ACP 5th Generation Lifting Treatment

Ultimate Firming Treatment for a Youthful Facial Profile

What is the ACP 5th Generation Lifting Treatment?

Age is a cruel devil. As we get older, so do our facial complexions. This is due to old collagen loss, less collagen production, and looser skin and muscles. Serums and creams can stall the aging process for a while. Still, ultimately, dull and sagging skin seems inevitable - that is unless you turn to medical cosmetic technologies for help. Perfect Laser Clinics presents the ACP 5th Gen Lifting Treatment. Our breakthrough patented 40.68MHz focus-radiofrequency (RF) laser energy can penetrate 6.0mm into the skin tissues, stimulating them to contract instantly, resulting in a skin tightening and lifting effect. Moreover, the lasers also stimulate dermal collagen production, firming up your facial skin from within. With this radiofrequency facial rejuvenation treatment, you can witness your wrinkles and loose skin disappearing naturally. As a result, your face will look years younger - who says time reversal is impossible?

Benefits of the ACP 5th Generation Lifting Treatment

Anti-Aging RF Skin Tightening Treatment

As we age, our skin gradually loses its elasticity and becomes sunken and saggy. To lift the face profile, you should choose treatments that target the fascia layers (SMAS), the underlying facial muscle group. ACP Lifting uses high-performance radio frequency (RF) energy to firm the skin. The 5th generation laser skin tightening treatment upgrades the RF to 40.68MHz, giving that instant facelift effect five times faster than the previous generation's 6.78MHz. ACP can smooth out wrinkles and tighten sagging skin, helping you regain skin elasticity and restore firmness.

Boost Collagen Regeneration

In addition to that instant lifting effect, the 5th generation ACP Lifting can improve your overall contour, reverse signs of aging, and boost collagen production. The RF energy can penetrate up to 6.0mm into the skin, releasing energy for stimulating collagen and reviving aging skin. The new collagen fills up skin tissues, thus tightening loose skin and reducing the wrinkled appearance. As a result, the skin becomes bouncier, pores minimized, and overall skin texture improved.

Stable Heat Emission

The 5th generation's 40.68MHz monopolar RF wave, which is more potent than the previous generations, doesn't weaken on its way to the deeper skin layers. Instead, the heat energy distributes continuously and steadily into every layer and corner, maximizing the tightening & lifting effects and stimulating collagen regeneration in the long term.

Painless, Non-surgical Skin Tightening Procedure

Compared to the traditional facelift surgeries, ACP 5th gen Lifting is non-invasive. It causes neither wounds nor any pain. No recovery time is needed so that you can get back on your regular schedule immediately.

How does the ACP 5th Generation Treatment Lifting Work?

How it works?

Step 1

Our beauty consultants will conduct a skin analysis on you, including measuring the severity of your wrinkles, skin inelasticity and skin sagginess. We will deduce the causes and then explain how ACP 5th Generation Lifting works.

Step 2

Our therapist will deep-cleanse your skin and then finetune the applicator for emitting the appropriate energy level.

Step 3

Based on your condition, the therapist will select the best applicator size for emitting and targeting RF energy into the targeted region. The energy can penetrate 6.0mm under the skin and coat all inches of the skin layer, effectively stimulating collagen regeneration.

What can you expect from the ACP 5th Generation Lifting Treatment?

Surgery-like Facelift Effect

The traditional facelift requires surgery and anesthesia, which can be risky to the body. ACP 5th Gen Lifting can achieve that surgical facelift effect without any incision & side effects.

Improve Complexion

The focused-RF wave used in ACP Lifting 5th Gen can penetrate 6.0mm-deep into the skin tissues and then release energy 40.68 million times per second. The energy causes the skin tissues and SMAS to contract, firm sagging skin and regenerate new collagen synthesis for skin rejuvenation.

Long-Lasting Effect

You can notice an instant lifting effect right after the first session. After the session, collagen and elastin production continues, making your skin smoother and bringing you a long-lasting anti-aging result.

100% Painless & Safe

ACP Lifting 5th Gen is a medical-grade, non-invasive laser skin tightening treatment. It does not require any medication, injections or incisions. It will not cause any wounds or damage to your skin and body. The procedure is very comfortable, with minimal downtime needed so that you can jump right back to your daily routine.

Who is suitable?

You are welcome to take this laser treatment regardless of age if you dream of having a firm, lifted, youthful facial profile. We especially recommend ACP Lifting 5th Gen to those troubled by aging signs such as skin laxity, double-chin and laugh lines.

How many sessions will I need?

