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作者: Sabrina Adia|2024年3月14日

Annoyed of having frequent acne breakouts & scarring? Annoy no more! Try these best acne treatments in Melbourne and Sydney now!


Best Acne Treatment in Australia for You!

"Ugh, acne breakouts again?! I am already dealing with acne scars, and now, more pimples?". Sounds familiar?

We understand, having sudden pimple situations and stubborn acne scars are certainly troublesome, especially if we have an upcoming social event that involves us dressing up and taking pictures. It's annoying and concerned about our skin health. We even tried home remedies and upgraded our skin routine from using acne treatment cream to cleansing our face using witch hazel, but why won't our skin's surface clear up?

Do not fret, do not worry. Having acne prone skin is normal, and it is good to be able to take initiatives to take care of your skin and avoid harmful substances from being in contact with them. From our adolescent era until now, our skin has been working hard to protect our face, but we need to give the same and work hard to take care of our gentle skin as well. There is no doubt that the appearance of adult acne is somewhat sore to the eye, hence, it is best for us to seek for the best treatment for an anti-acne and clearer skin.

In a way, treating acne from acne scarring and achieving a healthy skin, a detailed explanation of the reason behind the occurrence of acne breakouts are needed for us to start our skin treatments. One should know how acne pops up, and how to avoid future breakouts by looking into the root cause of the problem itself, hence, let's take a deeper dive into why acne happens and why acne scarring won't leave our skin.



Acne Breakouts

Acne sufferers can relate to how random pimples popping up at the most inconvenient of times, but then, how did it happen? Was it a vengeful action of our own skin as a way of telling us that we have problematic skin and needed extra attention?

Generally known as acne or acne vulgaris, acne occurs from the blockage of tiny openings on our skin called hair follicles, in which sebaceous glands are attached to. These glands are the one stop center for sebum production, which is used for lubricating our hairs and prevents it from drying out. Sometimes these glands produce excess oil, and this excess oil somehow mixes with dead skin cells and forms a substance that blocks out the tiny holes for the oil to come out causing clogged pores. Imagine overpacking items in a small box, the box will bulge, and this case is similar to our skin. The blocked way caused by dead skin cells and excess sebum production will bulge out, creating whiteheads. Plus, our skin is ultimately often exposed to the environment, and it is no stranger that there will be the appearance of acne causing bacteria on the surrounding tissue and may cause acne flare ups.


Types of Acne

There are few types of active acne that happens on the skin. Each of them bears a different cause and looks different from one another. Let's take a look at the types of acne that pops up on your skin.

1. Blackheads

Blackheads are due to open pimples that collect extra oil and dead skin on the skin. The black patches, which mimic dirt deposits, are actually generated by an uneven light reflection off the obstructed follicle.

2. Whiteheads

Whiteheads are different from blackheads. Not because of the name, but how they look compared to one another. Whiteheads are bumps with sealed excess oils and dead skin cells.

3. Papules and pustules

Papules are seen as red or pink pimples that are small, and are caused by inflammation. Pustules, like the name itself, contain pus similar to whiteheads, but are surrounded by red or pink rings. If scabs or picking occurs onto pustules, scarring will occur.

4. Fungal acne

Fungal acne takes place when your skin follicles have excess yeast developed. This type of acne is often itchy and may also cause inflammation onto the skin.

5. Nodules & Cysts

Nodules are large and deep within your skin, it is painful and it is a hassle to take care of it. Cysts are similar to pustules, they contain white-filled pus. Both of these acne types often occur as severe acne and acne treatments are necessary once existing acne clears up as it will leave acne scars.



Skin Types: Are yours acne prone skin?

Believe it or not, your skin type may also be the cause of your sudden acne party! Every type of skin is normal for acne to happen, but which one occurs the most?


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Skin Analysis: The Blotting Sheet Method

To start with, let's identify what type of skin type that you possess. With the help of a technique called "The Blotting Sheet Method". This method is much faster than the usual skin type analysis method, and only takes about 3 simple steps to do so! Here are the steps on knowing better of your skin:

· Step 1: Take a piece of a blotting sheet, and gently pat it on different areas of your face. Be sure to only dab or pat, and not swipe! · Step 2: Hold up the used blotting sheet to the light and observe. · Step 3: If there are little to no oil stains at all, you are likely to have dry skin. If there are oil stains picked up from your T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) you are likely to have a combination skin. Lastly, if it is oily, then oily skin it is! · Extra: do check if your skin is prone to negative reactions! It is most likely you are having sensitive skin.

Whatever your skin type is; oily skin, combination skin, normal skin, dry skin, especially sensitive skin, everyone dreams of clear skin and combating the target acne. Skin types are as important as it will help us identify which skincare essential product to use, and the amount of attention to be put to get that healthy and clear skin.



Acne Scarring

One of the most sought acne treatments is on how to treat acne scarring to prevent future breakouts so that there will be lesser scars to deal with later. Acne scars are almost impossible to get rid of especially when using basic skincare products.

