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What is the CoolShaping Fat Freezing Sydney?

Most of us are in a constant struggle with unwanted fat cells accumulating in specific areas of the body such as the inner thighs, tummy, and waistline. And no matter the number of attempts to reduce them with a strict diet and exercise, there seems to be no effective method for the ultimate fat reduction method that helps to eliminate fat cells permanently! Fortunately, we at Perfect Laser Clinics recently launched one of the most effective body sculpting procedures on the marketplace currently – Coolshaping Fat Freezing Sydney! This fat-freezing treatment freezes stubborn fat cells at temperatures ranging from -10oC to -15oC using a spectacular freezing cryolipolysis technology. The body then progressively removes the dead and frozen fat reserves via the metabolic process. You can attain dramatic fat removal outcomes with just one consultation! All you have to do is relax while the CoolShaping Fat Freezing Sydney removes double chin and love handles to provide you with a leaner and more slim body form!

Advantages of CoolShaping Fat Freezing Sydney

Simple and easy fat-freezing treatment

Individuals who are merely too focused on exercise regimes might choose to lose weight rapidly by following regimens such as calorie tracking or the famous keto diet. While weight loss may be substantial initially, your system will eventually react to changes in diet by decreasing its metabolic rate. As a response, the digestive system is now ingesting fewer calories than it did previously, and you may start accumulating fat cells except if you commit to crazy diets. Crash meals are both unreliable and hazardous to one's well-being, triggering physical issues such as sudden menopause and baldness. Instead of putting your body through so much torture, why not take care of your body by losing unwanted fat quickly and completely with the non-invasive and painless CoolShaping Fat Freezing Sydney?

Controlled cooling in specific body parts

Witness successful and controlled fat reduction of tummy fat, back fat, love handles, bingo wings, and thick outer thighs! A strict diet and regular workout can help you lose weight in principle, but not in specific regions of your body. Although visceral fat cells are generally the first thing to go, subcutaneous fat may remain in the arms, inner and outer legs, pelvis, and stomach. Excess fat stores, however, have one shortcoming: they are vulnerable to cold temperatures. CoolShaping Fat Freezing Sydney effortlessly shapes and contours your killer body by freezing only fat cells, forcing them to perish and be removed by the lymphatic system.

No relapse of fat accumulation

Fat-freezing techniques are well-known for their ability to totally remove stubborn fat regions with permanent fat reduction effects! With exception of thermoelectric lipolysis, the CoolShaping Fat Freezing Sydney kills fat tissue by freezing them. Diseased or dead fat cells are now considered waste by the body and will therefore be eliminated via the lymphatic process. The changed fat deposits will not increase since the body's abdominal fat quantity is a fixed number of fat cells. Your unwanted fat deposits have been permanently destroyed, and you have achieved a normal body weight with this nonsurgical fat reduction treatment.

No recovery time needed

CoolShaping Fat Freezing Sydney is a non-invasive, comfortable, and drug-free process with no downtime. Harvard Medical School's clinical-grade invention can provide liposuction-like results while minimising damage and detrimental consequences. Cryolipolysis also does not demand users to consume medications or wear skin-tight apparel for months. CoolShaping Fat Freezing Sydney is proven to be a well-established method for eliminating 27% of unwanted body fat deposits quickly and safely!

Procedure for CoolShaping Fat Freezing Sydney

How it works?

Step 1

Our qualified aesthetic specialists will do a full evaluation and fat mass analysis to examine your body structure, medical history, everyday tasks, and body mass concerns. This means trying to devise a treatment strategy that is simultaneously advantageous and effective for yourself.

Step 2

The machine tip is a 10x10mm square tip. This design caAfter ensuring that the client understands the cosmological theory and process of this fat-freezing therapy, the therapist will disinfect the area to be treated before turning on the fat-freezing equipment. n better cover the treatment skin surface and ensure that every inch of skin is equally treated. The hair reduction rate is 500 hair per second.

Step 3

The client may experience a fairly cold but does not cause substantial pain throughout the treatment process. The majority of consumers experience remarkable shrinkage of subcutaneous fat layers after one to two months of treatments.

