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作者: Tiviya Kumar|2024年3月11日

The unfortunate truth is that once you turn 25, you start losing collagen production. Maybe it could be a design flaw but it's too late to debate about that. The fact is that as we age, we have more loose skin. But thanks to medical advancements, we have so many dependable ways to help us with skin tightening. Laser skin tightening has proven to be one of the safest, non invasive and pain free methods. However, there are several treatment options you can consider for skin tightening. In this blog post, we will cover various skin tightening treatments and how they can help solve the common worry, which is visible sagging skin. Do not forget to check out the frequently asked questions at the bottom section of this article! If you are unsure which treatment to pick for your skin concerns, you can always contact us at Perfect Laser Clinics. Our trained therapists are more than happy to walk you through a variety of options and find a plan that suits your needs. Do also note that if you find yourself opting for a laser skin tightening treatment plan, always make sure that the clinic only uses FDA cleared devices. This is so that you can minimise the risk! Let’s dive deeper!


The Various Types of Skin Tightening Treatments

As mentioned above, collagen and elastin production reduces as we age. While laser skin tightening treatments have shown to be effective, there are other types of non laser skin tightening options.

To treat loose skin, you need a treatment that is strong enough to show results. This paired with skincare products that also helps with skin tightening will result in overall skin rejuvenation. However, solely depending on these skincare products may not give you the results that you are expecting. With ageing skin, it’s important to understand damaged skin cells will need new collagen synthesis to help rejuvenate the skin.

Here are three common ways to help tighten your skin:

1.Radio frequency treatments

Electricity is used in radio frequency treatment to heat the skin's deeper layers while sparing the skin's surface. The most common misconception with this type of laser skin tightening work is that it is painful. But that is not the case. For instance, our ACP 5th Gen Lifting Treatment at Perfect Laser Clinics. Our ground-breaking, proprietary 40.68MHz focus-radiofrequency (RF) laser energy can enter the skin tissues up to 6.0 millimetres deep, causing them to instantly contract and having a tightening and lifting effect. Additionally, the lasers promote the formation of dermal collagen, which firms your facial skin from the inside out.

2.Intense pulsed light

IPL is a photorejuvenation procedure that can treat a number of skin issues. It is best recognised for erasing or lightening age or sun spots as well as blotchiness from the face, neck, and other parts of the body. Through the activation of collagen, it is also known to enhance skin texture. Light penetrates the skin's surface layer without damaging it, gently heating the deeper layers' cells and encouraging them to make more collagen.

3.Ultrasound technology

The deeper layer of the skin, known as the dermal layer, is where ultrasound therapies concentrate ultrasonic energy. It employs sound waves to locate the appropriate treatment plane in the skin before directing a concentrated sound beam at the desired area of the skin to inflict invisible lesions. This causes the skin around it to metabolise more quickly and produce more collagen and elastin.



What Kind of Skin Concerns Does it Solve?

There are a couple of skin concerns that rise as we age. Some of these concerns could also be a result of sun damage or even genetics. For some, these skin conditions could also be caused by stress and poor lifestyle choices. Your skin surface is very important because it can affect your overall appearance.

Below are some of the skin concerns that can be solved with laser skin tightening:

1.Fine lines and wrinkles

This is a no brainer. As our collagen production reduces, fine lines and wrinkles become more visible. This could start as early as age 25 for some people. However, there is no need to fear because this is very common. Unlike some severe skin conditions, fine lines and wrinkles can be treated using laser skin tightening. Laser heat energy helps to stimulate dermal collagen production.

2.Sagging skin

One of the biggest reasons why our skin sag is because of sun exposure; aside from the collagen production factor. This is worse for folks who skip wearing SPF. The ultraviolet rays are so harmful for overall skin health. If you are a chain smoker, do expect to see your skin sagging sooner than folks who do not smoke.

The collagen-producing process is hampered by tobacco smoke extract, which also weakens the collagen and elastin fibres that already exist. The constant purse of your lips when smoking a cigarette can lead to smoker's lips, which are lines on the top of your upper lip that sag.

If you have experienced severe weight loss in a short span of time, this could also happen to you. This is because the skin elastin production cannot keep up with the rate of the weight lost throughout the entire process.

3.Textured skin issues

Some laser skin resurfacing treatments will help with this issue. Our ACP 5th Gen Lifting treatment can help with textured skin because of the technology deployed. The 6.0mm-deep concentrated RF wave employed in ACP Lifting 5th Gen can discharge energy 40.68 million times per second. This laser energy induces the skin tissues to contract; resulting in a more even complexion.


How Does Laser Skin Tightening Procedure Work?

All skin types can opt for laser skin resurfacing. The aim behind laser skin tightening is to warm the collagen in the skin by heating infrared light radiation. The outer layers of collagen are altered by specific frequencies of this radiation, which also encourages the growth of new collagen. The skin could seem tighter as a result of this.

There are three types of laser skin tightening:

Ablative laser resurfacing

This is more aggressive compared to other laser treatments.

Non ablative laser resurfacing

This is more suitable for folks with darker skin tones.

Fractional lasers

At skin depth, fractional lasers form columns of beams that do not harm the gaps in between the columns. Ablative or non-ablative fractional lasers are available.

However, due to how developed laser technology has gotten to, the operating procedure may vary clinic to clinic. Be sure to know what kind of laser technology your treatment uses and how that can help to heal your skin concerns.



Are there any risks with laser skin treatment?

Like every other treatment, laser skin tightening treatments do have a potential risk. You may experience temporary redness and skin irritability post treatment. We have had clients who experienced slight swelling (more prone for sensitive skin folks).

