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Some of history's most beautiful women, notably Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor, are believed to have shaved their faces, even their sideburns. Hair removal from the forehead has been practised for centuries, and today there are numerous procedures available. Bleaching, plucking, and waxing are three popular methods. There are fewer options since that hairdressers and spas have been closed due to the shutdown. Face shaving, which appears to be the greatest approach to be rid of peach fuzz hair called vellus, is the go-to, easiest, and most pain-free alternative nowadays that more women are going for. Face shaving is also employed to eliminate terminal hairs, which are darker and coarser hairs such as sideburns. Women may believe that shaving off their sideburns is a simple alternative, but the residual effects might impair the texture of their skin, especially in women due to their increased sensitivity. Nonetheless, shaving the face is still prevalent over the world. In this article, we will look into the difference and purpose between vellus hair and terminal hair. We will also look into the development of hair in both men and women during puberty. We will also dive into how to remove facial hairs and sideburns for women correctly, along with the pros and cons of shaving facial hair. We will also look for this laser for sideburns that includes an 808nm wavelength technology to remove facial hair without causing any damage to the skin – the A3 Laser Hair Removal Treatment!


What is Vellus Hairs?

You most likely don't think twice about the hair on the head, thighs, or forearms. Similarly, you might not notice how different kinds of hair develop on various spots of the body.

However, if you watch carefully at regions of the body that seem hairless, including the ear lobe or hairline, you will most certainly notice small hairs. These would be vellus hairs, which are sometimes known as peach fuzz or baby fuzz. This hair is transparent and noticeably finer than the rest of the body's hair.

These small hairs can also be seen on the nose and eyelid. However, vellus hairs rarely occur on the bottoms of people's feet or the palm of their hands. Even though these hairs are prevalent in adults, they are more common in children.

Vellus hairs might appear to be unneeded, but they perform a role. They assist perspiration to escape from the body and maintain the temperature of the body.


Vellus and Terminal Hair - Any Difference?

As you age, your body hair develops in a variety of ways. Throughout puberty, vellus hair is substituted with voluminous hair in some places of the body. Vellus hairs become terminal hairs whenever this shift happens as the hair follicle cells are filled with melanin.

Terminal hair has a different composition than vellus hair. It is much more powerful, lengthier, and obvious. A young guy, for instance, may well have vellus hair on his jaw, forehead, and on upper lip before puberty. As adolescence progresses, these hairs transform into terminal hair, growing longer and denser. This is when men grow facial hair, such as a beard or moustache.

Other places on the body where vellus hair might turn into terminal hair entail:

· chests · stomach · thighs · forearms · genital area · foot

This transition is caused by a rise in the synthesis of a sex hormone known as androgen. Males and females both have androgen, but men have a greater level. As a result, men frequently possess more terminal hairs than women. Terminal hair serves numerous functions.

· Eyelashes and nostril hairs, for example, serve as a shield against dirt and dust. · Hair on the scalp may control the temperature of the head · Pubic hair prevents bacteria from infiltrating the body and it may safeguard you from sexually transmissible diseases.


Hair Growth of Men and Women During Puberty

Puberty normally commences between the ages of nine and fifteen for males and eight to fourteen for girls. All boys and girls develop terminal hair underneath the armpits and in the genital areas throughout the years. In reality, terminal hair development is localized in the pubic region during the initial stages of adolescence.

Throughout the pre-teen and teen years, though, there are major variances in where and how hair emerges for boys and females.

During puberty, girls:

· preserve more of her vellus hair than boys · develop strong leg hair; establish terminal hair in the pubic region · notice terminal hair in the underarm

Lads during adolescence:

· Establish dense hair in the pubic region (usually beginning at the bottom of the penis) · Witness terminal hair in underarms · Grow longer hair on the face, torso, back, thighs, limbs, hands, and feet


Unnatural Growth of Terminal Hairs

Excess hair growth

A disorder characterized as hirsutism that affects around 7% of women. Hirsutism, which is caused by an overabundance of androgens among many other things, relates to new hair that grows in women and this resembles that of men.

Women suffering from hirsutism may acquire facial hair including a moustache as well as excessive hair in their pits and vaginal region.