Scarring happens when inflammation happens, especially types of acne such as nodules and cysts as it penetrates deep into the skin and damages the skin tissue. Other than that, the habit of picking or scabbing acne is one of the reasons why scars happen, so don't pick that new pimple!

There are two kinds of scarring to look out for: depressed and raised acne scars.

Depressed acne scars stem from when the skin reduces the collagen production, or producing pits of scars when the skin heals. Raised acne scars, however, happen when there is too much collagen production in the skin as it heals, creating bumps and uneven textures on the face.


Acne Spot

In the case of acne spot treatments, a simple basic skincare routine upgrade is good to start treating those pesky spots. There are few skincare products that specialise in acne spot treatments and are gentle to the sensitive skin such as salicylic acid and glycolic acid. Though the hearing of "acid" might scare you, it is definitely good for the skin as it helps in the cases of unclogging pores, controlling oil from overproducing through oil glands. It is also recommended by dermatologists! Beta Hydroxy Acid or commonly known as BHAs are often used with AHAs, which is where glycolic acid came from. However, please bear in mind that some of these acids are not suitable for sensitive skin, so if you are opting for a milder and less irritating product, lactic acid is the answer! These products may appear in various forms: chemical peels, moisturisers and even cleansers.



Skincare Regime: Avoid Acne Spots!

A simple face cleanse may also benefit in avoiding acne spots from occurring as it helps kill bacteria and removes excess oil. However, to reduce inflammation or promote anti inflammatory, products such as tea tree oil give out good benefits in calming and soothing your skin from any kind of inflammation. Thinking of making your skin to the next level? How about adding vitamins such as vitamin C and vitamin E in your skin regime? The combination of vitamin C and E is good to promote anti aging as both of these vitamins are super-antioxidants. As long as it does not contain artificial fragrances (and cruelty free!), these safe chemicals are good to help give out the best benefit for a healthier skin.

Acne certainly bothers some people as the cause of acne is also stemmed from our own hormonal changes in the body. Androgens in the body send signals to our skin glands to produce more sebum, which is the root cause of acne as we go through just now. To avoid these from happening, oral contraceptives are often taken with the prescription of medical experts to treat the unwanted acne.


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Best Acne Treatments in Australia

Wondering where to find the best acne spot and scar treatments in your neighbourhood? Wonder no more! No need to travel far and wide as we have the best for Australia's big cities: Sydney and Melbourne!



Signature Acne Treatment

Tired of having recurrence of acne? How about treating yourself to our Signature Acne Treatment to get rid of that worry once and for all? With this treatment, an abundance of benefits will be received by you such as promoting acne combating and avoiding acne recurrence by removing dead skin cells, dirt, unclogging pores and balancing the sebum production from overproducing.

The treatment uses the latest two-way spiral suction and drainage technology for deep cleansing. The suction will perform a suction or as we call it, vacuum microdermabrasion, onto the skin to get rid of unwanted dead skin cells, excess oils and dirt residue.

After the suction process, the treatment undergoes a process of infusing an exclusive hydrating essence to seep into the skin for hydration and adjusting the skin sebum secretion to avoid overproduction and at the same time, promoting unclogged pores.

After the treatment is done, the pores are free from any clogging factors and cleanser, preventing your skin from having acne and other blemishes. This treatment is suitable for people with frequent acne breakouts, blemishes, large pores and acne-prone skin. Plus, it is suitable for all types of skin as this treatment is safe, gentle and non-invasive.


PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment

Notice discolouration and pigmentation happening on your skin? Tired of trying multiple skincare products to get rid of them? Try PicoCure Pigmentation Removal Treatment today!

Pigmentation or hyperpigmentation happens deep within your skin, or as people know it, from the melanin. PicoCure uses a special laser technology not only to remove all pigmentations, but also stimulate collagen growth helping a lush look on the face by repairing skin tissues and filling up scars and large pores. Talking about jack off all trades!

Rest assured, this treatment is definitely safe to use and painless as the pico laser pulses deliver only a brief burst of energy to break down the said pigmentation!




A healthy and rejuvenated skin is certainly something that everyone craves for. It is most certainly a wonder if it is near or in your neighbourhood too!

We have centers located in both Sydney and Melbourne, so don't be shy, visit our website and book your appointment with us for a clear, acne free skin today!


Why do I have acne?

Acne occurs from excessive sebum production from oil glands of the skin. This happens when there is too much oil, the sebum will combine with dead skin cells to create a substance which will clog the pores, resulting in acne.

Do both treatments hurt?

Nope! It is 100% painless and it is safe to use. Most acne treatments involve needles; we don't! As for PicoCure, the laser does not give you pain as it is brief and avoids any risk of burn and irritation.

Are the results quick? Is it effective?

Yes and yes! Our technology provides fast treatment and results may be seen within a few visits of sessions.

Is post-treatment necessary?

After treatment care is necessary for both treatments. Avoid using any irritating skin care products, apply SPF 30+ sunscreen and avoid picking and scabbing. Don't pop your acne too to avoid scars and blemishes!

I am interested, where can I start?

Great! You may visit our website for a simple online booking by filling up the online form, and if there are any questions regarding any of our services, do contact us!


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