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作者: Sophia Man|2024年3月4日

As individuals age, the skin loses its capacity to rejuvenate itself. The skin under and surrounding the eyes is especially defenceless to the increase in age since it is thin. Thus, developing wrinkles, bags under eyes, dark circles, and puffy eyes are a normal process over the long haul. Other than that, maturing age brings further turmoil, such as bags under eyes, puffy eyes, and dark circles. Now, more often than most, people tend to get confused about the differences between these common eye issues. In this article, we at Perfect Laser Clinic will decode the various eye problems faced by people and the treatment that can permanently remove all your eye ailments for good.


What Are the Different Types of Eye Issues?

Eye concerns such as bags under eyes, puffy eyes, dark circles, wrinkles, and more come with factors such as ageing, stress, and an unhealthy and unbalanced lifestyle. Let us look at the different types of eye issues.

Dynamic wrinkles

After some time, the continuous contraction of muscles under the skin can cause dynamic wrinkles. These will more often than not show up when the muscles are being used — for instance, when somebody smiles. Dynamic wrinkles regularly develop between the eyebrows and on the temple. Crow's feet, which are wrinkles close to the external corners of the eyes, are additionally an illustration of dynamic wrinkles.

Static wrinkles

Severe damage to the skin causes static wrinkles, which stay visible when the facial muscles are still. After some time, dynamic wrinkles can become static wrinkles. Sun exposure, extensive smoking, and unfortunate nutrition can all add to static wrinkles.

Wrinkle folds

The age-related drooping of facial structure causes wrinkle folds. These generally foster in the crevices between the nose and mouth, yet they may likewise happen under the eyes.

Dark Circles

According to Kenneth Howe, M.D., a board-guaranteed dermatologist at Wexler Dermatology, the primary factors for dark circles are hereditary qualities and complexion. The skin under the eyes is thin, and now and again seems clear. This makes the under-eye region look purple or somewhat blue. This phenomenon is evident in individuals with a light complexion and those with minimal subcutaneous fat supporting the area under the lower eyelid. These individuals have more evident dark circles. Dark circles seem darker when one needs rest because of the increment of venous blockage, which indicates liquid development that led to pooled blood in shallow veins, causing a more obscure appearance. Specific individuals - particularly those with darker complexions - produce additional colour around the eye region. This causes a general deepening of skin colour under the eyes and eyelids. The structure of your face also plays a crucial role in developing dark circles. A noticeable tear box stretches out from the inward corner of the eye, curving toward the cheekbone, which causes shadowing and makes dark circles more prominent. This tear-through can show up or extend with fat loss that frequently comes with increasing age and can begin around 25 - or you can thank bone design and hereditary qualities.

Puffy eyes

Stay away from MSG-and other salt-loaded food around evening time to keep away from puffy eyes. The consequence of temporary swelling of the eyes is caused by allergens such as dust or high consumption of salt or liquor, which can cause dehydration. Puffy eyes can cause a drained, swollen look. Severe dehydration prompts water retention and subsequently causes expansion in the face. The absence of rest can likewise increase the risk of puffy eyes because of the pooling liquid in the eye region. Subsequently, puffiness is, in many cases, far worse in the morning, but it subsets by the evening as the aggregated liquid drains out of the body with the assistance of gravity and time.

Bags under eyes

Particular bags under eyes show up in two structures: more swollen than the general eye region or darker and sunken in the under-eye area. Bags under the eyes are brought about by a blend of fat herniation and skin elasticity- they're hereditary and a common indication of the ageing process. They are deteriorated by activities that can loosen the elasticity of your under-eye region: continuous eye rubbing, pulling the under-eye part down while putting on contact lenses, eliminating eye makeup with too much force, etc. Consider your skin like an elastic band: the more you stretch and pull it, the looser and less versatile it becomes. They can show up as soon as your 20s or 30s. Faced with so many eye issues, choosing the proper treatment that eradicates all ailments is difficult. Fortunately, Perfect Laser Clinic has the best treatment for you, removing fine lines and eliminating dark circles, puffy eyes, and other issues.



Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment: Your Way for Clearer Eyes

Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment by Perfect Laser Clinic combines radio frequency(RF) waves with red and blue lights that seep through the skin layers around the eyes gently. The energy waves radiated stimulate blood course and collagen creation, that at last fixes and lights up the skin under the eyes. It is the ideal answer for eradicating bags under eyes, dark circles, puffy eyes, and wrinkles. This astonishing treatment returns the shines to you.


What are the Advantages of Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment?

A fast method to remove all your issues

Common eye creams and serums require long-haul responsibilities. These items additionally frequently neglect to arrive at the base layers of skin. Conversely, our Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment utilises RF waves with red and blue lights that enter profound into the skin encompassing the eyes. This movement advances blood course and lymphatic waste that dispenses with every one of the harmful components that aid in worsening eye issues. Quicker drainage implies the faster discharge of fat, water, and toxic elements, decreasing dark circles and bags under eyes.