Early development

Terminal hair may start growing earlier than usual in some circumstances. The specific aetiology of precocious puberty in boys and girls is unknown, however, it has been connected to hormonal abnormalities and access to exogenous hormones such as oestrogens and testosterone via topical creams.

Terminal hair loss is also caused by a lack of hormones that lead to male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness. The hair bulb and hair shaft become weaker due to a lack of blood supply in hair follicles. Hair begins to fall and fine hair starts to emerge from the balding spots at different parts of the body.



Date should not be before minimal date



How Often Will You Need to Shave?

People's hair grows at a varying rate, along with the hair on the face, sideburns, underarms, legs, and other portions of the body that you may want to remove.

Although many people still believe that the more frequently you shave the body hair, the faster it regrows, this is not true. One common misconception is that shaving more regularly can prevent blade burn or razor pimples. Shaving properly is the single most significant aspect in preventing shaving sores, roughness, and irritation. Once you comprehend the hair development process, this makes perfect sense.

There is no set rule regarding how frequently you should shave. It is entirely up to you whether you want flawless and smooth skin, somewhat cultivated stubble, or something more natural. Give heed towards how the hair grows and how the skin feels after grooming. You most likely are not required to shave day after day.

Razors couldn't just trim your hair; they also remove a covering of skin cells with each swipe of the razor across the skin. Unless you desire a fully hairless appearance, you should wait for at least one or two days between grooming sessions to enable the skin to recover.

Every one of the hairs originates from follicle cells, which are "pockets" in your skin. The visible portion of your hair is composed of deceased keratin cells. Hair development occurs fully beneath the skin's surface. Blood arteries encircling the follicles nourish the hair base. As the hair gets longer, it breaks through to the top layer of the skin.


How to Prepare for Shaving Off the Sideburns?

Taking any blade and beginning to shave is a completely improper technique to grooming and ought to be disregarded. This could not only impede you from shaving smoothly and closely, but it can also create scratches and blisters when you aren't cautious. Alternatively, follow these instructions that include some great suggestions and tricks to get a clean, comfortable shave each session.

Step 1: Rinse

It is critical to cleanse the face with a light cleaning agent or cleanser before grooming. This aids in the removal of unwanted oils, dirt, as well as other contaminants.

Step 2: Exfoliate

Plainly cleaning the face will not be enough; to ensure a smooth, good shave and avoid ingrown hairs, shadowing, and discomfort, exfoliate with a mild, mechanical, or chemicals scrubber.

Step 3: Shave

Following thoroughly scrubbing and cleaning the face, you can begin grooming.

Even while sideburn shaving is a basic and straightforward hair removal treatment, it can cause a few issues if done incorrectly. Here are a few tips to help you achieve a flawless, good shave and avoid problems like scratches, scrapes, and in-grown hairs.

· Regularly shave your face with a sharp razor. Blunt blades can cause irritation, roughness, and in-grown hairs. · Ensure to use a different blade for the face; refrain from utilizing the same one for the other parts of your body. This stops bacteria and germs from spreading. · Before grooming, constantly take a close check of the skin. If you have eczema, psoriasis, or severe acne, avoid grooming until the problem has settled to prevent further aggravation. · During shaving, exercise extra caution and avoid using excessive pressure since this might result in cuts and nicks. Trim in tiny, delicate strokes, particularly for removing vellus hairs. · Even though it is advised to shave the face dry, if you have delicate skin or if dry shaving causes irritation, one always can add a little shaving foam to the region before commencing. · After shaving the face, apply a liberal amount of a comforting and nourishing moisturiser to reduce inflammation and redness and avoid dryness of the skin.


What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Facial Shaving for Women?

Benefits of female face shaving

· A blank slate

Shaving the face eliminates hair, dirt, excess sebum, and dead skin cells, which could also make your skin appear brighter. This makes cosmetic applications more easily and lasts longer.

· Self-esteem

Some individuals are embarrassed by their facial hair. If shaving will help you feel more self-assured and comfortable about your looks, it undoubtedly makes perfect sense that you do this.

Drawbacks of female face shaving

· Shadowy look

If you're shaving to eliminate terminal hair, you might just have to trim more frequently to keep things under control. If you possess a large number of black hairs, shaving may leave a shade beneath your skin.

· Hair regrowth

Shaving vellus hairs would not result in ingrown hairs, however, shaving terminal hair will result in such unpleasant pimples.

