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Our Acne Scar Treatment in Melbourne helps to remove severe to moderate acne scarring to give you smooth and supple skin! Call us now for silky-smooth skin!

What is the Acne Scarring Treatment Melbourne?

Acne and breakouts on the face are already devastating to face and we try many cosmetic products to hide them from the world. The relief of removing unattractive acne on the face is only temporary as the development of acne scars begins afterwards. Acne scars are even more difficult to remove as they leave the facial skin damaged and uneven. Acne scars of all varieties, including raised scars, rolling scars, hypertrophic scars, keloid scars, atrophic scars, and dark patches, can have an impact on your outward appeal and identity. It's time to say goodbye to the never-ending cycle of corrosive and bleaching treatments and permanently remove all those pesky acne scars! Perfect Laser Clinics' Acne Scarring Treatment Melbourne employs a specialized 1064nm laser technology to immediately disintegrate extra melanin pigment that promotes skin discolouration. Acne scarring can also be treated with laser pulses by increasing the production of collagen. The regenerated collagen covers atrophic wounds like ice-pick wounds, resulting in a smooth complexion.

Advantages of Acne Scarring Treatment Melbourne

Immediate and effective acne scar treatment

The initial three months can determine the fate of acne scarring; once established, it is nearly tough to remove. Cosmetic procedures are possibly the only way to successfully heal extreme acne scarrings, such as raised scars, rolling scars, depressed scars, ice pick scars, anthropic scars and others. Only with one appointment, the Acne Scarring Treatment Melbourne can remove acne scarring. Your complexion will be absolutely polished and clean after undergoing the treatment protocol.

Removes hyperpigmentation

Post-injury or inflammation-induced pigmentation develops whenever the skin develops an overabundance of melanin pigment. Acne spots constitute the most frequent type of pigmentation. The Acne Scarring Treatment Melbourne employs a 1064nm frequency beam of light to specifically address melanin pigment, smashing it into microscopic fragments and ultimately destroying it. The body will automatically eliminate the destroyed melanin pigment through the metabolic system, completely removing discolouration and acne scarring. Dark red, brown, or purple acne scarring will heal after just one clinical encounter.

Heals scar tissue and smoothens skin

The unique 1064nm beam can penetrate the connective fibres beneath the skin's surface in addition to disintegrating melanin pigments. The laser's photothermal impact helps to destroy old collagen while stimulating the development of young collagen and elastin fibres. The laser procedure, like skin needling or dermal fillers, creates new collagen to firm the skin cells and fill apertures and severe acne scarring, such as ice-pick scars. Your skin would become flawless and gorgeous as an outcome.

Prevents future acne breakouts

The photothermal impact of the Acne Scarring Treatment Melbourne can somewhat compress the oil glands, reducing sebum output, and preventing possible breakouts and blemish occurrences, while decreasing pore spaces. The entire procedure can greatly increase collagen production speed, metabolic activity, and water-oil balance of the skin, leaving it more regulated and healthy.

Procedure for Acne Scarring Treatment Melbourne

How it works?

Step 1

To further comprehend your skin issue, our in-house professional beautician will do a skin assessment. The assessment comprises identifying the skin inflammation, melanin concentration, and the number of big pore spaces and scarring in the therapeutic region.

Step 2

The clinician will then proceed to adjust the laser's frequency preceding the therapy by assessing the light on a tiny area of the epidermis.

Step 3

Our clinician will delicately zap the acne scarring and discoloured patches after washing the skin and putting on a proper protective shield. Your complete face will be laser-treated to achieve a more even appearance.

What Can You See After Acne Scarring Treatment Melbourne?

Clean and clear skin

Acne Scarring Treatment Melbourne is a quick and efficient way to get rid of acne scarring and discolouration. Even a single appointment can drastically remove acne scarring and darkened area, creating an easy way to achieve glowing skin.

Velvety skin

The 1064nm frequency laser may effectively penetrate the dermal layer of the skin to remove mature, stiffened collagen while also stimulating young collagen production. Collagen fibres act as dermal fillers in our bodies, filling big holes and deepening acne scarring while smoothing out unequal skin structure.

Avoid future acne

Acne is caused by three major factors: germs, aberrant keratin levels in the epidermis, and increased sebum excretion. The primary cause of these three problems is an imbalanced water-oil ratio in the epidermis. This acne scar treatment Melbourne can somewhat decrease the oil glands to decrease oil production while also stimulating the production of collagen to seal in water to give the face a more hydrated look. Furthermore, laser radiation can accelerate skin cell renewal and clear pores, preventing acne and pimples from recurring.

Laser resurfacing effect on the skin

The Acne Scarring Treatment Melbourne can keep the complexion healthy by increasing the skin's metabolic rate. The laser encourages collagen and cellular renewal while also destroying mature collagen and tissues. This instant and transformational rejuvenation impact is difficult to attain if you are only relying on skincare items.

Who is suitable?

This acne scar treatment Melbourne is suited for people suffering from keloid scars, hypertrophic scars, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, atrophic scars, raised scars, ice pick scars, rolling scars, boxcar scars, and deeply embedded melanin pigments in the skin. This laser resurfacing treatment is also suited for individuals with acne-prone and greasy skin.

Suggested treatment sessions

The number of appointments to remove acne scarring solely depends on customers' types of acne scars and skin type. We at Perfect Laser Clinics normally recommend customers undergo three to six sessions if they are experiencing moderate acne. For customers suffering from severe acne, we recommend them to undergo 6 to 12 sessions to see effective results.

What does the downtime look like?

This acne scar removal treatment is a non-invasive and painless method, unlike the painful process of skin needling or surgical dermal filler. The 1064nm wavelength of the laser penetrates deeply into the targeted area without causing damage to the surrounding skin cells. There is no wound after undergoing this acne scar treatment, so you will not need to allocate a special recovery time.

Treatment Results

Pre and Post-Treatment Care for the Acne Scarring Treatment Melbourne


  • For 2 days well before the procedure, skip using acne and blackhead eradication, cleansers, scrubs, lightening, or aggressive products for your skin.

  • For one week preceding the procedure, prevent using skin care products with retinol and Vitamin A.

  • Before the procedure, avoid unnecessary sun exposure. Maintain the skin's optimum condition.


  • For one week following the procedure, resist employing exfoliators, caustic, or bleaching products for skin care.

  • To safeguard yourself from excessive sun damage, use SPF30+ sunblock, a hat, or an umbrella.

  • Following the therapy, normal symptoms such as skin reddening, peeling, drying, and hypersensitivity may develop. Enhance the application of moisturiser to hasten skin restoration.

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Perfect Laser Clinics ensures that we employ authentic, internationally recognised technology. The therapies offered are completely non-invasive, comfortable, and effective.

Team of experts

Our crew has extensive knowledge of acne scar removal methods. The specialists will perform a comprehensive skin examination and create a therapy program for acne avoidance and acne scar elimination for you.

Assurance of success

Acne scarring and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation elimination outcomes are noticeable shortly after the initial clinical encounter.

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