S6 Body
Sculpting Treatment

About the S6 Body Sculpting Treatment

Are you troubled by stubborn fat on your belly, stomach, arms, and buttocks? Can't lose fat even with exercise? Regional fat loss is difficult even with exercising and dieting. What you need is a genuinely effective slimming treatment. Perfect Laser Clinics is well aware of your body shape-related concerns. S6 body sculpting treatment employs high-performance laser technology to penetrate deep into the fat layer to dissolve accumulated fat. Your lymphatics then drain the decomposed fatty acids - and your body is reshaped. Dieting and exercising are no longer necessary for creating a curvaceous body. S6 Body Sculpting treatment is a non-invasive slimming treatment that can target stubborn fat in specific areas - slim down any part you want!

Benefits of S6 Body Sculpting

Effective Result

Different exercises vary in their fat burning results. S6 Body Sculpting uses high-performance laser energy to penetrate deep within the fat layer, dissolving the accumulated fat. Your lymphatics then drain the decomposed fat cells from your body - voila! Your body is slimmer and firmer, it's that easy!

Targeted Fat Loss

Losing overall weight is no rocket science, but slimming down and firming up specific body parts might just be. S6 Body Sculpting can promote fat loss in targeted areas, i.e. belly, arms, and hips. Shape your curve with S6!

Boost Metabolism

By combining high-performance bio-laser with pneumatic technology, S6 Body Sculpting dissolves stubborn fat and promotes lymphatic drainage simultaneously. As a result, you can achieve your dream body shape without exercising!

Painless & Non-Invasive

As people become aware of the side effects of slimming pills and liposuction, they begin looking for non-invasive weight loss treatments. S6 Body Sculpting Treatment employs non-invasive bio-laser technology to dissolve fat, meaning the treatment is completely painless and comfortable. We promise: no medication, injections, and surgery.

How Does Bio-Laser Slimming Work?

How it works?

Step 1

The aesthetic therapist positions the treatment equipment above your targeted fat reduction area. The released bio-laser energy penetrates the skin to reach the underlying adipose tissue. The laser energy activates fatty acid catabolism from the fat cells, effectively dissolving fat.

Step 2

Speeds up lymphatic drainage by using pneumatic technology and massaging the treatment area, resulting in speedy fat removal via lipid metabolism.

Step 3

The fat layer in the treatment area will gradually decrease through fat metabolization, resulting in a slender body shape. In addition, bio-laser energy can have a tightening effect, which helps tighten loose skin post-fat reduction.

What You Can Expect after the S6 Body Sculpting Treatment

Effective Fat Reduction

S6 Body Sculpting Treatment uses high-performance bio-laser technology to penetrate deep into the subcutaneous fat, inducing fatty acid catabolism via fat decomposition. The liquified fat will be excreted through lipid metabolism, resulting in effective fat reduction in as fast as 10 days!

Firm Body Profile

A common side effect of rapid fat loss is sagging skin. This is because the skin does not have sufficient time to adjust to the sudden loss of filling fat. Bio-Laser technology can dissolve fat, tighten skin and stimulate collagen simultaneously, successfully achieving a slim, firm and tight body profile.

Satisfying Targeted Fat Loss Result

Exercising always leads to overall weight loss instead of targeted fat loss. S6 Body Sculpting Treatment can tone and contour specific areas which stubborn fat tends to accumulate, i.e. underarms, belly, love handles, and hips.

Painless and Comfortable Experience

S6 Body Sculpting Treatment utilizes non-invasive bio-laser technology to promote lipolysis. The treatment is painless and comfortable. All you need to do is lay down and enjoy.

Who is suitable?

Anyone troubled by weight-related issues or those who want to lose fat in specific body areas. Especially suitable for those who find other weight loss methods unsatisfying.

Recommended Sessions

In most cases, a full S6 Body Sculpting Treatment comprises 10 sessions. You should complete the whole treatment for optimal results. Our aesthetic therapists will conduct a consultation for you to create a customized treatment based on your needs and conditions.

