Ultherapy Sydney - The Ultimate Skin Tightening Treatment for A Youthful Face!

Ultherapy Sydney employs micro-focused ultrasound energy to lift and tighten the skin, increase collagen production and help skin elasticity to give you a glowing face!

What is Ultherapy Sydney?

Ultherapy is a non-invasive facial lift technique that tightens and lifts the skin with focused ultrasonic pulses. It is used to cure the effects of ageing including sagging skin and wrinkles on the complexion, throat, and chest, as well as a hanging eyebrow. The FDA-approved procedure increases collagen synthesis, leading to an overall more youthful appearance overall. Non surgical skin tightening procedures such as Ultherapy have grown in popularity in consecutive years, with an 11.6% increase from 2015 to 2016 when compared to traditional facelifts, which may use topical sedation and destructive wounds to tighten and raise the complexion. Perfect Laser Clinics Ultherapy Sydney is one of the most effective skin-tightening treatments available on the market to tighten aging skin! This Ultherapy Sydney therapy aids in resolving loose skin in those who have moderate to severe skin elasticity. The ultrasound energy uses micro-focused ultrasonic (MFU) radiation to permeate 4.5mm deep into the SMAS layer of the skin, thus triggering collagen peptides to develop, which aids to firm sagging skin and offers you a beautifully lifted and tightened skin as a result!

Advantages of Ultherapy Sydney

Results comparable to a conventional facelift

A traditional surgical face-lift entails addressing the fundamental layer. It's then sewn back over through the face, leaving wounds and perhaps producing post-operative complications. There isn't any necessity to subject oneself to a thorough facelift with a sharp knife. Merely stimulate collagen production with Ultherapy Sydney to reinstate skin elasticity and liveliness in the cheeks!

No need to touch up for a year

Ultherapy Sydney is great for women who do not possess the chance or leisure to attend a cosmetic centre on a regular basis since the results of a simple 2-hour Ultherapy Sydney session could last up to an entire year.

An uplifted and silky complexion

Ultherapy Sydney increases collagen production by piercing 4.5 mm deeper into the epidermis versus any other non-obstructive procedure, but instead of manually uplifting the face or using botox. Ultherapy Sydney can allow clients to achieve a smooth and natural V-shape face by employing ultrasound scanning to transfer accurate ultrasonic pulses to specific regions of their skin.

No soreness or irritation

Ultherapy Sydney doesn't include any operations, injections, or medicines, so there are no injuries or recuperation time—you should continue your normal activities immediately after your procedure! You may encounter some soreness during the Ultherapy procedure, but it is primarily a warm sensation.

Procedure for Ultherapy Sydney

How it works?

Step 1

For customers, our experienced cosmetologist will undertake a skin evaluation to gain a better understanding of skin water capacity, pore dimension, the level of loose skin, and other parameters to determine the specific areas to be targeted.

Step 2

The day before the surgery, the therapist will scrub your face and perform a skin examination. Furthermore, our doctor will assess the patient's epidermis and reactivity to achieve a balance of utmost pleasure and effectiveness.

Step 3

Employing ultrasound scanners, our specialist can instantaneously alter the wavelengths of ultrasound therapy depending on the condition and sensitivity of the loose skin. The cosmetologist will also examine the condition of the skin after treatment to ensure that all conditions have been successfully fulfilled. Clinicians will then use this non-surgical skin tightening therapy to tighten loose skin. The ultrasonic energy permeates the sagging skin and stimulates collagen formation to tighten and elevate the drooping skin in the treated area.

What Can You See After Ultherapy Sydney?

Facelifts that are both simple and efficient

Many people utilise other skin anti-ageing strategies to generate a temporary facelift in order to tighten their skin instead of treating skin profundity concerns. In contrast to rubbing, Ultherapy Sydney will efficiently raise and contour the face by reaching 4.5 mm deep into the skin's layers and stimulating the SMAS layer, producing a seamless and effective face-lifting feeling that assists tighten loose skin from within!

Face with a strong V-shape

No one can dispute the attractiveness of a well-sculpted jawline, but when the skin starts to sag, irrespective of weight gain, the appearance of a double chin arises. By stimulating collagen production, Ultherapy Sydney could help elevate the face and sculpt the jawline, leading to a more luminous complexion.

Elevated and toned skin

Aside from wrinkles generated by the natural process of ageing, some parts of the skin will sag due to a lack of collagen production, giving the face an uneven appearance. In contrast to elevating, Ultherapy Sydney may smoothen the face by stimulating the synthesis of collagen, making you look a decade younger with firm skin.

An enjoyable and trouble-free experience

Ultherapy Sydney is a non-invasive, needle-free non-surgical skin tightening treatment. The procedure mildly heats the skin's texture to stimulate collagen production in the SMAS layer, which may be moderately irritating, however, the degree of discomfort differs depending on the customer. To sustain the results of this non-surgical skin tightening procedure, you are not required to take any sort of oral collagen supplements.

Who is suitable?

Ultherapy Sydney is great for anyone looking for a quick treatment for droopy cheeks, a double jaw, or minor creases.

Suggested treatment sessions

Collagen fibres would proliferate promptly following the procedure, with advantages lasting up to one year. It is also fairly quick and efficient, as the treatment generally takes a few hours.

What does the downtime look like?

The process is non-obstructive and does not include any needles, prescription, anaesthesia, or surgery, making it safe and requiring no rest period.

Treatment Results

Pre and Post-Treatment Care for the Ultherapy Sydney


  • Our beauty professional will walk you across all of the strategies and talk about the hazards well before treatment. You are invited to address any concerns you may have with our physician.

  • To prevent any possible skin weakening, avoid utilising irritating skincare products containing AHA/BHA or retinol within the first week following the procedure.

  • Avoid excessive sun exposure before treatment as it may cause irritation and soreness during the treatment process.


  • Administer SPF 30+ sunscreen to the afflicted area to avoid sunlight exposure.

  • Use face creams with high-absorbing ingredients to keep the skin hydrated and relieve any skin damage wrought by dehydration.

  • Because Ultherapy Sydney does not cause bruises, the skin continues to be hypersensitive after therapy. As a response, avoid swimming in pools or on beaches since there is a high concentration of salt and pollutants that may hurt your skin. Moreover, limit as much intimate interaction as possible during the initial 14 days after initiation of therapy.

Perfect Laser Clinics: Your Best Choice

Highly effective and secure

Perfect Laser Clinics is dedicated to delivering high-quality cosmetic procedures to ladies all over the world by utilising nationally renowned, secure, and dependable technologies.

Extremely professional team

Our qualified employees will perform a thorough skin assessment to develop the best skin tightening and lifting treatment regimen for our consumers, addressing the issues of ageing and drooping skin.

Outstanding outcome

Ultherapy Sydney results can last up to a full year, making it an excellent alternative for persons with demanding schedules.

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In-Store Experience

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Certified Aftercare

Perfect Laser Clinics would then closely monitor your wellness and comments after the treatment is complete in order to adapt the therapy as needed.

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