Acne Scarring

Laser Treatment for Acne scarring, Blemishes, Pockmarks

What Is The Acne Scarring Treatment?

While acne is temporary, acne scars can be permanent. Stubborn acne eventually goes away on its own. Acne scars, on the other hand, can be harder to remove. All types of acne scars, i.e. raised scars, rolling scars, hypertrophic scars, atrophic scars, and dark spots can affect your physical appearance and self-esteem. It's time to stop the endless routine with acidic and whitening products and get rid of the unwanted acne scars once and for all! Acne Scarring Treatment by Perfect Laser Clinics uses a patented 1064nm laser to instantly break down excess melanin that causes hyperpigmentation. Laser energy also treats acne scarring by stimulating collagen production. The new collagen fills atrophic scars such as ice-pick scars, giving you a silky skin texture.

Benefits of Acne Scarring Treatment

Instant Acne Scar removal

The first 100 days can either make or break an acne scar - once settled, getting rid of it is nigh impossible. Laser treatments are perhaps the only method that can truly treat severe acne scarring, i.e. raised scars, rolling scars, depressed scars and more. The Acne Scarring Treatment can treat acne scars with just one session. After completing the treatment plan, your skin will become perfectly refined and spotless.

Eliminate dark spots

Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation occurs when the skin produces excess melanin post-injury or inflammation. One of the most common hyperpigmentation is acne spot. The Acne Scarring Treatment uses 1064nm wavelength laser to target melanin precisely, breaking down large melanin into smaller particles and eventually shattering them. The body will remove the shattered melanin naturally via metabolism, effectively eliminating hyperpigmentation and acne scars. After one treatment session, you will already see improvement in reddish, brownish or purplish acne scars.

Smooth out textured skin

Besides breaking down melanin, the patented 1064nm laser can also reach the collagen tissues underneath the skin. The photothermal effect of the laser can destroy old collagen and stimulate new collagen and elastin production. Just like skin needling or dermal fillers, the laser treatment makes new collagen to plump the skin tissues and fill pores and deep acne scars, such as ice pick scars. As a result, your skin will become smooth and flawless.

Acne Prevention

The photothermal effect of laser treatments can slightly shrink the sebaceous glands, which reduces sebum secretion, preventing future acne & blackheads outbreaks and minimizing pores. The whole treatment can significantly improve collagen regeneration rate, metabolism rate and the skin's water-oil ratio, making the skin more well-balanced and healthy.

How Does Acne Scarring Treatment Work?

How it works?

Step 1

An experienced consultant will perform a skin analysis to understand your skin condition. The analysis includes mapping the inflammation, distribution of melanin and the amount of large pores & scars in the treatment area.

Step 2

Before the treatment, the therapist will finetune the laser's intensity by testing the laser on a small part of your skin.

Step 3

After cleansing your skin and having you put on a protective eye mask, our therapist will carefully laser the acne scars and pigmented spots. Your entire face will also be lasered to ensure an overall even complexion.

What You Can Expect after Acne Scarring Treatment

Flawless skin

Acne Scarring Treatment is a fast and effective treatment for removing acne scars and hyperpigmentation. Even one session can significantly lighten acne scars and dark spots, making flawless skin easy to achieve.

Smoothened skin

The 1064nm wavelength laser can easily reach the dermis to destroy old, hardened collagen and stimulate new collagen generation simultaneously. Collagen tissues are the dermal fillers inside us - they fill large pores & deeper acne scars and smooths out uneven skin texture.

Acne prevention

There are three prominent causes of acne: bacteria, abnormal amounts of keratin in the skin, and excessive sebum secretion. The root of these three factors is an unbalanced skin's water-oil ratio. This laser treatment can slightly shrink the sebaceous glands to reduce sebum secretion and stimulate collagen generation to lock down moisture simultaneously. Moreover, laser energy can promote skin cell turnover and unclog pores to prevent the recurrence of acne and blackheads.