What Can You See After CoolShaping Fat Freezing Sydney?

Permanently remove stubborn pockets of fat

Consumers cannot manage to spend money on useless methods. Conversely, you're looking for a particular procedure that will result in significant, lengthy fat loss without any rebound. As a result, heat lipolysis therapies including low-energy laser, radiofrequency, and ultrasonic lipolysis do not accomplish this because all methods of thermally-induced lipolysis just reduce the physical size of fat cells; the number of fat cells remain and hence develop in volume. CoolShaping Fat Freezing Sydney, on the other hand, uses a controlled cooling process that destroys unwanted fat deposits, culminating in significant fat loss with no reverse effects.

Tightens loose skin

Extreme weight loss might result in cellulite and sagging skin, however, CoolShaping Fat Freezing Sydney does not. During one to two months of therapy, the underlying fat accumulation will gradually diminish, allowing the skin to readjust and maintain its integrity.

Fat reduction with specificity

Eating plans and physical exercise can significantly reduce your breast size. CoolShaping Fat Freezing Sydney is great if you want to change your body shape by losing stubborn fat cells just in certain places such as the abdomen, inner and outer thighs, midsection, forearms, and pelvis.

Comfortable option than liposuction

Do you want to lose fat swiftly and appropriately? According to clinical studies, cryolipolysis can reduce fat accumulation by up to 20% by minimising the quantity of subcutaneous fat cells. The Coolshaping Fat Freezing Sydney procedure offers the same cryolipolysis fat freezing effects but helps remove up to 27% of fat cells, a similar process to stomach tucks despite the risks. There is no need for anaesthesia, surgery, or medicines. You are not compelled to wear restrictive clothing for months or voice worry about life-threatening health consequences. CoolShaping Fat Freezing Sydney is suitable for both men and women who want to get rid of obstinate fat cells in a non-detrimental and pleasant way.

Who is suitable?

Those with body shape difficulties who want to achieve concentrated fat reduction or have experienced boomerang effects from other mainstream fat reduction procedures are possible priorities for the CoolShaping Fat Freezing Sydney after a body shape evaluation by a qualified consultant.

Suggested treatment sessions

The number of consultations necessary varies based on the efficacy of the organisation and the size of the treatment territory. We typically recommend 4-6 sessions per affected region.

What does the downtime look like?

CoolShaping Fat Freezing Sydney is a non-invasive and comfortable process. So no need for a healing procedure due to the lack of damage to cure. You may experience soreness and swelling after therapy, which should go away in approximately two to three days.

Treatment Results

Pre and Post-Treatment Care for the CoolShaping Fat Freezing Sydney


  • Before the operation, the Perfect Laser Clinics trained doctor will perform a comprehensive body evaluation to determine the best therapy regimen for you.

  • If you have a metabolic disease such as diabetes or a chronic skin condition such as dermatitis, kindly call our aesthetic counsellors in advance of the operation.

  • It's not necessary to do anything that is unusual before the therapy. Users can drink fluids and eat normally, but not to the point where the stomach cramps.


  • Drink plenty of water to boost blood supply and metabolic rate, which supports the removal of treated fat cells from the body and improves clinical efficiency.

  • Temporary soreness and moderate irritation are common and anticipated adverse effects of the regimen. These symptoms should subside after a few days. Strictly refrain from touching or pressuring the affected areas.

  • Once the therapeutic areas appear and feel nice, gently massage them to boost the circulation of blood and metabolic activity, hence hastening the fat-loss phase.

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Highly effective and secure

Perfect Laser Clinics ensures that we employ authentic, internationally recognised technology. The therapies offered are completely non-invasive, comfortable, and effective.

Treatment on demand

Professional beauty advisors will examine each patient's body form and skin health to create a personalised treatment regimen just for you.

There are no rebounding effects

CoolShaping Fat Freezing Sydney has no boomerang impact because it successfully reduces the number of fat deposits. The therapy outcome is both pleasant and lasts for a long time.

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Certified Aftercare

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