· Skin inflammation

Shaving can result in scratches and wounds that bleed and pain. Shaving could also result in blade burn.

· Itchy skin and dehydration

If you suffer from dry skin, grooming may cause it to become even more dry and painful. Peeling and itching may also occur. Hydrating right after shaving should assist you in avoiding this outcome.

Face shaving can be done to remove sideburns and other forms of hair on the face but, they may not be the best option to retain the texture and smoothness of the face.

Luckily, there is a laser for sideburns which removes all hair strands in all directions painlessly and effortlessly to give you a smooth and radiant face!


A3 Laser Hair Removal Treatment: Remove Terminal Sideburn Hairs Without Aggravating Ingrown Hairs!

This laser for sideburns uses high-intensity 808nm wavelength energy that removes all unwanted hair growth in all directions due to its large square tip of 10mmx10mm wide. This unique design helps to cover a larger treatment area that helps to distribute laser energy evenly throughout the skin. This laser for sideburns helps to remove 500 strands of unwanted hair in one second!

The A3 Laser Hair Removal Treatment also helps to remove ingrown hairs from sideburns for a smoother and brighter complexion. Ingrown hairs are difficult to remove and it can cause acne and dark stubbles to form, giving the face an uneven and dull look. The energy emitted via this laser for sideburns helps to shrink blood capillaries that gradually thins the hair growth due to low nutrient supply. This allows ingrown hairs to naturally resurface to the epidermal layer of the skin and is removed effortlessly, leaving no scars and bumps to the firm.

Removing terminal hairs can leave stinging pain on the skin. But with this laser for sideburns, you will feel no pain as the A3 Laser Hair Removal Treatment has a built-in dual cooling system that instantly cools down the skin after sideburns are eliminated. By the end of your course, this laser for sideburns would have removed all unwanted hair growth at the sides of your face to give you a permanent hair removal effect!



Date should not be before minimal date



The Final Note

Sideburns for women are taken in both positive and negative lights. Due to cosmetic reasons, many women tend to shave off their sideburns. But, the constant amount of shaving terminal hairs can cause the emergence of ingrown hairs and increase skin itchiness as well.

With other methods of hair removal in the market, including waxing, threading and using hair removal creams, women can remove unwanted terminal hairs on the sides of the face but, due to the sensitivity of the facial skin, these methods can cause skin redness, inflammation and irritation.

But fret not as with the A3 Laser Hair Removal Treatment you can now easily remove unwanted hair strands from sideburns to give you a well-shaped face. This laser for sideburns is also done by a professional hair specialist that will guide you throughout the hair removal process. To ensure you do not experience much pain, this laser for sideburns also encompasses a dual cooling system that calms down the skin to reduce chances of potential redness and irritation.

This laser for sideburns is the perfect option for a permanent hair reduction effect! Book your appointment today for a clean, clear and vibrant face with no dark sideburns!


Are all vellus hairs called terminal hairs?

Not vellus hair is terminal hairs but all terminal hairs were once vellus hairs. Vellus hairs are the fuzzy, tiny and almost colourless hair strands that can be found on the face such as the ears lobes and forehead. Vellus hairs turn to terminal hairs when puberty is reached. Vellus hairs become stronger, longer and more noticeable.

Which part of a woman's body develops into terminal hair after puberty?

The hairs on the legs, armpits and pubic area become terminal hairs in women after puberty.

Who is suited for this laser for sideburns?

The A3 Laser Hair Removal Treatment is suited to remove and shape sideburns for both men and women. It can also be used for individuals looking for permanent hair removal options.

Sideburns are long and can be painful during removal. What do I need to do before proceeding with this laser for sideburn removal treatment?

Before this laser for sideburn removal treatment, you must shave excess hair from the sides of the face. This is to ensure the hair follicle is in its anagen or growth phase. This helps the hair follicle to completely absorb laser energy to give a permanent hair removal effect.

Is this laser for sideburn removal treatment painful?

We will schedule a skin and hair analysis to determine the density and thickness of your hair and skin. The frequency will then be adjusted during the therapy to fit your skin and alleviate discomfort. Our beauty experts and professionals have tremendous knowledge and have undergone specialized training in hair removal procedures. They can recommend the best laser hair removal treatment plan for you based on your specific requirements.



Date should not be before minimal date