You can see immediate results with just one session of ACP 5th Gen Lifting. However, you should continue the skin tightening treatment to ensure that the result maintains itself long-term.

Do I need a downtime?

No downtime is needed, as ACP 5th Gen Lifting is a gentle and non-surgical skin tightening procedure, causing no pain and wounds.

Real Treatment Results

What You Need To Know About the ACP 5th Gen Lifting Treatment...



  • Our aesthetic therapist will walk you through the process and precautions before starting the procedure. Feel free to ask our therapist any questions you may have.

  • If you suffer from any chronic illness or skin disease, i.e. diabetes, severe eczema, rosacea or lupus, you must inform the therapist to check if the treatment is safe for you. Also, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding must not receive this treatment.

  • The therapist will carefully cleanse your skin. Also, to ensure the procedure is 100% safe, the therapist will finetune the equipment for precise emission of the most suitable RF energy level.

  • Protect your skin from sun exposure by wearing SPF30+ sunscreens.

  • Avoid laser, IPL, and radio frequency treatments on the treated skin area for one-month post-treatment.

  • To avoid skin irritation, do not use skin care products containing acid, alcohol or scrubs for one-week post-treatment.

Perfect Laser Clinics: Your Perfect Choice

Safe & Effective Treatments

We highly prioritize the safety of our treatments. ACP 5th Gen Lifting is 100% non-invasive - meaning no surgery, injection or medication. The laser can tighten skin without causing any damage to your skin.

Professional Team

Our therapists are professionally trained and have extensive experience in anti-aging treatments. They will conduct an in-depth skin analysis on you. Based on the report, you will receive a tailor-made anti-aging & skin tightening treatment plan.

Long-Lasting Results

ACP 5th Gen Lifting can boost collagen and instantly achieve that skin tightening effect. You will find the anti-aging result very long-lasting.

Book a Free Trial: the ACP 5th Gen Lifting Treatment

Online Booking

Perfect Laser Clinics make online booking easy for you. Simply fill in some necessary personal information and contact, and choose the treatment, branch, date and time of your choice.

Arrive In-Store

Arrive on time and show your confirmation message for a free trial of ACP 5th Gen Lifting. Our aesthetic therapists will conduct a professional skin analysis on you.

Professional Follow-Up

After the session, our beauty consultants will follow up on your case to get an update on your conditions and adjust your treatment plan if needed.

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At what age should I try the ACP 5th Generation Lifting Treatment?

"You can try ACP 5th Gen Lifting regardless of age if you want tighter skin and that defined look. Technically, if you're in your early 20s, skin tightening treatments should not be needed. However, once you hit 25 or above, your collagen level will start to decrease. Your skin will gradually lose its elasticity - start taking care of your face by stimulating collagen synthesis with our 5th Generation ACP Lifting."

Is ACP 5th Generation Lifting safe?

5th Generation ACP Lifting is a painless, safe and reliable nonsurgical skin tightening procedure. Since there will be no side effects or wounds to recover from, there is minimal downtime, meaning you can return to your daily routine right after the treatment. However, to prevent skin irritation in your treated area, please avoid direct sun exposure or high-impact exercise. Remember to wear SPF30+ sunscreen. You should also temporarily stop using irritating skincare products containing scrubs, exfoliants and acids.

What effect can I see after ACP 5th Gen Lifting?

When the focused-RF wave penetrates 6.0mm into the skin tissues, it releases energy 40.68 million times per second. The energy is intense enough to tighten skin instantly and achieve that smooth, lifted, plumped skin tightening effect akin to a facelift.

Can ACP 5th Generation Lifting improve my skin problems?

Our 5th Generation ACP Lifting treatment is excellent for erasing aging signs, i.e. saggy skin, puffiness, wrinkles around the eyes, cheeks, forehead and neck, double-chin and more. After completing the treatment plan, your face will look lifted & tightened. You need only this one treatment to address all aging concerns.

Will the ACP 5th Generation Lifting Treatment make my face look stiff?

Many fear skin tightening treatments will make their faces look stiff and unnatural. Indeed, standard wrinkle-reduction procedures, such as Botox and hyaluronic injections, involve injecting dermal fillers invasively, which can make the results look artificial. 5th Generation ACP Lifting uses RF wave energy to penetrate about 6.0mm deep into the skin tissues, inducing an instant tightening & lifting effect. Meanwhile, the RF energy also stimulates collagen production to push up facial muscles and fat from underneath. ACP 5 Gen Lifting is a nonsurgical skin tightening procedure, giving you natural-looking results and zero serious complications.

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