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What is Ultra V Lift Pro 2nd Generation Instant Facelift Melbourne?

Beauty that lasts beyond time is a dream for all women. Unfortunately, the natural ageing process soon catches up and deteriorates collagen in the face, thus causing dull and sagging skin. Many skin-tightening treatments include anti-wrinkle injections that do not last for a long time. Fortunately, Perfect laser Clinics has introduced the Ultra V Lift Pro 2nd Generation Instant Facelift Melbourne that helps women regain their beauty that lasts for an extended period! This non-surgical facelift uses focused ultrasound energy to penetrate deep into the skin’s inner layers to promote collagen production that tightens skin from within while promoting skin laxity!

Advantages of Ultra V Lift Pro 2nd Generation Melbourne

Lifted and tighten skin

The Ultra V Lift Pro 2nd Generation Non-Surgical Instant Facelift Melbourne is a well-known anti-ageing and plumping therapy. This non-surgical skin tightening treatment uses clinical ultrasonic waves to permeate the epidermal skin layer and reach the dermal layer and tissue comfortably. The ultrasonic frequency rapidly strengthens the muscles and connective tissues and also helps to stimulate collagen production synthesis in the location. The end result is a firmer, elevated, tighter, wrinkle-free skin texture that outperforms standard HIFU.

Production of collagen is triggered

The healthcare-grade ultrasonic frequency can immediately trigger collagen renewal and assembly inside the dermal layer. The collagen network inside the dermal layer grows increasingly robust and tidy as such a quantity of collagen grows. As a consequence, the facial skin appears tighter and more flexible. New collagen fibres also contribute to narrower porosity, smoother skin texture, and reduced facial creases and wrinkles.

Quick outcomes

After a single treatment, customers will notice an actual difference in the smoothness of the complexion. The face improves in skin texture and skin laxity with each session. After completing the entire procedure, users will now have completely removed saggy skin and regained a young, supple, and beautiful facial structure. The treatment's effects can last for up to 5 years!

Pain-free and non-obstructive

The complete procedure is simple; alternatively, customers will experience a delightful, somewhat warm experience. This non-surgical skin tightening treatment is far less dangerous and uncomfortable than regular HIFU and invasive thread plucking. This skin tightening therapy will create zero skin problems or sores and will demand minimal downtime!

Procedure for Ultra V Lift Pro 2nd Generation Melbourne

How it works?

Step 1

Employing the unique TDT (Thermal Diffusion Treatment Technology), ultrasound waves are embedded up to 3.5mm deep into the skin and SMAS layer up to 4.5mm.

Step 2

Heat energy stimulates the synthesis of collagen and rejuvenation, resulting in the development of fresh collagen fibrils. The collagen fibres press forward, lifting and tightening the drooping face from beneath.

Step 3

Collagen rejuvenates as the therapy goes on, thus the facial skin gets tighter, more supple, and free of wrinkles.

What Can You See After Ultra V Lift Pro 2nd Generation Melbourne?

Beautiful, robust, V-shaped complexion

Conventional surgical facelifts include significant dangers, and optimal outcomes really aren't promised; adverse reactions including face disproportion and odd facial gestures may arise. One does not need to be concerned about the aforementioned damaging influence when using the Ultra V Lift Pro 2nd Generation Melbourne. Ultrasonic radiation is used in this non-invasive therapy to generate a natural plumping impact.

Skin that is young

The Ultra V Lift Pro 2nd Generation Melbourne has a wide range of applications. It can help to improve drooping cheekbones, double chins, scowl creases, bags under the eyes, and eye creases. This is the single non-surgical skin tightening treatment anyone will require to reclaim their youthfulness.

Long-term anti-ageing effect

Most people could see noticeable changes already after one practice. Three treatments are needed for minor symptoms of weakness and loose skin; Six therapy sessions are recommended for further serious occurrences. After undergoing the whole treatment plan, the benefits could last approximately 3-5 years.

Simple and relaxing

The Ultra V Lift Pro 2nd Generation Sydney is a simple and non-obstructive medical aesthetic surgery. Pills, infusions, or cuts are not required during the therapy procedure. All users have to do is lie back and relax. There will be no recovery time following the procedure given that there is no incision to mend; so customers can resume their normal activities almost immediately.

Who is suitable?

People aged 20 and up who wish to address skin laxity issues such as fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, and a pronounced double chin should consider this treatment.

How many treatments are needed?

A full program of Ultra V Lift Pro 2nd Generation Melbourne generally comprises 3-6 visits. Perfect Laser Clinics' beauty specialists will schedule a full discussion for each customer in order to tailor a plan of care to suit specific requirements.

What does the downtime look like?

The Ultra V Lift Pro 2nd Generation Melbourne is a non-surgical therapy, which means there are no wounds to recover. As a result, no recuperation interval is necessary. Following treatments, the individual could initially put on cosmetics and resume usual tasks.

Images of Before and After Treatment

Pre and Post-Treatment Care for Ultra V Lift Pro 2nd Generation Melbourne


  • Our cosmetic professional will cover the basics and discuss the warnings of the technique prior to the therapy. Please do not hesitate to confront our doctor about whatever concerns you might well have.

  • If customers have severe sickness or skin problems, such as cardiovascular sickness, diabetes, serious psoriasis, or lupus, folks should notify the therapists so that the therapy can be appropriate for them. This medication cannot also be permitted for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

  • The clinicians will administer a trial run to patients. During the therapy, experts will also inspect the apparatus and spectrum profundity.


  • Use SPF30+ sunblock on your skin and avoid direct sun exposure

  • One should not undergo any other high-energy therapy during the day of the Ultra V Lift Pro 2nd appointment. For a minimum of one week, patients must also prevent Botox and hyaluronic acid treatments.

  • Employ moisturizers and treatments to nourish the complexion and boost collagen synthesis; immediately discontinue the use of skin exfoliation and whitening treatments to prevent skin inflammation.

Perfect Laser Clinics: Your Best Choice

Highly effective and secure

At Perfect Laser Clinics, we prioritise cleanliness; the Ultra V Lift Pro 2nd Generation Melbourne is completely non-invasive. It isn't going to affect the epidermis in any way.

Extremely professional team

Our staff has extensive knowledge addressing skin sagging and skin texture problems. To begin, the experts will do a comprehensive skin study on individuals. Then, individuals will then be given a medication regimen that is tailored to their specific skin problems.

Outstanding outcome

The skin tightening treatment's straightening and uplifting impact can continue for 3-5 years.

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In-Store Experience

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Certified Aftercare

Perfect Laser Clinics would then closely monitor your wellness and comments after the treatment is complete in order to adapt the therapy as needed.

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