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What is Signature Acne Treatment?

Are you suffering from pimples, blackheads, whitheads, large pores, or coarse skin? Weather, habits, hormones...any one of those actors can cause skin issues. In addition, incorrect treatments can leave scars and blemishes, worsening the skin quality. Want to treat all your skin-related problems at once? What you need is a multifunctional acne treatment! The Signature Acne Treatment by Perfect Laser Clinics employs the latest two-way spiral suction & drainage technology. Its function is to gently remove dead skin cells while infusing a hydrating essence deep into the skin. By unclogging pores and balancing oil secretion, The treatment relieves skin inflammation, reduces acne breakouts and improves oily skin in the long run. Sign up now to try our Signature Acne Treatment! It's time to break up with acne!

Benefits of Signature Acne Treatment

Quick & Effective

General acne removal methods may not be effective for everyone. For example, acne patches are only suitable for acne types with pustules, and acne creams may not be effective for every skin type.

Non-invasive & Safe

Standard acne removal methods, such as facial extraction treatments, using an acne needle, or popping acne with your fingers, can damage the skin tissue and result in acne scars and bumps. Our Signature Acne Treatment is completely non-invasive and does not leave any wounds on the skin. The treatment unclog pores and gently clear out the oil and dirt without irritating the skin.

Improve Oily Skin

People with oily skin are prone to acne and breakouts, so rebalancing skin’s oil secretion is vital. The Signature Acne Treatment infuses a hydrating essence deep into the skin to hydrate the skin, restore the balance of skin’s oil secretion, and reduce that shine on your face.

Reduce Acne Recurrence

A good acne treatment does not simply remove current breakouts but also reduces their recurrence. Unfortunately, most generic acne remedies such as acne cream, patches and peels only treat breakouts as they come. In contrast, Our Signature Acne Treatment also prevents acne recurrence by removing dead skin cells and deep-cleaning pores, effectively preventing inflammation of the sebaceous glands.

How it Works?

How it Works?

Step 1

The latest two-way spiral suction & drainage technology can simultaneously perform vacuum microdermabrasion and deep cleansing. As a result, your skin will be rid of dead skin cells, oils and dirt.

Step 2

Infusing the exclusive hydrating essence to deeply hydrate the skin and adjust skin sebum secretion. Rebalancing the skin's water-oil ratio and improving skin quality in the long run.

Step 3

Pores are unclogged and cleansed, preventing the recurrence of acne and blemishes.Your skin is now smooth and refined.

What You Can Expect from the Signature Acne Treatment...

Smooth & Poreless Skin

Having poreless and smooth skin sounds like a fantasy for many with oily skin. Our Signature Acne Treatment can exfoliate your skin and deep-cleanse your pores simultaneously, leaving your face as silky and clean as a baby's skin.

Reduce Acne Quickly

Some acne can be too stubborn for acne patches or acne cream. Our Signature AcneTreatment can effectively reduce the excess oil from the skin, restoring the water-oil ratio and unclogging pores, all of which relieve sebaceous glands' inflammation and the acne it brings.

Stop Acne Recurrence

Acne recurrence has always been the biggest concern for those who have oily/acne-prone skin. Continuous breakouts can worsen the skin condition and make you feel that acne can never be avoided. After our Signature Acne Treatment, the overall oil secretion will be balanced, avoiding the accumulation of excessive dead skin cells & oil which cause the pores to be clogged, thereby reducing the recurrence of acne.

Balance Skin Sebum

Balanced oil secretion is vital for people with oily skin since it is the direct cause of clogged pores and acne breakouts. Our Signature Acne Treatment infuses the skin with a hydrating essence, leaving the skin thoroughly moisturized, thus preventing the skin from producing more oil due to dryness.

Who is suitable?

People with acne-prone skin, especially those plagued with breakouts, blemishes, large pores, and coarse skin.

How many sessions will I need?

Ten sessions per treatment plan. Your skin condition will significantly improve after one treatment plan.

Do I need a downtime?

No downtime is needed for this treatment as it is gentle, safe and non-invasive.

You deserve real results

What You Need to Know About the Signature Acne Treatment...

Before Treatment

After Treatment Care

  • Please avoid using any irritating skin care products containing acids or alcohol for at least two days before the treatment.

  • Please avoid excessive sun exposure for one week before the treatment.

  • Avoid all acne removal procedures before the treatment, including microneedling and popping acne with needles or fingers.

  • Please apply SPF30+ sunscreen daily and generously. Remember to reapply regularly.

  • Please avoid using any irritating skin care products containing acids or alcohol for at least one week after the treatment.

  • You should wait for the acne to subside naturally. To avoid scars and blemishes, please avoid all acne removal procedures, including microneedling and popping acne with needles or fingers.

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Quick Results

Our Signature Acne treatment can target the root cause of stubborn acne recurrence by balancing oil secretion and unclogging pores.

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Why do I have acne?

The two most common reasons for acne formation are excessive oil secretion and dry skin. Acne is regular for most with oily skin as the sebaceous glands produce too much oil, which clogs the pores. Therefore, properly cleansing the pores is necessary to prevent bacteria from inflaming the sebaceous glands and causing acne. On the other hand, people with dry skin types can also suffer from acne, as the pores will produce more oil to lubricate the skin, resulting in various kinds of pimples and comedo.

How did our Signature Acne Treatment solve acne issues?

The two-way suction & drainage technology can gently remove dead skin cells while infusing the skin with hydrating essence. As a result, pores are unclogged and the skin's water-oil ratio is balanced, both of which smooth the inflammation that causes acne.

Does this treatment hurt?

Most acne treatments involve needles. In comparison, the Signature Acne Treatment is completely non-invasive and painless - in fact, it is quite enjoyable!

What should I pay attention to after the treatment?

The treatment is harmless to the skin. Still, you can take some steps to enhance and prolong the treatment results. First, to prevent damage by UV light, make sure to use a sufficient amount of SPF30+ sunscreen daily and reapply per two hours. Also, please avoid irritating skin care products containing acids or alcohol. Lastly, don't try to pop the acne as it can cause blemishes. Instead, just leave the ance to subside naturally.

How to book for the Signature Acne Treatment?

Perfect Laser Clinics provides a simple online booking experience. Just follow the instructions via our booking system, and you will receive a confirmation message from us shortly. Please arrive at the store and present your booking confirmation message to our receptionist. Our beauty consultants will arrange a detailed skin analysis & consultation to understand your needs and conditions.

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