A3 Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Eliminate Hair Follicles - Smooth Skin Forever!

What is The A3 Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Whether it's the underarm, upper lip, hands, legs or the bikini line, A3 Laser Hair Removal will leave you smooth & confident. Our high-power laser technology targets and kills the hair follicles, effectively stopping future hair growth. A3 Laser Hair Removal uses 808nm wavelength laser technology to track the melanin inside the hair follicles, shrink the capillaries, stop nutrient supply to hair follicles and eventually get rid of unwanted hair in its infancy. With a dual cooling system, our A3 Laser Hair Removal can instantly cool down the skin for maximum comfort during treatment. 4 to 6 sessions are all you need for permanent hair reduction. Ditch the razor and opt for laser! No longer worry about forgetting to shave!

Benefits of A3 Laser Hair Removal

Permanent Result

Unlike other hair removal options, i.e. razor, wax or plucking, A3 Laser Hair Removal can penetrate deep into the follicles of hair by tracking the melanin. Then, the laser energy shrinks the capillaries to cut off the nutrient supply to the follicles of hair, eventually putting a stop to hair growth.

Simple, Hassle-free & Convenient

A3 Laser Hair Removal is the most convenient and simplest way to remove unwanted hair. No more cuts, nicks or razor burn! Just lay down and enjoy quick and permanent hair reduction.

Reduce Ingrown Hairs

808nm wavelength laser technology shrinks the capillaries that supply nutrients to the hair follicles, gradually stopping hair growth. As the laser treatment goes on, hair will become thinner, and the ingrown hairs will eventually emerge on the skin's surface, which will be removed by laser. No more red bumps and ingrown hairs - you now have smooth skin that feels like silk.

Smooth & Silky Skin Texture

Shaving can cause excessive friction on the skin and promote melanin development, making the skin tone on the shaved body parts very dull. Laser hair removal not only exacerbates melanin development but also removes melanin, making the body parts more bright and smooth.

How does A3 Laser Hair Removal work?

How it works?

Step 1

Our certified aesthetic therapists will apply gel onto the treatment area, and then use the laser applicator to emit a beam of light at 808nm wavelength.

Step 2

The machine tip is a 10x10mm square tip. This design can better cover the treatment skin surface and ensure that every inch of skin is equally treated. The hair reduction rate is 500 hair per second.

Step 3

The laser treatment employs a dual cooling system, making it the most comfortable Laser Hair Removal experience. At the same time, the laser energy can also eliminate the melanin in the follicles of hair and achieve permanent hair reduction.

What you can expect after A3 Laser hair Removal …

Permanent Results with No Hair Regrowth

Laser hair removal is currently the most effective way to achieve permanent hair removal results. Only laser technology can target the hair follicle directly and cut off the nutrient supply for future hair growth. Shaving and waxing do not stop unwanted hair from regrowing. IPL hair removal can only reduce the melanin in the hair follicle but not permanent hair removal. Our A3 laser hair removal is the best option for preventing hair regrowth.

Skin Brightening Effect

Many people have used the wrong hair removal method, which brings excessive friction to the skin, causing melanin deposition on the skin. With A3 laser hair removal, the emitted beam of light not only tracks the melanin in the hair follicles but also lightens the melanin in the skin layer, crushes it and drains it through the lymphatic system. Without excess dark hair and melanin, your skin will look brighter, smoother and cleaner.

100% Pain-free Experience

Our A3 laser hair removal is unlike any other hair removal technology that requires cooling after the sessions. A3 hair removal treatment employs a dual cooling system, which instantly reduces pain and irritation by cooling the skin during the procedure—making this treatment very comfortable & enjoyable.

Professional Hair Analysis

We believe that there is no one-size-fits-all Laser Hair Removal. Here at Perfect Laser Clinics, we provide professional skin & hair analysis to understand your hair condition & hair growth cycle - to best tailor a suitable treatment plan for you. The therapists will also adjust the energy emitted during the treatment according to your needs and condition, all to help you achieve the best hair removal results.

Who is suitable?

Our A3 Laser Hair Removal is suitable for most skin types. We especially recommend people with coarse, dark hair to try this treatment. Those with darker skin tones can also experience A3 Laser Hair Removal once we have safely assessed and examined your skin and hair type.

How many sessions will I need?

