Brighten Up the Skin From Within with the P9 Pico Laser!

The P9 Pico Laser Sydney tracks and targets melanin particles in the skin to give you a clear and even skin tone! Call us now for radiant skin!

What is the P9 Pico Laser Sydney?

Skin pigmentation, also known as hyperpigmentation, is a shadow aspect that lowers the youthful glow of the face, and, if left untreated, can damage the skin's brightness. Acne scars and other skin pigment abnormalities are caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight, which can increase melanin synthesis. Hereditary, pregnancy, and a general poor lifestyle can all cause your face to appear dreary and dismal. However, with the P9 Pico Laser Sydney, people can now look more stunning than ever before, because this skin rejuvenation therapy employs cutting-edge nanosecond and picosecond laser light to detect and destroy undesirable melanin development, which is then eliminated from the system via metabolic drainage. This powerful rush of energy also stimulates collagen and elastin production for a much more radiant and youthful look!

Advantages of P9 Pico Laser Sydney

Powerful laser energy that eradicates all melanin pigments

The P9 Pico Laser Sydney uses state-of-the-art picosecond and nanosecond dual technology that penetrates deep into different layers of the skin and breaks down melanin particles and other forms of skin pigments. The bursts of energy from the P9 Pico Laser travel a thousand times faster than generic laser treatments thus removing all skin pigmentation without causing harm to the surrounding skin cells. This pigmentation removal treatment helps to reduce and brighten the face from skin abnormalities such as acne scars, freckles, sun spots, age spots, melasma and more. The broken-down melanin pigments are naturally eradicated from the body via the metabolic system. After only undergoing three to six sessions, you can see noticeable improvements in skin suppleness and clarity.

Boosts skin texture and clarity

The benefits of the P9 Lico laser Sydney exceed more than just removing melanin pigments from the facial skin. This pigmentation removal treatment also helps to improve collagen production to increase the strength of connective tissues while also filling up ice-pick wounds to ensure the skin is even and smooth. It also helps to shrink enlarged pores, and improve skin texture and suppleness for rejuvenated and clear skin!

Stabilise natural oil production

Pimple breakouts are much more likely to occur in individuals with oily skin. P9 Pico Laser Sydney has the ability to calm hyperactive sebaceous glands, culminating in considerably more regulated sebum production with a less greasy complexion. Additionally, laser technology can promote collagen and elastin development, shrink enlarged pore spaces, and revitalize the complexion for a healthier, less oily complexion.

Harmless and permanent effects

The P9 Pico Laser produces energetic bursts that move 1000 times faster than regular laser impulses thanks to picosecond and nanosecond dual technology. Due to its incredible speed, the P9 Pico Laser's radiation only has a brief encounter with the epidermis, resulting in a slightly hot feeling. Importantly, the P9 Pico Laser precisely targets the region of melanin discolouration without damaging the nearby skin cells, removing hyperpigmentation while avoiding potential negative consequences in other problematic areas.

Procedure for P9 Pico Laser Sydney

How it works?

Step 1

By combining picosecond laser and nanosecond innovation to detect hyperpigmentation and other skin pigment disorders at every layer of the skin, the laser power bursts permeate the epidermal, dermal, and hypodermal layers of the skin simultaneously.

Step 2

The combination of picosecond and nanosecond laser light disintegrates the bothersome pigmentation into smaller particles, permitting organic metabolic movement.

Step 3

The production of fresh and youthful collagen occurs immediately after the hyperpigmentation elimination operation. The rejuvenated, taut collagen fibres restore the skin from the inside, correcting acne scars and other deeply buried blemishes and improving the appearance.

What Can You See After P9 Pico Laser Sydney?

Pigment-free skin

The P9 Pico Laser Sydney is 1000 times more powerful than conventional laser equipment. It can also be used to precisely target pigmentation. Using several frequencies, such as picosecond and nanosecond technologies, melanin particles can be accurately broken, allowing for natural metabolic drainage. The P9 Pico Laser Melbourne can remove any undesired melanin deposition beneath the skin, irrespective of its type, shape, hue, or intensity, giving you longer-lasting skin tranquility.

Glowing skin with improved skin texture

Becoming older, poor living circumstances, UV ray damage from the sun, pollution, and other factors all lead to poor skin colour, hyperpigmentation, and other skin disorders. The P9 Pico Laser Sydney can deliver radiation deep beyond the epidermal layer to stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin. The repaired collagen and elastin fibres can fill in the skin from within, giving you a firmer, fairer, healthier, and more rejuvenated look.

No rebound consequences

P9 Pico Laser Sydney is a non-invasive hyperpigmentation removal technique. The energy travels rapidly, impacting coloured areas and destroying melanin concentrations deep beneath the skin. Because of its rapid velocity, it only has brief engagements with the epidermis, reducing the possibility of burning and burn-induced darkening that comes as a side effect for other generic laser treatments.

No pain and non-harmful

The P9 Pico Laser is a non-invasive technique for treating hyperpigmentation that does not involve stitches, surgeries, or drugs. Furthermore, because of their ultra-short pulse duration, pico laser beams coupled with nanosecond innovation move 1000 times faster than standard laser beauty treatments, reducing the probability of laser burns. Unlike other pigmentation procedures, the P9 Pico Laser Sydney is painless and does not hurt human skin. Most people feel a mild warming sensation throughout the procedure. It also does not require recuperation time, which makes it ideal for urbanites.

Who is suitable?

The P9 Pico Laser Sydney is suited for people of all types of skin with uneven skin complexion, age spots, sun-damage patches, depressed acne scars, widened pore spaces, freckles, melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and other types of pigmentation problems. This laser treatment is also suited for individuals with darker skin tones and light skin tones alike.

Suggested treatment sessions

As a complete course of treatment, we usually recommend 3 to 6 sessions as it optimises the outcomes of radiant and clear skin. Our in-house beauty consultants will customise the most appropriate treatment plan according to your skin requirements and goals.

What does the downtime look like?

The P9 Pico Laser Melbourne is a non-invasive, harmless and efficient treatment that improves skin texture and tone using cutting-edge picosecond laser combined with nanosecond laser energy. You can resume your daily routines without any recovery time post-treatment.

Treatment Results

Pre and Post-Treatment Care for the P9 Pico Laser in Sydney


  • One week before the treatment, stop using abrasive beauty products.

  • Nourish the face regularly before the procedure and avoid unnecessary exposure to sunlight.

  • If you have a chronic condition or human skin issues, such as coronary heart disease, diabetes, severe eczema, or dermatitis, you must notify your therapist to confirm that the procedure is suitable for you.


  • Every day, moisturise the skin with healthy beauty products and treatments and protect it from sun exposure with SPF30+ sunscreen.

  • Prevent any other types of laser surgery, IPL treatments, chemical peels, tattoo removal interventions, and skin-needling procedures for two weeks after the procedure.

  • Stop utilizing bleaching, exfoliating, or abrasive skin care products on your face for 2 weeks after the treatment.

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