PicoCure 3 Greatest Breakthroughs

1.World’s First Picosecond Aesthetic Laser

PicoCure is a ground-breaking technology to combine nanosecond to break up melanin and picosecond to shatter pigments into fragments with focused laser technology to fully penetrate deep into the underlying skin (dermis). Targets benign pigmented lesions, stimulates collagen and elastin production all in one go. Pigmentation is eliminated and discharged by the lymphatic system.

  • nanosecond laser
  • picosecond laser


With their world’s only quad-wavelength medical aesthetic technology, PicoCure covers different types of pigmentation- which are typically hard for existing technology to correct. PicoCure excels its single wavelength counterpart, making it ideal for treatment for pigmentary conditions.

quadruple wavelength medical aesthetic technology

3.World’s Largest Focused Laser Spot

PicoCure creates a large yet even focused laser spot, which allows the energy to penetrate into the underlying skin (dermis), destroying different types of pigmentation in a short period of time. Clinical data shows with the right focused laser energy, PicoCure delivers a better clearance result and a pain-free and safe treatment.

PicoCure Treatment Zone

Targets Various Types of Pigmentation

  • Melasma
  • Hormonal Spots
  • Liver Spots
  • Small Moles
  • Freckles
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Age Spots
  • Nevus zygomaticus

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