We generally recommend 4-6 treatment sessions. You will have achieved permanent hair removal after six sessions. You will never see regrowth; your skin is now clearer and smoother.

Is there a downtime?

The treatment does not require any downtime. The dual cooling system can quickly cool down the skin during the procedure, so there is no need for cold compresses or cooling agents after the treatment. You can continue with your daily activities right immediately.

You deserve real results

What You Need To Know About A3 Laser Hair Removal...

Before Treatment

  • Shave away the excess hair in the treatment areas two days before your appointment. Be careful not to hurt yourself.

  • Avoid skin irriation via acidic skincare and other laser & IPL treatments for a week before treatment.

  • Avoid skin damages via direct sun exposure one week prior treatment.

After Treatment Care

  • Moisturize the treated skin area to reduce redness and irritation.

  • Avoid hot bath or showers. Also, wash the treated area gently. Wear loose and comfortable clothings to reduce friction on the treated skin.

  • Always protect skin from UV rays with SPF30+ sunscreen. Avoid sun exposure.

Your Best Choice- Perfect Laser Clinics

100% Painless Experience

Our A3 Laser Hair Removal utilizes the dual cooling system to calm the skin during the hair removal process. Therefore, the whole process is not only totally painless but very comfortable and enjoyable.

Permanent Result

Only six sessions are needed to achieve permanent hair removal results. The A3 Laser Hair Removal uses 808nm wavelength laser technology to track melanin in the hair follicles. It cuts off the nutrient supply and refrains hair from regrowing.

Professional Team

Our therapists are professionally trained and have extensive experience in hair removal services. They can provide the most suitable treatment plan according to your needs.

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Check-in at store

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Professional Follow-Up

After treatment, our beauty consultants will follow up on your case to get to know your results and opinions. The consultants will also adjust your laser hair removal plan if needed.

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What's the benefit of laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal has become one of the most popular hair removal methods in recent years because of its ability to achieve permanent hair removal. Generic hair removal methods, such as shaving, waxing and plucking, cannot effectively remove the hair permanently and can even cause redness and bumps. Laser hair removal can penetrate the hair follicle to destroy the melanin and shrink the capillaries that supply nutrients to the hair follicles, efficiently stopping hair regrowth. Laser hair removal is convenient and low maintenance. Unlike shaving or waxing, which must be done frequently, each laser hair removal treatment session is usually 4-6 weeks apart. For preparation, you just need to shave one day before your appointment. At the appointment, you simply need to lie down and let the therapists do the rest for you. Laser hair removal is comfortable, effective and incredibly convenient.

Why choose A3 Laser Hair Removal treatment?

Perfect Laser Clinics' A3 laser hair removal treatment uses 808nm wavelength laser energy to penetrate the hair follicles and intercept the melanin within. The laser heat also restricts the hair's nutrient supply, stopping the hair follicles from growing. The treatment also employs a dual cooling system to cool the skin instantly without causing pain and irritation. We also provide professional skin & hair analysis and tailor-made treatment plans based on your hair growth cycle.

Will I feel pain during the A3 Laser Hair Removal treatment?

Some laser hair removal treatments may cause intense tingling on the skin, causing the skin to become swollen and irritated. Our A3 laser hair removal treatment uses a dual-effect cooling system to cool the skin during the hair removal process, making the procedure very comfortable - no cooling pads are needed after treatment! The A3 laser hair removal treatment is painless and requires no downtime. A bit of redness is normal - consult your technician if you are concerned or need some guidance through post-treatment care.

Is any special care needed after the treatment?

There is still a chance of redness and itchiness in the treatment area as this treatment involves high-energy laser beams. Our therapists will remind you of post-treatment care, such as : 1. Applying moisturizing products to the treated area, 2. Avoiding hot bath/shower, 3. Washing the treated area gently, 4. Wearing loose & comfortable clothes, and 5. Wearing SPF30+ sunscreen daily

Is the A3 Laser Hair Removal treatment safe?

We will arrange a skin & hair analysis for you to understand the thickness and depth of your hair & skin. We will then adjust the energy during the treatment to suit your skin and reduce discomfort. Our beauty consultants and therapists have professional training and extensive experience in hair removal services. They can provide the most suitable laser hair removal treatment plan according to your needs. You are welcome to register online for a free trial of our A3 Laser Hair Removal. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have more questions.

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