About the S6 Body Sculpting Treatment

Tired of ineffective body contouring that causes sagging skin? The S6 Body Sculpting Sydney helps to reduce fat cells and tighten the skin for a firm and curvy body!

What is the S6 Body Sculpting Sydney?

Fat reduction treatments are becoming exceedingly popular in the urban culture and without the need for diet and exercise, most individuals tend to pick the easier option to lose targeted fat cells. Rapid fat loss can also result in sagging skin following body contouring treatments. Without a suitable treatment or post-treatment diet and exercise, you might end up with loose skin and an increase of fat cells that can lead to double chin formation, back fat accumulation and love handles. Perfect Laser Clinics understands your physical concerns and has devised a technology to address fat cells in various locations on the body. S6 Body Sculpting Sydney uses maximum-performance technology to eliminate accumulated fat cells that are embedded well below the skin's subcutaneous tissue. The decomposed fatty acids are then removed by your lymphatic vessels, remodelling your physique. Dieting and training are no longer necessary for you to lose weight and acquire a curvaceous figure. S6 Body Sculpting Sydney is a non-invasive body contouring technique that targets stubborn fat tissue in various areas, enabling you to lose unwanted fat and shape any area of your figure!

Advantages of S6 Body Sculpting Sydney

Great results

The fat-burning impacts of diverse exercises vary since every set is centred on a different goal, such as lowering fat or increasing endurance. S6 Body Sculpting Melbourne is a non-surgical fat reduction therapy that employs elevated bio-radiation energy to delve deeply into the subcutaneous fat and remove fat cells that have accumulated. The destroyed and liquified fatty acids are then eliminated from the body via your lymphatic vessels - resulting in the formation of a toned and slim body! It's actually that easy! You can notice that your body has shrunk and tightened!

Concentrated body contouring

Weight reduction isn't really tough in principle, but slimming and tightening particular body parts can be tricky. S6 Body Sculpting Sydney can promote fat reduction in specific places including the stomach, arms, and hips. S6 will let you define your contours!

Boost the lymphatic flow

To eliminate resistive fat and promote lymphatic drainage, S6 Body Sculpting Sydney employs strong bio-laser energy in combination with a pneumatic approach. As a result, everyone can get their desired physique without the need to work out!

Safe and painless

People are looking for non-invasive fat loss alternatives because they are attentive to the potentially bad effects of diet medications and surgeries. The S6 Body Sculpting Sydney approach removes fat cells using a safe bio-laser approach, rendering the operation comfortable and joyful. We ensure that no prescription, stitches, or surgery will be used during the entire process.

Procedure for S6 Body Sculpting Sydney

How it works?

Step 1

The beauty professional places the therapy device over your personal fat loss spot. This body contouring method uses bio-laser energy to penetrate the epidermal layer and target the underlying subcutaneous fat cells. Light irradiation induces excess fat to catabolize fats and oils, causing visceral and subcutaneous fat to disintegrate into fatty acids.

Step 2

Improves lymphatic drainage by massaging the treatment area and applying pneumatic technology, resulting in faster fat loss via fatty acid metabolism.

Step 3

The fat accumulation in the targeted location will ultimately reduced throughout the fat metabolization phase, resulting in a smaller body shape. Additionally, bio-laser light possesses skin tightening properties that help smooth droopy skin following fat reduction and reduce stretch marks.

What Can You See After S6 Body Sculpting Sydney?

Fat reduction that works

S6 Body Sculpting Sydney applies maximum-performance bio-laser tech to penetrate deep inside excess fat and stimulate fatty acid metabolism via fat decomposition. Through fatty acid metabolism, liquefied fat cells will be removed, resulting in dramatic fat reduction within just 10 days!

Stunning skin-tightening characteristics

Sagging skin is a common side effect of rapid fat removal. This is because the epidermal layer was not given sufficient time to adjust to the sudden decrease in softening fat cells. The Bio-Laser technology can dissolve fat tissue while also constricting the epidermis and promoting collagen development, leading to tightened, sleek, and elegant body shape.

Fat reduction in specific body areas

Daily exercise generally contributes to overall weight loss instead of targeted fat loss. S6 Body Sculpting Sydney can tighten and contour crucial areas where stubborn fat collects, such as the underarms, belly, buttocks, and outer thighs.

Customer-friendly and painless

With the harmless bio-laser method, S6 Body Sculpting Sydney stimulates fatty acid metabolism in a non-invasive and relaxing manner. The non-surgical body-shaping process is straightforward and soothing. All you have to do is lay back and enjoy yourself while our in-house aesthetic professional guides the light beam into regions with persistent fat deposits.

Who is suitable?

Anyone who's been anxious regarding their weight or who wants to shrink unwanted fat tissue in certain areas of their body. Primarily designed for people who are dissatisfied with other fat reduction methods.

Suggested treatment sessions

S6 Body Sculpting Sydney normally comprises ten consultations. You must complete the entire procedure for the greatest results. Our beauty professionals will have a detailed consultation with you to establish a therapy program tailored to your personal preferences and circumstances.

What does the downtime look like?

S6 Body Sculpting Sydney is a comfortable non-surgical fat loss procedure. Given that there is no recuperation time needed after the operation, you can return to your regular responsibilities immediately, making this technique suitable for people who lead busy lives.

Treatment Results

Pre and Post-Treatment Care for the S6 Body Sculpting Sydney


  • Even before the procedure, our aesthetic specialist will describe the process and address any complications. Kindly do not be reluctant to ask our physician any questions you may have.

  • If you are suffering from chronic illness or skin problems, including coronary heart disease, diabetes, severe eczema, or dermatitis, you must inform the therapist so that the treatment can be tailored to your specific needs. Pregnant or breastfeeding women are not eligible to undergo this surgery.

  • Eat little portions of food to avoid digestive problems during treatment.


  • Use SPF 30+ sunscreen on the affected region to avoid overexposure to the sun.

  • Consume a well-balanced meal and enough fluids to increase metabolism and therapeutic effectiveness.

  • Once the skin covering the affected region has healed, you can rub the region on a frequent schedule to stimulate the circulation of blood and assist in lymph flow cleansing.

Perfect Laser Clinics: Your Best Choice

Highly effective and secure

At Perfect Laser Clinics, we prioritise safety; the S6 Body Sculpting Sydney is completely non-obstructive. It is completely safe for the body and the skin.

Extremely professional team

Our skilled cosmetic experts will perform a thorough physical profile evaluation on you. The staff will design the optimal therapy for you based on the fat accumulation in different regions of your body.

Outstanding outcome

S6 Body Sculpting Sydney can break down resistant fat cells, allowing them to be eliminated by the lymphatic system. The fat loss effect is visible and lasts for a long time, with zero relapses.

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In-Store Experience

Arrive promptly and alongside your verification message. Our cosmetic expert will perform a skin evaluation on you in order to create a therapeutic regimen that is tailored to your particular needs, skin condition and type. Following the initial assessment, the program will commence.

Certified Aftercare

Perfect Laser Clinics would then closely monitor your wellness and comments after the treatment is complete in order to adapt the therapy as needed.

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