermal lipolysis?

The effect of thermal lipolysis can be seen rather quickly (within ten days), but it also fades relatively quickly. The only thing that thermal lipolysis does is diminish the size of the fat cells, which may easily be reversed by eating a diet high in calories. Cryolipolysis, on the other hand, does not begin to exhibit its slimming results for approximately one to two months. The result, however, is long-lasting and there is no danger of rebounding because the extra fat cells are killed and will never rebuild. This makes the weight loss permanent.


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