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Are you troubled with oily skin and enlarged pores with acne? Try the Signature Acne Treatment Sydney today and remove acne lesions for smooth and flawless skin!

What is the Signature Acne Treatment Sydney?

Waking up in the morning only to find a few acne lesions on the skin is an absolute nightmare for everyone. We try our level best to treat acne occurrences at home with a proper skincare routine but using harsh chemicals like salicylic acid and other harsh chemicals may encourage acne to occur even more than before. Variables like hormonal changes, weather patterns, and bad lifestyle choices can clog pores and contribute to the emergence of obstinate acne and pimples on the face, giving your skin an unpleasant and unsightly appearance. with the addition of very oily skin. Fortunately, Perfect Laser Clinics has heard your cry and developed a groundbreaking acne removal treatment - the Signature Acne Treatment Sydney - which not only utilises dual-spiral suction and drainage innovation to unblock obstructed and enlarged pores and get rid of dead cells together with acne and moreover assists to manage the water-oil proportion in the skin to stop potential acne outbreaks!

Advantages of Signature Acne Treatment Sydney

Effective acne treatment

In theory, acne treatments may not be beneficial to anyone and everyone. Acne medications, for example, are not effective for cystic acne and other forms of skin diseases pertaining to acne, and acne creams may not be appropriate for every type of skin. However, with the Signature Acne Treatment Sydney, you can now accurately address severe and aggressive acne along with mild acne on just about any skin condition and eliminate them without the necessity of external pharmaceuticals.

Painless and harmless

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation occurs only when the skin produces an excess of melanin pigment. Acne lesions are the mosaAcne removal techniques that are routinely employed, such as aesthetic removal procedures that use acne razor blades or popping blisters using fingertips, can cause serious cellular destruction and culminate in acne scars and irregularities. Our Signature Acne Treatment Sydney is totally non-obstructive and does not result in any skin problems. The process flushes out pore spaces and gently eliminates oil and contaminants from the skin without causing irritation. t common type of hyperpigmentation. Acne Scarring Treatment Sydney is one of the only acne scarring treatments that uses a 1064nm intensity laser light to selectively attack melanin pigment, breaking it into small bits and eventually eliminating it. The human body will naturally discharge the damaged melanin pigment using the metabolic process, erasing all discolouration and acne scars. Acne scars that are dark red, brown, or purple will resolve after just a single clinical consultation.

Regulates oil secretion in the face

People with oily skin are particularly prone to breakouts and blemishes, thus managing the oil flow of the skin is essential. The Signature Acne Treatment Sydney deeply penetrates a hydrating component into the complexion to nourish it, restore the balance of the skin's oil output, and reduce the oily appearance.

Prevents potential acne breakouts

Acne medicine not only treats current acne lesions but also helps to minimise future occurrences. Unfortunately, most over-the-counter acne remedies, such as acne medication, acne patches, contraceptive pills, chemical peels, and other acne-treating skincare items, only address breakouts as they appear. Our Signature Acne Treatment Sydney, on the contrary, can efficiently reduce acne recurrence by removing dead skin cells and unclogging pores, hence minimising irritation and lowering aggravation of the oil glands.

Procedure for Signature Acne Treatment Sydney

How it works?

Step 1

The more advanced dual spiral suction & drainage technology used in the Signature Acne Treatment Sydney can perform vacuum exfoliation as well as complete scrubbing simultaneously. As a result, damaged skin cells, oil, and dirt are eliminated from the skin, which aids in the successful treatment of acne removal.

Step 2

The patented moisturising solution will be infused into the skin by our in-house physician to properly moisturise it and control the production of oil on the face. Long-term skin integrity can be improved by controlling the skin's water-oil balance. This aids in the treatment of people with oily skin, acne prone-skin and hyperactive oil glands.

Step 3

Flushing out and disinfecting the pore helps to avoid pimples and acne. Your complexion is now refined and smooth, with fewer acne lesions and hyperpigmentation caused by acne.

What Can You See After Signature Acne Treatment Sydney?

Clear and supple skin

For many individuals with oily skin and acne-prone skin, having poreless and lovely skin may seem to be a ridiculous idea. Our Signature Acne Treatment Sydney exfoliates the skin even while deeply cleansing the pore spaces, leaving your complexion as smooth and beautiful as a newborn's skin.

Minimises acne in a short time

Numerous types of acne are resistant to pimple medications and treatments. Our Signature Acne Treatment Sydney effectively minimises excess oil from the skin while also restoring the water-oil balance and unclogging porous structure, a method that decreases the aggravation of oil glands and the acne eruptions that result.

Prevent acne frequency

Acne recurrence has been a vital issue for individuals with oily skin, which could also lead to acne-prone skin. Frequent eruptions may damage the skin's general health and lead you to assume that breakouts are inescapable. During our Signature Acne Treatment Sydney, the overall oil secretion will be managed, reducing the growth of excess damaged skin cells and oil, which triggers the openings to become obstructed, hence reducing the recurrence of eruptions.

Sebum balancing for the face

Oil secretion balance is crucial for people with oily skin since it is the chief reason for clogged pores spaces and acne occurrence. Our Signature Acne Treatment Sydney moisturises the skin, keeping it moisturised and preventing the face from producing extra oil as a consequence of excessive skin dryness.

Who is suitable?

This acne light therapy is appropriate for people with acne-prone skin, especially those who experience breakouts, pimples, large openings, and harsh skin. It is also appropriate for persons with combination skin.

Suggested treatment sessions

Each treatment regimen necessitates ten appointments. The skin's condition will enhance drastically after just a single session.

What does the downtime look like?

Given that it is gentle, non-toxic, and non-invasive, this technique demands no recovery period.

Treatment Results

Pre and Post-Treatment Care for the Signature Acne Treatment Sydney


  • Please refrain from using any inflammatory skin-care products containing salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, or alcoholic substances for at least 2 days before the operation. If you have any skin disorders such as skin cancer or inflammatory bowel disease, you are advised to inform our consultant beforehand.

  • Try reducing your exposure to the sun for a week preceding the therapy.

  • Eliminate all acne removal treatments, including microdermabrasion and popping acne lesions with equipment or your fingers, before getting this laser therapy for acne removal. You should also resist using birth control pills and/or other acne-scarring therapies.


  • Use SPF30+ sunscreen on a frequent and liberal basis. Continue to apply on a regular basis.

  • Avoid using any uncomfortable skin-care products including salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, or alcohol for at least 7 days after the treatment.

  • Consumers must wait for the acne lesions to disappear on their own. To minimise acne scars and unpleasant skin defects, avoid any acne extermination treatments such as microdermabrasion and popping acne with instruments or fingernails.

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Highly effective and secure

Perfect Laser Clinics ensures that we employ authentic, internationally recognised technology. The therapies offered are completely non-invasive, comfortable, and effective.

Team of Experts

Our in-house trained counsellors are particularly proficient and well-trained to deliver the finest assistance possible to ensure your skin feels smooth and flawless after undergoing the Signature Acne Treatment Sydney.

Assurance of success

By regulating oil production and flushing out clogged pores, our Signature Acne Treatment Sydney can attack the causative factors of chronic acne reappearance.

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