Recovery Time

S6 Body Sculpting Treatment is non-invasive. Since there is no need for downtime after the treatment, you can continue with your daily activities, making this treatment perfect for people with a busy schedule.

Real Treatment Results

Must-Know About S6 Body Sculpting Treatment



  • Before the treatment, our aesthetic therapist will walk you through the process and explain the precautions of the procedure. Feel free to ask our therapist any questions you may have.

  • If you suffer from any chronic illness or skin disease, i.e. heart disease, diabetes, severe eczema, or lupus, you must inform the therapist to check if the treatment is safe for you. Also, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding must not receive this treatment.

  • Do not overeat to avoid stomach aches during the treatment.

  • Apply SPF 30+ sunscreen to the treatment area to avoid any sun damage.

  • Maintain balanced dieting and stay hydrated to promote metabolism and optimize the treatment result.

  • Once the skin around the treatment area has healed, you can massage the area daily to improve blood circulation and help detox the lymphatic system.

Your Best Choice

Safe & Reliable

Safety is our top priority at Perfect Laser Clinics; the S6 Body Sculpting Treatment is 100% non-invasive. It will not cause any harm to the skin and body.

Team of Experienced Therapists

Our experienced aesthetic team will conduct an in-depth body profile analysis on you. The team will tailor-made for you the best treatment which targets your accumulated fat areas.

Incredible Results

S6 body sculpting can dissolve stubborn fat to be removed via lymphatic drainage. The fat loss result is obvious and long-lasting, with no rebounds.

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Professional Follow-Up

After completing the S6 Body Sculpting Treatment, our consultant will follow up on your conditions to ensure that there is no discomfort and plan possible future treatments.

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Why is targeted fat loss possible with bio-laser lipolysis?

Some people are not fat, per se. However, they have accumulated fat in specific body parts, impacting the body profile. Dieting and exercising slim down the whole body, including parts that look perfect already, affecting the overall body shape. Bio-laser lipolysis is a targeted fat reduction technology. The high-performance laser energy can penetrate deeply into the subcutaneous fat, inducing fat decomposition and fatty acid catabolism. The lymphatic system then drains the liquefied fat from the body. Bio-Laser technology can target stubborn fat in areas such as arms, belly and hips without affecting other body parts. With S6 Body Sculpting, you can slim any parts you want at ease!

Is S6 Body Sculpting safe?

Safety is the priority for most people regarding body contouring treatment. Diet pills or liposuction treatments require medication or invasive surgery, which open doors to side effects like infection, bacterial invasion and arrhythmia. S6 Body Sculpting Treatment is a non-invasive treatment that requires neither medication nor surgery. The treatment equipment will neither hurt nor cause pain to the body, promising a safe and enjoyable experience for you.

How long is the downtime for the S6 Body Sculpting treatment?

Because the S6 Body Sculpting treatment is completely painless and non-invasive, there will be no wounds to heal. You can jump back into your daily routine right after treatment!

Who is suitable for the S6 Body Sculpting Treatment?

Anyone with weight-related issues is welcome to experience the S6 Body Sculpting Treatment. The treatment employs high-performance bio-laser technology to induce fatty acid catabolism at targeted body parts such as the belly, underarms and hip. The treatment also uses pneumatic technology to speed up lipid metabolism and quicken the lymphatic system's draining of the decomposed fat. The S6 Body Sculpting treatment is especially suitable for those who want to slim down specific body parts and those who cannot lose weight with the usual weight-loss methods.

Is there any discount for the S6 Body Sculpting Treatment?

Get a Free experience session of S6 Body Sculpting Treatment by simply registering online. Then, arrive in-store with a confirmation message to get a complimentary consultation and in-depth body analysis. Our professional consultant will tailor-made the body sculpting treatment based on your needs, body conditions and personal habits!

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