Skin repair

The Acne Scarring Treatment can maintain the skin at its healthiest state by speeding up the skin's metabolism. The laser promotes collagen and kill cell regeneration and simultaneously destroys old collagen and cells. With skin care products alone, this immediate and transformative renewal effect is impossible.

Who is suitable?

This acne scar treatment is ideal for individuals with acne-prone skin type, deep acne scars, pigmented spots or dull skin tone. The treatment is also suitable for those who want healthy and glowing skin.

Recommended Sessions

The number of sessions required to remove acne scars varies from person to person. Typically, 3-6 sessions are enough for mild cases, while 6-12 sessions are necessary for more severe cases.

Recovery Time

This acne scar treatment is a non-invasive, safe and painless treatment. Unlike more invasive methods such as skin needling, the 1064nm wavelength laser reaches the dermis directly without leaving any damage to the epidermis. No wounds mean no recovery period is required.

Real Treatment result

What you need to know about Acne Scarring Treatment..



  • Avoid acne & blackhead removal, exfoliants, scrubs, whitening or acidic skin care products for two days before the treatment.

  • Avoid retinol and skin care products that contain Vitamin A for one week before the treatment.

  • Avoid direct sun exposure before the treatment. Keep the skin in its healthiest state.

  • Avoid using exfoliant, acidic or whitening skin care products for one week after the treatment.

  • Use SPF30+ sunscreen or a hat or umbrella to protect yourself from the sun.

  • Normal reactions such as skin redness, peeling, dryness and sensitivity may occur after the treatment. Increase the use of moisturizer to speed up the skin repair process.

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Guaranteed Result

After the first treatment session, acne scars and dark spot reduction results are visible.

Professional team

Our team is experienced in acne scar removal treatments. The professionals will deliver a professional skin analysis and customize for you a treatment plan for acne prevention and acne scar removal.

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How does the treatment work?

The patented 1064nm wavelength laser can penetrate deep into the skin layers to target and break down melanin into smaller particles. Metabolism naturally removes the fractured melanin particles, resulting in the removal of acne scars. Moreover, the treatment can destroy old & hardened collagen and encourage new collagen production, which helps fill the acne scars, hydrate the skin and smooth out textured skin.

How can the Acne Scarring Treatment prevent acne breakouts and blackheads?

Healthy skin with a well-balanced water-oil ratio is the key to preventing acne and blackhead recurrence. This acne scar treatment can: 1. Promote collagen and elastin regeneration to increase the skin's hydration level, 2. Shrink the sebaceous glands slightly to reduce sebum secretion, 3. Act as laser skin resurfacing to remove dead skin cells, 4. Unclog pores to drain out oil, dirt, and excess keratin.

Can this treatment remove red acne scars?

Underneath red acne scars are inflamed skin that has not yet fully healed, or the dilated blood vessels have not yet shrunk. The laser's photothermal effect can promote collagen generation and repair the skin from deep within, eliminating inflammation of the skin and shrinking broken blood vessels. As the skin becomes more hydrated and packed with collagen, the skin begins to self-repair to improve the red acne scars.

Will there be any pain during and after the treatment?

This acne scar treatment is safe, painless, and non-invasive. Unlike more invasive acne scar treatments such as skin needling, the whole treatment causes no wounds or damage to the skin. However, you might feel slightly warm during the process. After the treatment, the skin may appear red, dry and sensitive; this is a normal reaction from the laser; scabbing of acne scars may also occur. You should apply more moisturizer and sunscreen than usual daily. The skin will return to its original state within a few days after the treatment.

How do I sign up ?

It takes just one minute to sign up for a trial of the Acne Scarring Treatment. Register online by filling in your information and selecting your preferred branch. Upon your arrival in-stores, our therapists will discuss with you your skin concerns and conduct a thorough skin analysis to customize the perfect treatment for you.

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