Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment

Remove Eye bags, Dark Circles, Fine Lines

What is the Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment?

Eye bags, fine lines and dark circles are our enemies! Tired looking eyes add years to your appearance. Rejuvenate your eyes to achieve a younger look instantly with a highly effective eye treatment! Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment by Perfect Laser Clinics combines radio frequency(RF) waves and red & blue lights to seep through skin layers around the eyes gently. The energy waves can promote blood circulation and collagen production, ultimately tightening and brightening the skin. It is the perfect solution to eliminating eye bags, dark circles & fine lines, and putting back the sparkles into your eyes.

Benefits of the Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment

A Quick Fix For All Your Concerns

Typical eye creams and serums require long-term commitments. These products also often fail to reach the bottom layers of skin. In contrast, our Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment uses RF waves plus red & blue lights to seep through layers of skin to promote blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Faster drainage means faster excretion of fat, water & toxins, resulting in the instant reduction of dark circles and eye bags.

Dissolve Under Eye Fat

Young women can also suffer from tear troughs and eye bags due to genetics or premature skin tissue aging. Eye creams and serums alone might not be sufficient. The Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment transmits RF energy plus red & blue light to the dermis layer, dissolving under-eye fat and activating collagen production, which helps smooth out tear troughs and eye bags.

Long-Lasting Results

Hot compression on the eyes can promote blood circulation and relieve eye fatigue symptoms temporarily. For a better, longer-lasting solution, try the Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment! This treatment guarantees visible results in just one session. After an entire course of treatment, results will be long-lasting given proper skincare and care.

No Pain. No Irritation.

One of the quickest and most common methods of eye bag removal is to undergo surgery to cut out excess fat in the lower eyelid. However, it is invasive and may leave wounds or cause discomfort. Improper post-operative care may also lead to infections or complications. Try the Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment if you are looking for a safe and non-invasive eye treatment to tackle aging around the eyes.

How Does the Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment Work?


Step 1

RF energy can penetrate through the surface, middle, and lower skin layers (epidermis, dermis, hypodermis). The heat from RF can promote blood circulation around the eyes, excrete excess water & toxins, eliminate puffiness and improve dark circles

Step 2

Combining blue and red light therapies to dissolve fat under the eyes, effectively reducing eye bags

Step 3

Collagen production stimulation continues after the treatment, puffing up the tear troughs and fine lines around the eyes

What You Can Expect after the Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment...

Youthful Looking Eyes

As we age, we gradually lose the collagen around the eyes. In addition, the lack of sleep and the frequent use of electronic products age the skin around the eyes, causing fine lines and eye bags. Rejuvenate your eyes with the Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment! The RF energy plus red & blue light emitted can effectively stimulate collagen production and firm up the sunken fine lines and tear troughs.

Quick Reduction of Eye Bags and Dark Circles

Fine lines, dark circles and eye bags can be challenging to remove even with the help of costly, luxurious eye creams and serums. The Miracle Eye Rescue tackles the root of the problem: underlying aging skin layers. RF waves and red & blue lights are utilized to reach the dermis and activate collagen stimulation, significantly reducing eye bags, dark circles and fine lines.

Results that will Last

Many ladies turn to conceal their tired-looking eyes through make-up to have brighter eyes for a short time. But, unlike make-up, the prolonged results of collagen proliferation from Miracle Eye Rescue can smooth eye bags, reduce dark circles, and improve fine lines for long-lasting.

Safe and Painless

The Miracle Eye Rescue is a non-invasive and safe eye cosmetic treatment. Unlike other eye bag removal methods, such as eye bag removal surgery, this treatment does not require surgery, injection or medication. There is absolutely no pain or risk.

Who is Suitable

It is suitable for anyone with eye areas-related concerns or those wishing to reduce the appearance of eye bags, dark circles, fine lines and tear troughs.

Recommended Sessions

We usually recommend 6-8 sessions for significant results.

Recovery Time

You need no downtime after the treatment, as it is harmless and non-irritating.

Real Treatment Results

What you need to know about the Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment ……


  • Avoid skin care products containing AHA/BHA or retinol for one week before treatment

  • Avoid laser treatments, excessive sun exposure, solarium and fake tanning for one week pre-treatment

  • Kindly inform our therapists pre-treatment if you have any skin or eye conditions to ensure that you are suitable for the treatment


  • Apply a moisturising eye cream to keep the skin hydrated and relieve any skin discomfort caused by dryness

  • Avoid using any irritating skincare products, such as those containing AHA/BHA or retinol, for one week post-treatment

  • Apply SPF 30+ sunscreen to the treatment areas daily to avoid any sun damage

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What causes fine lines, dark circles and eye bags?

First, the skin around the eyes is extremely fragile, and the level of collagen around the eyes will also gradually decrease with age, causing skin laxity. In addition, ultraviolet rays have been identified as one of the main culprits of accelerated skin ageing and reduced skin elasticity. Moreover, bad habits (i.e. pulling all-nighters, using electronics constantly or rubbing eyes repeatedly) can also cause fine lines, dark circles and eye bags.

Can eye creams help with my eye concerns?

Many women opt for eye creams to reduce fine lines, dark circles and eye bags. However, results only become apparent after daily usage for a long time. Once you stop using eye cream, your eye concerns will reappear quickly, meaning results are only temporary.

How does the treatment work?

Compared to the pricey and inefficient eye creams and serums, the Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment brings instant results. The treatment uses three energy therapy technologies to stimulate collagen production for firming up fine lines & tear troughs, reducing eye bags and brightening dark circles instantly.

Is the treatment safe? Will it hurt?

The Miracle Eye Rescue treatment is absolutely safe and non-invasive. RF energy seeps through to the dermis non-surgically and painlessly. As the treatment causes no wounds or discomfort, no downtime is needed. You can continue your daily activities as usual.

How do I sign up for a trial?

Book online for a Free Trial of the Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment! To receive a confirmation message, simply provide some information and select your preferred store location. Upon arrival in-stores, our therapists will conduct a thorough skin analysis to understand your eye concerns better and customise the perfect treatment for you.

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