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作者: Tiviya Kumar|2024年3月2日

Are you tired of yo-yo dieting and counting calories? Are you stepping on the scale daily to see if there is a change in number and panic when the number goes up? Well, you are not alone for sure! Losing weight can be one of the most difficult things to do. But, going on an extremely restrictive diet will not help at all. Before you know it, you are eating carbs and sugar again; but only this time you try to make up for all the times you did not eat a cookie when you wanted to. What has this got to do with body sculpting you ask? Well, body sculpting is a genius medical advancement that we should be thankful for. It has helped so many people achieve their body goals; without sacrificing too much of their life! In this blog post, we will talk about what is behind body sculpting, and what to look for when finding a clinic. Do not miss out our frequently asked questions at the bottom of this article as it could be helpful for you on this journey!


Why Is Obesity a Growing Problem In Australia?

Obesity is a growing problem, worldwide! It is without a doubt that this could be caused by so many factors. Hence why it is so important to not judge an obese person because we will never truly know what caused them to be obese. Obesity is a sensitive matter. It is very important for anyone and everyone to understand obesity is not exclusively tied to their appearance.

However, losing weight has a similar structure for everyone. Most studies show that staying in a calorie deficit long enough would result in weight loss. But, what if you still feel hungry? Studies have shown that people who ignore their hunger cues, end up eating way more than they need to. This is because the mind can be tricked into starvation very quickly.

Two-thirds of Australian adults (35.6%) or obese (31.3%) are now overweight. Men are more likely than women to be overweight, while men and women are equally likely to be obese. The prevalence of overweight and obesity in Australian adults is increasing, owing primarily to rising obesity rates.

What happens when you have tried all the diets and none of them work? Your motivation to keep your physical body moving will also deteriorate because studies have shown that there is a link between diet and movement.

That’s why body sculpting is a preferred choice amongst overweight and obese adults who can afford it. It is non-invasive and has so many benefits.



What Is a Body Sculpting Treatment?

Non surgical body sculpting is a procedure used to remove or reduce stubborn fat pockets. Non surgical fat reduction is another name for this procedure. There are several non surgical body sculpting techniques available to help shape and contour your body.

Many say that body sculpting may not be a weight loss tool, but that is simply not true. Body sculpting works in such a way that it freezes the fat cells in the treated area, which will leave the body through the lymphatic system.

This could be a good way to spark one’s weight loss journey. Of course, solely relying on this may not deliver desired results. However, body sculpting has helped so many clients lose fat, especially in stubborn areas of their body!

There are several types of body sculpting treatments you can opt for!


3 Types of Body Sculpting Treatment Options

In general, the concept behind body sculpting is to give the clients results that would simply mean that they can start seeing the contour of their own body shape. Hence why this concept is popular amongst clients who have also tried losing weight in stubborn areas but do not see any improvement.

Having choices on deciding what kind of treatment works is very important. For some, laser energy may not be suitable, and for others fat freezing may not work. It is hard to say why sometimes we cannot opt for certain treatments as human biology is still being studied.

However, being an informed consumer helps you find the right treatment, at the best clinic near you! So, keep reading this article to find out what should be on your checklist of a good body sculpting clinic in Melbourne/Sydney!

Here are the 3 types of body sculpting treatment options:

1.Cryolipolysis fat freezing

Cryolipolysis is a minimally invasive technology that uses extreme cold to break down fat cells, resulting in the reduction of fat pockets. This concept was founded by Harvard researchers and since then, many clinics have their version of this patented medical advanced technology.

Do note that the procedure might not be the same across clinics, however, there will be many similarities. The clinician would use a device to cup the skin on the treated area. The cold waves from this device will start the fat freezing process. The device will be in a low temperature to destroy the fat cells or in other words, treat cellulite. The unwanted fat that gets frozen will be drained through the other systems in your body!

Rest assured that there will be no permanent damage to the skin that has been cupped. The FDA cleared devices will be suitable to treat these areas:

- hips - abdomen - inner and outer thighs - underarms - chin - under the buttocks

Most of the clinically proven devices have shown up to 25% fat reduction per session. Do note however that this may vary from person to person.

Perfect Laser Clinics has the CoolShaping Fat Freezing Treatment that uses this very same technology. Book a free consultation today!

2.Laser treatment

Unlike cryolipolysis, this treatment solely relies on laser energy. It has successfully helped many people want a cellulite reduction. Most body sculpting clinics offer this treatment as it uses combination technology of laser and a cooling device which still falls under non surgical treatments

The targeted fatty tissue is heated during laser treatment until the fat cells begin to break down. Pairing together with a cooling device, clients mostly say the sensation is warm.

This body contouring treatment will usually be no longer than 30 minutes per session. Within a few sessions, you will notice pockets of fat will slowly reduce. This can also help for those clients who want to do something for their loose skin. This procedure is most suitable for abdominal fat but your clinician may use it on other areas too. If you have any skin concern areas, do let them know before beginning the treatment plan.

Perfect Laser Clinic has the S6 Body Sculpting Treatment that uses bio laser energy to help get rid of stubborn pockets of fat! This will also help with skin tightening and you can burn fat simultaneously! Contact us here for a free consultation!