Reduces and dissolves fat under the eyes

Young ladies can likewise experience the ill effects of tear-throughs and bags under the eyes because of hereditary qualities or untimely skin tissue ageing due to stress and many other reasons. Eye creams and serums alone probably won't be adequate. The Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment releases RF energy that consolidates red and blue light to the dermis layer, dissolves under-eye fat, and re-activates collagen creation, which helps smooth out tear-throughs and bags under the eyes.

Durable results

Hot compression on the eyes can encourage blood flow and alleviate eye fatigue side effects for a brief time. The Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment ensures noticeable outcomes with just one treatment session for a better, longer-enduring arrangement. After a whole course of treatment, results will be long-lasting, with a tentative skincare routine.

Painless and non-invasive

One of the fastest and most normal strategies for removing bags under the eyes is to go through a medical procedure to remove excess fat in the lower eyelid. Notwithstanding, it is obtrusive and may leave wounds or cause uneasiness to the customer. Improper and unsupervised post-treatment care may lead to contaminations or complexities. The Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment is the ideal decision if you search for a safe and painless eye treatment to handle ageing around the eyes.

A Quick Fix for All Your Concerns

Typical eye creams and serums require long-term commitments. These products also often fail to reach the bottom layers of skin. In contrast, our Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment uses RF waves with red and blue lights that penetrate deep into the skin surrounding the eyes. This activity promotes blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, eliminating all toxic elements that aid in eye issues. Faster drainage means faster excretion of fat, water & toxins, resulting in the instant reduction of dark circles and bags under the eyes.

Dissolve Under Eye Fat

Young women can also suffer from tear troughs and bags under eyes due to genetics or premature skin tissue aging. Eye creams and serums alone might not be sufficient. The Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment transmits RF energy that combines red and blue light to the dermis layer, dissolving under-eye fat and activating collagen production, which helps smooth out tear troughs and bags under eyes.

Long-Lasting Results

Hot compression on the eyes can temporarily promote blood circulation and relieve eye fatigue. The Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment guarantees visible results in just one session for a better, longer-lasting solution. After an entire course of treatment, results will be long-lasting given proper skincare and care.

No Pain. No Irritation.

One of the quickest and most common methods of eye bag removal is to undergo surgery to cuts out excess fat in the lower eyelid. However, it is invasive and may leave wounds or cause discomfort. Improper post-operative care may also lead to infections or complications. The Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment is the best choice if you want a safe and non-invasive eye treatment to tackle aging around the eyes.



What is the procedure of the Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment?

Before the treatment

• One week before treatment, avoid skin care products that contain AHA/BHA or retinol. • One week before treatment, avoid laser therapies, too much exposure to the sun, solarium, and fake tanning. • Kindly inform our therapists pre-treatment if you have any skin or eye conditions to ensure that you are suitable for the treatment.

During the treatment

• RF energy enters through the skin's epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis layers. The intensity from RF can promote blood circulation around the eyes, eliminate excess water and toxins, and uproots puffiness and dark circles. • Combining blue and red-light treatments to break down fat under the eyes really lessens bags under eyes • Collagen creation stimulation continues after the treatment, puffing up the tear through and scarce differences around the eyes.

After the Treatment

• Apply a saturating eye cream to keep the skin hydrated and ease any skin distress brought about by dryness • Do not use any distressing skincare items, like those containing AHA/BHA or retinol, for one-week post-treatment • Apply SPF 30+ sunscreen to the treatment regions day to day to stay away from any sun harm


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The Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment is a revolutionary new treatment that can eradicate all your eye issues. It is the perfect solution for anyone who wants longer-lasting and shinier eyes. If you wish to restore youthfulness to your eyes, book your consultation with us today! We at Perfect Laser Clinic would be happy to help you achieve the beautiful and healthy eyes you have always wanted.


Can the Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment treat the many eye issues that occurs?

Yes, the Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment can treat and reduce many eye complications encountered by individuals such as dynamic wrinkles, static wrinkles, wrinkle folds, dark circles, puffy eyes and bags under the eye.

Is this treatment safe?

The Miracle Eye Rescue treatment is totally harmless and non-invasive. The RF energy penetrates through to the dermis in a non-surgically and painlessly manner.

How long will I need to recover from this treatment?

As the Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment causes no scars, wounds or discomfort, no recovery time is needed and you can immediately return to your daily routines.

How many treatments is recommended?

We usually recommend 6-8 sessions for optimum results to be seen.

What is the guarantee for this treatment?

Our professional and experienced team at Perfect laser Clinic has undergone extensive training to provide the world-class service for our customers. We are also known for using internationally recognised, non-invasive and reliable equipment to provide top-quality beauty treatments to women worldwide.


Trial Session

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