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Ultherapy Melbourne uses micro-focused ultrasound energy to lift and tighten the skin thus removing lines and wrinkles to give you a V-shape face! Book your session now!

What is Ultherapy Melbourne?

Ultherapy is a non-invasive facelift approach that uses concentrated ultrasound waves to tighten and lift the skin. It is employed to treat indications of ageing such as skin drooping and creases on the forehead, neck, and torso, in addition to drooping eyebrows. The FDA-approved technique boosts collagen formation, resulting in a more healthy glow generally. Nonoperative skin tightening techniques including Ultherapy have become increasingly famous in recent years, with an 11.6% rise from 2015 to 2016 as contrasted to surgical facelifts, which may employ local anaesthesia and damaging incisions to tighten and elevate the face. Among the most popular treatments for Ultherapy Melbourne is Perfect Laser Clinics Ultherapy Non-Surgical Face Lift! This Ultherapy Melbourne treatment aids to treat loose skin for individuals with mild to moderate skin laxity. Using micro-focused ultrasound (MFU) energy, the ultrasonic radiation penetrates 4.5mm deep into the SMAS layer of the skin to induce collagen growth that strengthens the foundational layers of the skin to give you a naturally lifted and tightened effect!

Advantages of Ultherapy Melbourne

Outcomes on par with a medical facelift

A typical surgical face-lift includes when the foundational layer is typically addressed. It is then stitched back over the face, creating incisions and possibly causing post-surgery difficulties. There is no reason needed to put yourself under a razor blade for a complete makeover. To reestablish suppleness and vitality in the cheeks, simply promote collagen formation using Ultherapy Melbourne!

Outcomes that last for one year

Ultherapy Melbourne is ideal for ladies who do not have the time or opportunity to visit an aesthetics facility on a constant schedule because the outcomes of a single 2-hour meeting of Ultherapy Melbourne can last up to a year.

A smooth & lifted appearance

Ultherapy Melbourne stimulates collagen formation by penetrating further compared to any other non-obstructive treatment, 4.5 mm further into the skin, rather than mechanically elevating the face or employing botox. Ultherapy Melbourne can help patients get a natural-looking V-shape face by transmitting precise ultrasonic waves to various regions of the skin using ultrasound scans.

There is no discomfort or pain

Ultherapy Melbourne does not involve any surgeries, needles, or drugs, resulting in no wounds or recovery time- you can resume your everyday tasks directly following your operation! Throughout the Ultherapy treatment, you may feel minor discomfort, although it is largely a warm experience.

Procedure for Ultherapy Melbourne

How it works?

Step 1

For consumers, our professional beautician will perform a skin assessment to acquire a greater comprehension of skin moisture content, pore diameter, the extent of sagging skin, and other factors in order to select the exact regions to be addressed.

Step 2

The clinician will proceed to cleanse your skin prior to the procedure in order to do a skin test. Simultaneously, our clinician will monitor the patient's skin and responsiveness to establish a combination of ultimate comfort and optimum impact.

Step 3

Our physician can instantly modify the frequencies of ultrasonic radiation based on the sagging skin's state and warmth using ultrasound scans. The beauticians also will analyse the status of the facial skin following therapy to verify that all requirements have been met. They will then proceed to tighten loose skin using this non-surgical skin tightening treatment. The ultrasound energy penetrates the sagging skin and induces collagen production to tighten facial skin and lift sagging skin in the treatment area.

What Can You See After Ultherapy Melbourne?

Quick and effective facelifts

Many individuals use facial treatments to create a transient facelift to tighten skin rather than addressing skin depth issues. Unlike massaging, Ultherapy Melbourne may successfully elevate and shape the face by penetrating 4.5 mm deep into the skin and activating the SMAS barrier, resulting in a smooth and efficient face-lifting sensation that helps in tightening loose skin from the inside out!

Sharp V-shape face

Nobody can deny the appeal of a well-defined jaw, but as the skin begins to droop, with or without increased weight, the impression of a double chin emerges. Ultherapy Melbourne can help raise the face and reshape the jaw by increasing collagen synthesis, resulting in more radiant skin.

Softened and lifted

Aside from creases produced by the natural ageing process, some areas of the face will droop owing to a shortage of collagen, making the complexion look irregular. In addition to uplifting, Ultherapy Melbourne can smoothen the face by promoting collagen production, allowing you to appear ten years more youthful with tight skin.

A pleasant and hassle-free encounter

Ultherapy Melbourne is a non-surgical, needle-free face lifting procedure. The therapy mildly warms the appearance of the skin to promote collagen formation in the SMAS barrier, which can be slightly uncomfortable, but the degree of comfort may be different from person to person. Following this non-surgical skin tightening treatment, you do not need to consume any form of oral collagen peptide supplementation to maintain the effects of this treatment.

Who is suitable?

Ultherapy Melbourne is ideal for anyone seeking an immediate fix for drooping skin, double chin, or tiny wrinkles.

Suggested treatment sessions

After the intervention, collagen fibres will multiply rapidly, with benefits leading up to a year. It is also quite efficient in terms of time, as the procedure usually takes a couple of hours.

What does the downtime look like?

The procedure is non-invasive and doesn't involve any needles, medicine, anaesthetic, or operation, thus it is safe and does not require any recovery period.

You deserve real results

Pre and Post-Treatment Care for the Ultherapy Melbourne


  • Just before therapy, our counsellor will guide you through all the techniques and discuss the dangers. You are welcome to ask our doctor any queries you might well have.

  • To prevent any possible skin thinning, avoid using aggravating skincare items consisting of AHA/BHA or retinol for the first week after treatment.

  • Be sure to avoid extensive sun damage before therapy as it may create itching and discomfort during medication.


  • To prevent sun exposure, apply SPF 30+ sunblock to the affected region.

  • Employ moisturisers with high-absorbing elements to maintain the skin's moisture and treat any dryness-related skin pain.

  • Although Ultherapy Melbourne leaves no scars, the skin remains hypersensitive following treatment. As a result, try avoiding bathing in pools or beaches because the high amount of salt and toxins may irritate the skin. Additionally, generally, avoid intimate contact to the greatest extent possible for the first two weeks after undergoing therapy.

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Highly effective and secure

Perfect Laser Clinics is dedicated to delivering high-quality cosmetic procedures to ladies all over the world by utilising nationally renowned, secure, and dependable technologies.

Extremely professional team

Our qualified employees will perform a thorough skin assessment to develop the best skin tightening and lifting treatment regimen for our consumers, addressing the issues of ageing and drooping skin.

Outstanding outcome

Ultherapy Melbourne results can last up to a full year, making it an excellent alternative for persons with demanding schedules.

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In-Store Experience

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Certified Aftercare

Perfect Laser Clinics would then closely monitor your wellness and comments after the treatment is complete in order to adapt the therapy as needed.

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