Remove Unwanted Hyperpigmentation and Dark Patches with the C6 Good Skin Laser Facial Melbourne!

General skin pigmentation removal treatment can cause uneven skin tone that may not work on dark skin tones. But C6 Good Skin Laser Facial Melbourne removes pigmented lesions from all skin tones!

What is C6 Good Skin Laser Facial Melbourne?

Skin pigmentation does not fade by itself! Depending on the time to clear the dark patches is a fool's errand. On the flip side, ageing, a sedentary lifestyle, and sun exposure all contribute to worsening hyperpigmentation. Avoid squandering money on expensive and ineffective lotions and cheap laser treatments; take action and eliminate hyperpigmentation and get it over with! The C6 Good Skin Laser Facial Melbourne from Perfect Laser Clinics eliminates skin discolouration at its source: melanin. High-pulse laser beam permeates darker skin areas, identifying and destroying stored melanin and allowing it to be stopped by metabolic rate. C6 is a hyperpigmentation therapy that is quick and powerful at removing all imperfections and patches in a short amount of time, minimizing additional discolouration, and restoring a youthful and radiant skin tone.

Advantages of C6 Good Skin Laser Facial Melbourne

Elimination of Dark Spots and Age Spots

Peripheral hyperpigmentation refers to colouration at the epidermal layer, the skin's shallowest surface. One of these is a freckle, in addition to being inherited. The majority of freckle-faced persons are extremely sensitive to sunlight, which increases and blackens their blemishes. Solar flares are another form of topical hyperpigmentation. C6 Good skin Laser Facial is particularly effective at eradicating freckles and age spots; simply 1 to 2 treatments are required for considerably decreased outcomes.

Getting Rid of Hormonal Patches

C6 Good Skin Laser Facial Melbourne can eradicate dermal and hypodermal colouring, such as hyperpigmentation, skin discolouration, and hormone sights. Brightening creams, chemical peels, and low-pulse laser therapy cannot penetrate the hyperpigmentation or decompose the melanin. C6 Good Skin Laser Facial, on the other hand, employs a high-intensity laser to completely strike and eliminate pigmented lesions.

Even Skin Colour

In addition to removing hyperpigmentation, C6 can lighten drab and inconsistent skin colours produced by ageing, UV radiation, irritation, and acne scarring. Unlike traditional chemical peels, C6 radiation removes mature skin and enriches the colour of healthy skin by boosting collagen formation. The rebuilt collagen fibres fill the complexion, alleviate the appearance of wrinkles and clogged pores, and boost the moisture content of the skin, making it bright and supple.

Instant outcome

Most lightning solutions take months to produce apparent benefits if any at all. To eliminate patches before they worsen, you have to have an efficient and successful pigmentation elimination treatment! One appointment with C6 Good Skin Laser Facial Melbourne is all that is required to correct superficial hyperpigmentation. After three appointments, darkly pigmented lesions in the dermal and hypodermal layers can be shown to be reduced.

Procedure for B6 Breasts Enhancement Treatment Sydney

How it works?

Step 1

Our knowledgeable specialists will do a preliminary discussion and skin assessment on you. The examination of the quantity, dispersion and placement of deep and dark skin pigment and larger apertures in the therapy region is part of the assessment.

Step 2

The clinician will supply the customer with protective eyewear prior to beginning the hyperpigmentation removal procedure. The clinician will also do a patch check on the epidermis to adjust the strength of the radiation.

Step 3

The laser energy will be precisely targeted by the clinician to decompose all coloured areas on the complexion. For a whitening impact, facial regions with poor skin colour will be examined using a laser. The radiation will not harm the flaking skin, potentially blocking potential impacts.

What Can You See After C6 Good Skin Laser Facial Melbourne?

Skin that is free of pigmentation

Ageing promotes collagen degradation, resulting in thinner skin. Furthermore, UV rays increase melanin formation, resulting in abnormal dermal pigmentation. C6 Good Skin Laser Facial Melbourne employs a medical grade high-powered laser energy to decompose superficial pigmentation and pigment-producing cells deep into all skin types, removing pigmentation completely from the skin.

Minimize Recurrence of Discoloration

The radiation can search out and decompose pigment molecules in the skin's deeper regions, stopping more pigment from appearing and producing results similar to skin rejuvenation laser treatments.

Lush & Moisturized Face

The C6 Good Skin Laser Facial Melbourne helps revitalise your complexion. The revolutionary method may penetrate the dermal barrier and disintegrate old and stiffened collagen, allowing new collagen to grow. The rebuilt collagen fibres can reduce wrinkling and big openings and are more effective at retaining water. The face will grow brighter, livelier, firmer, smoother, and more moisturised over time.

Schedule Therapy on a Gradual Basis

Frequent C6 Good Skin Laser Facial Melbourne sessions can assist in reducing the production of pigmented patches by preventing melanin from developing and collecting. In addition to hyperpigmentation alleviation and prevention, the programs can increase collagen production for lengthy youthful outcomes.

Who is suitable?

Those with freckles, sun damage spots, age patches, skin discolouration, chloasma, acne lesions, post-inflammatory pigmentation, poor and inconsistent skin tones, and any other unpleasant hyperpigmentation issue.

How many treatments are needed?

The quantity of visits necessary is determined by the number, hue, intensity, and type of hyperpigmentation on the epidermis. Pigmentation therapy typically requires 3-6 appointments for superficial hyperpigmentation and 6-12 procedures for severe cases.

What does the downtime look like?

C6 Good Skin Laser Facial Melbourne is a non-obstructive, comfortable laser therapy that requires no interruption.

Treatment Results

Pre and Post-Treatment Care for C6 Good Skin Laser Facial Melbourne


  • During a week before the hyperpigmentation cleanup process, resist using acidic, brightening, exfoliation, or clinical-grade products for skin care.

  • Kindly remind the specialist or clinician of any health records and healthcare intervention for degenerative illnesses, particularly photosensitive medicines, such as cardiology meds, Vitamin A-based pharmaceuticals, or skincare items.

  • Maximize the amount of moisturiser preoperatively; prevent direct sunshine preceding diagnosis; use sun protection, hats, or covers to shield your skin from harmful ultraviolet exposure.


  • After the therapy, utilize a lot of moisturisers on a regular basis for the following week. Throughout that period, use moisturising skincare products no more than 2 - 3 times.

  • Prevent sun exposure and remember to wear sunblock with an SPF of 30 or higher, or sun safety equipment such as caps or an umbrella.

  • Utilize skin care creams containing fewer active ingredients. For the first week following therapy, eliminate acidic products that contain AHA, BHA, and kojic acid. Also, remember to bleach products. Prevent irritants including skin needling and chemical peelings. Picking at the skin could result in damage or post-inflammatory pigmentation.

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