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What is the CoolShaping Fat Freezing Melbourne?

When we think of fat loss, our minds immediately go towards a strict diet and exercise regime that helps us to attain the results we desire, but not all weight loss methods are effective. Some fat reduction body sculpting treatments do have detrimental side effects that can cause an increase in fat deposits and cause weight gain if not done by a professional cosmetologist. Thankfully, we at Perfect Laser Clinics have introduced one of the best body sculpting treatments available in today’s market - Coolshaping Fat Freezing Melbourne! This fat-freezing treatment uses a remarkable freezing cryolipolysis technique to freeze fat stores at temperatures ranging from -10oC to -15oC. The frozen fat cells are then gradually removed by the body through the metabolic system. Just with a single appointment, you can achieve drastic fat reduction results! All you need to do is lay down comfortably while you see the CoolShaping Fat Freezing Melbourne removes love handles and muffin tops to give you a slimmer and slender body figure!

Advantages of CoolShaping Fat Freezing Melbourne

Harmless and comfortable body sculpting experience

Those who are simply too preoccupied with workouts choose to use diets such as calorie counting or the ketogenic diet to quickly shed pounds. Though losing weight may be dramatic at first, your body will gradually adjust to dietary changes by slowing the body's metabolism. As a consequence, the body is now consuming less calories than it originally was, and you risk acquiring fat cells unless you devote yourself to restrictive diets. Crash eating is both unstable and detrimental to one's health, resulting in physical problems like early menopause and loss of hair. Why don't you treat your body properly by losing fat rapidly and effectively with the non-invasive and pain-free CoolShaping Fat Freezing Melbourne?

Eliminate stubborn fat cells in targeted areas

Experience effective and targeted fat loss of belly fat, back fat, love handles, muffin tops and thick outer thighs, among other things! An ironclad diet and exercise can assist you in shedding pounds generally, but not in certain portions of your body. Visceral fat is usually the first thing to leave, but subcutaneous fat will still cling to the forearms, inner and outer thighs, hips, and waistline. Fortunately, fat deposits have one flaw: they are sensitive to cold conditions. CoolShaping Fat Freezing Melbourne helps to freeze only fat cells, causing them to die and subsequently be eliminated by the lymphatic system, effectively shaping and contouring your ideal physique.

Ultimate fat reduction with no rebounding effects

Fat-freezing treatments are renowned since they are able to completely eliminate stubborn fat pockets while causing no relapse! Unlike thermoelectric lipolysis, the CoolShaping Fat Freezing Melbourne causes fat cells to die by freezing the unwanted fat cells. The system now considers damaged or dead fat deposits to be garbage and will eliminate them through the lymphatic system. Because the body's fat tissue count is predetermined, the altered fat cells will not reproduce. Your undesired fat cells are now eliminated for good and you will have attained a healthy weight.

Zero downtime

CoolShaping Fat Freezing Melbourne is a non-obstructive, pleasant, and medication-free procedure that requires no recovery time. Harvard Medical School's clinical-grade innovation can attain outcomes that are similar to liposuction while mitigating the harm and detrimental impact. Users are also not required to take tablets or wear tight shapewear for weeks using cryolipolysis. CoolShaping Fat Freezing Melbourne is a tried-and-true approach for swiftly losing 27% of your body fat cells without jeopardising your well-being!

Procedure for CoolShaping Fat Freezing Melbourne

How it works?

Step 1

To evaluate your body shape, medical background, daily activities, and weight problems, our expert cosmetic professionals will perform a thorough assessment and body fat examination. This entails attempting to create a treatment regimen that is both beneficial and productive for yourself.

Step 2

The counsellor will cleanse the region to be addressed and then switch on the fat-freezing machine after guaranteeing that the person knows the scientific concept and method of this fat-freezing body contouring treatment.

Step 3

Throughout the therapy, the individual may feel moderately cool but not unpleasant. Following 1 to 2 months of therapy, the majority of customers report dramatic shrinking of the subcutaneous adipose deposits.

What Can You See After CoolShaping Fat Freezing Melbourne?