3.Red Light therapy

This is one of the newest technologies approved by the FDA. There are at-home devices and clinical treatments for this. However, this treatment has not shown any effects on skin tightening, which is a very important part of body contouring.

A specialised lamp that sends light of specific wavelengths through the skin is required for the procedure. The light causes the targeted fat cells to form small openings through which they release some of their contents.



Are There Any Risks To These Treatments?

Like every medical procedure, there are risks and side effects. Each treatment will have its own individual risks, however, these risks are heightened only if you opt for treatments at clinics that use non FDA approved devices.

In general, the risks around non surgical treatments are usually superficial. You might experience skin redness, swelling, or irritability. However, if your symptoms do not subside within 24 hours post treatment, it is best to inform the clinic and ask if you need medical attention.

There are some very important green flags to look out for when you are in the process of finding a body sculpting clinic.


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Look Out For These 3 Things When Finding a Body Sculpting Clinic

We cannot stress enough about this. There have been many cases where people visit clinics that use non FDA approved technology and have gone south! Yes of course, there are many devices that promise weight loss out there in the market. It may function but does it actually work?

Here are some things to look for when you are finding for a body sculpting clinic near you:

1.FDA certifications

Getting this certification is not easy or cheap! Clinics that send their technology to FDA for it to be approved may take a long time; however this can only be a good thing. Once it is approved, it helps give the customers a sense of assurance knowing that the treatment they have opted for uses proper technology. A huge green flag is when the clinic makes it a priority to make sure non surgical fat loss is a positive experience for their clients.

2.Well trained clinicians

This one is a very important part of your treatment. Whether you are finding a clinic for skin tightening or body contouring, you will need a therapist or clinician who can understand your own unique body. A clinician who has gone through intensive training will be able to better understand your needs. Everyone’s body is different from others and that is more than okay!

We at Perfect Laser Clinics always believe that amazing results do not just happen from using medical grade technology, rather its the warmth and attention that is given to our clients.

3.Quality of the equipment

Always make sure that the body sculpting clinics that you may visit only uses medical grade equipment and prioritise cleanliness and proper sanitisation.

Always check for these when you are considering any kind of treatment in a clinic.



Body Sculpting in Melbourne and Sydney

If you are looking for a body sculpting clinic in Melbourne or Sydney, you can check Perfect Laser Clinics outlet in these two areas. We have two types of treatment that you can opt for, a fat freezing body sculpting treatment plan and a laser cellulite reduction treatment.

Our S6 treatment and how it works?

The S6 treatment is a laser energy fat loss therapy that uses bio laser waves to penetrate deep into the skin to target cellulite. What this does is it helps your body increase lymphatic drainage by massaging the treatment area. The concept of using pneumatic technology will result in faster fat removal via lipid metabolism.

Our CoolShaping Fat Freezing treatment and how it works?

This treatment uses a different technology to achieve body contouring. As mentioned above, the concept is to freeze the cells in a low temperature and it will leave the body through the lymphatic system. The treatment uses a unique cooling cryolipolysis technology to freeze fat cells at temperatures ranging from -10oC to -15oC.

Here are some benefits to these two treatments:

1. Targeted fat loss made possible

While each treatment has its own advantages, rest assured they are both very useful for body sculpting. Areas that you have been trying to get rid of will eventually look different.

2. Skin tightening

This is a huge advantage if you opt for these body sculpting treatments. With weight loss, you will experience loose skin and stretch marks. You might want to opt for treatments that can tighten skin post weight loss. Irrespective of body types, loose skin will happen to everyone. Include that in your mind when you are finding body sculpting treatments.


Why Choose Perfect Laser Clinics?

If you are in Melbourne or Sydney, we have these body sculpting treatments that can help you achieve your desired body goals! Perfect Laser Clinics have done over 13 million treatments and have helped so many others achieve optimal skin health. Our mission is to make sure we continue helping people with advanced laser technology. We have over 50 clinics worldwide and have been around for 18 years! All our treatments are designed in a way that can be suited to adjust to your own unique needs.

Give us a call today to get a free consultation with no obligations!


What is the concept behind CoolShaping?

CoolShaping follows Harvard-developed Cryolipolysis technology. The cryowave energy is delivered into the fat tissues, which causes a rapid freezing of fat cells at the treatment site to -10oC to -15oC. Following freezing, the body's metabolism naturally removes it, gradually reducing the accumulated fat layer. CoolShaping is a non-invasive, painless procedure with no downtime. The removed fat cells will not regenerate so you do not have to worry about rebound weight gain.

Who can opt for the S6 Body Sculpting treatment?

Anyone who is overweight is more than welcome to try the S6 Body Sculpting Treatment. This procedure involves a high-performance bio-laser technology to stimulate fatty acid catabolism in specific body parts. The commonly used areas are belly, underarms, and hip. What makes this treatment so effective is the use of pneumatic technology to accelerate lipid metabolism. If you want to slim down in specific body parts or have been unable to lose weight using traditional weight-loss methods, then this is very suitable for you.


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