However, if you do experience these symptoms for more than 24 hours, immediately contact the service provider and let them know about this. Your risk is also minimised if you seek treatment at a reputable clinic. Always be sure to check on certifications and ask questions if you have them.

We always encourage our clients to clarify their doubts with our trained professionals. This way, they are informed and aware of the entire process.


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Can You Solve These Skin Concerns at Home?

Many people opt for at home treatments because it is minimally invasive. Most of them pair these traditional treatments with skin care products that can target these skin concerns.

These non surgical treatments may have a tightening effect, however, it only solves the problem superficially. With laser treatments, you will get the upper hand of the laser energy to help new collagen growth. While there are some supplements like bird's nest extract that help with this, laser technology has proven to be more effective.



Surgical Alternatives

This is an option that not everyone agrees with because it can be very painful. Alternative surgical methods also have various dangers. Skin tightening techniques that don't involve surgery don't include any downtime, whereas surgery does. Additionally, there is no risk of infection with nonsurgical procedures, in contrast to postoperative problems and infections.

So if you do not want to go through any pain and want to achieve your desired results, our ACP 5th Gen laser skin tightening is the way to go! This procedure uses a non-invasive, medical-grade laser to tighten the skin. It doesn't call for any prescription drugs, injections, or cuts. Your skin and body won't be harmed, and there won't be any wounds. The operation is fairly comfortable, and you won't need much recovery time before you can resume your normal activities.


The Benefits of Our ACP 5th Gen Lifting Treatment

Here are some of the pros of our treatment:

Radio frequency skin tightening for anti-ageing

Our skin gradually loses its elasticity with age, sinking and becoming sagging. Treatments that target the fascia layers (SMAS), the underlying facial muscle group, are best for lifting the face profile. High-performance radio frequency (RF) energy is used by ACP Lifting to firm the skin. The RF is upgraded to 40.68MHz in the 5th generation laser skin tightening procedure, producing an instant facelift five times faster than the 6.78MHz of the previous generation. ACP can help you regain skin elasticity and firmness by reducing wrinkles and tightening sagging skin.

Enhance collagen production

The 5th generation ACP Lifting may enhance your overall contour, reverse indications of ageing, and increase collagen synthesis in addition to that immediate lifting impact. The RF energy can release energy that stimulates collagen and rejuvenates ageing skin up to 6.0mm beneath the surface of the skin. The skin tissues are filled out by the new collagen, which tightens saggy skin and lessens the appearance of wrinkles. The skin becomes bouncy as a result, pores are reduced, and the general texture of the skin is enhanced.

Consistent heat emission

The 40.68MHz monopolar RF wave of the fifth generation, which is stronger than the previous generations, doesn't lose strength when it penetrates deeper layers of skin. Instead, the heat energy is evenly distributed throughout each stratum and crevice, optimising the tightening and lifting benefits and promoting collagen regrowth over time.

Procedure for skin tightening without pain

ACP 5th gen Lifting is less invasive than conventional facelift operations. It doesn't create any pain or injuries. There is no downtime required, allowing you to resume your regular schedule right away.



How Do You Prepare For Our Treatment?

It is important for you to follow the therapist’s advice before and after your treatment. This is done to minimise the risk and to get the most out of each session. Also inform your therapist if you are on certain medications that may affect the efficacy of the treatment.


Before beginning the operation, our aesthetic therapist will walk you through the steps and safety precautions. Please feel free to ask any queries you may have of our therapist.

You must let the therapist know if you have any chronic illnesses or skin conditions, such as diabetes, severe eczema, rosacea, or lupus, so they may determine whether the therapy is safe for you. Additionally, this treatment must not be administered to women who are nursing or pregnant.

Your skin will be meticulously cleaned by the therapist. Additionally, the therapist will fine-tune the apparatus for accurate emission of the best RF energy level to guarantee that the operation is 100 percent safe.


Wear sunscreen with SPF30+ to protect your skin from the sun.

For one month following treatment, refrain from using laser, IPL, and radio frequency treatments on the treated skin area.

Use of acid, alcohol, or scrub-containing skin care products should be avoided for one week following treatment to prevent skin irritation.


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The Final Takeaway

Dealing with fine lines and wrinkles can be overwhelming for anyone. The stress of finding the right treatment or a reputable clinic may even result in more wrinkles. Rest assured, with Perfect Laser Clinics, you will not have to worry about that. We have done over 13 million treatments in over 50 clinics, worldwide. Our clinic has been around for 18 years and will hopefully continue to help people achieve their skin goals.

Contact us to find out more about our ACP 5th Gen Lifting treatment plan! Book a free consultation with our trained therapist to get rid of your fine lines and wrinkles!


What age is appropriate for me to try the ACP 5th Generation Lifting Treatment?

No of your age, you can try ACP 5th Gen Lifting to get tighter skin and a more defined appearance. Theoretically, skin tightening procedures shouldn't be required if you are in your early 20s. However, your collagen level will start to decline once you reach 25 or older. Start caring for your face by promoting collagen synthesis with our 5th Generation ACP Lifting as your skin will eventually lose its suppleness.

Will my face appear stiff after receiving the ACP 5th Generation Lifting Treatment?

Many people are concerned that skin tightening procedures may leave their features looking stiff and unnatural. In fact, common wrinkle-reduction techniques like Botox and hyaluronic injections involve invasively injecting dermal fillers, which might result in outcomes that look unnatural. The 5th Generation ACP Lifting employs RF wave radiation to instantly tighten and lift the skin by penetrating the tissues about 6.0mm deep. In the meantime, the RF radiation induces collagen synthesis to lift facial muscles and fat from below. ACP 5 Gen Lifting is a non-invasive skin tightening process that produces results that look natural and have no major side effects.


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