Permanent fat loss

Users cannot afford to squander their income on ineffective procedures. Alternatively, you're seeking a single therapy that will lead to substantial, long-term fat loss with no recovery. Consequently, heat lipolysis treatments such as low-energy laser, radiofrequency and ultrasonic lipolysis do not provide this as all types of thermal lipolysis merely lower the number of fat cells; the cells actually remain and therefore will grow in size afterwards. In contrast, the CoolShaping Fat Freezing Melbourne freezes and destroys extra fat cells, resulting in noticeable fat loss with zero rebounding effects.

Skin tightening effects

Sudden weight reduction can cause cellulite and drooping skin, but not with CoolShaping Fat Freezing Melbourne. Following one to two months of the procedure, the subcutaneous fat deposits will progressively shrink, giving the epidermis adequate opportunity to adjust and keep its rigidity.

Fat reduction with specificity

Dieting and cardiovascular activities can drastically decrease your bust size. The CoolShaping Fat Freezing Melbourne is ideal if you wish to alter your body structure by shedding stubborn fat cells solely in specified areas like the tummy, thighs, waistline, upper limbs, and hip.

Comfortable option than liposuction

Are you seeking to lose weight rapidly and accurately? Medical studies demonstrate that by decreasing the amount of fat tissue, cryolipolysis can dramatically diminish fat storage by up to 27%. Coolshaping Fat Freezing Melbourne achieves the same fat removal results as tummy tucks without the hazards. Anaesthesia, surgeries, or pharmaceuticals are not required. You aren't required to use constricting apparel for weeks or express concern regarding potentially fatal negative effects. CoolShaping Fat Freezing Melbourne is appropriate for both men and women who desire to shed stubborn fat cells in a non-invasive, comfortable manner.

Who is suitable?

After a body form inspection by a trained counsellor, those with body structure concerns who desire to accomplish focused fat loss or have had rebounding consequences from other conventional fat loss treatments are suitable candidates for the CoolShaping Fat Freezing Melbourne.

Suggested treatment sessions

The number of appointments required varies according to the organisation's effectiveness and the extent of the therapy region. We usually suggest 4-6 appointments per treated location.

What does the downtime look like?

CoolShaping Fat Freezing Melbourne is a gentle and non-invasive procedure. There isn't any requirement for a recovery process given that there is no injury to heal. Post-treatment, you may have redness and inflammation, which normally subsides between two to three days.

Treatment Results

Pre and Post-Treatment Care for the CoolShaping Fat Freezing Melbourne


  • Prior to the actual procedure, the Perfect Laser Clinics experienced clinician will do a thorough body examination to build the optimal treatment protocol for you.

  • If you are suffering from a metabolic disorder like diabetes or a persistent skin problem like eczema, please notify our cosmetic advisers well before the procedure.

  • There is no need to do anything unusual before the therapy. You can consume liquids and eat as per usual, however not to the extent where your tummy hurts.


  • Consume a lot of water to increase blood flow and metabolism, which aids in the elimination of dead fat cells from the system and optimises therapeutic efficacy.

  • Transient redness and minor discomfort are usual and expected side consequences of therapy. These sensations should go away in a matter of days. Please avoid rubbing or pressing the treated zones.

  • Once the therapy regions seem and feel good, you can gently rub them to improve the flow of blood and metabolic rate to hasten the fat-loss process.

Perfect Laser Clinics: Your Best Choice

Highly effective and secure

Perfect Laser Clinics ensures that we employ authentic, internationally recognised technology. The therapies offered are completely non-invasive, comfortable, and effective.

Treatment on demand

Professional beauty advisors will examine each patient's body form and skin health to create a personalised treatment regimen just for you.

There are no rebounding effects

CoolShaping Fat Freezing Melbourne has no boomerang impact because it successfully reduces the number of fat deposits. The therapy outcome is both pleasant and lasts for a long time.

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In-Store Experience

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Certified Aftercare

Perfect Laser Clinics would then closely monitor your wellness and comments after the treatment is complete in order to adapt the therapy as needed.

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