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作者: Sophia Man|2024年3月14日

Unwanted hair is something we all suffer from while wearing dresses, beach wear, or even sleeveless outfits that shows off our confidence. It is irritating to find signs of unwanted hair peeking through the gorgeous outfits we spend hours on. That is why we at Perfect Laser Clinic Australia recommend you to get a thorough laser hair removal treatment, such as our world-renowned A3 Laser Hair Removal Treatment, that allows you to walk the streets confidently. But before we dive into the A3 Laser Hair Removal Treatment, let us find the critical aspects of laser hair removal.


The Fundamentals of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Laser hair removal is an operation that utilises intense light emission (laser) to eliminate undesirable hair. During laser hair removal, a laser transmits a light consumed by the hair's shade (melanin). The light energy is switched over entirely to warm. This harms the cylinder-shaped sacs inside the skin (hair follicles) that produce hairs. This harm represses or defers future hair development. Despite the fact that laser hair removal defers hair development for extensive stretches, it, as a rule, doesn't bring about long-lasting hair removal. Many laser hair removal medicines are needed for starting hair expulsion, and support medicines may also be needed. Laser hair removal is best for people with fair complexion and dark hair, yet it is effectively utilised on all types of skin.


Why Do People Choose to Under Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is utilised to decrease undesirable hair in usual areas such as legs, armpits, upper lip, jawline, and the swimsuit line. Notwithstanding, it's possible to treat undesirable hair in almost any region, with the exception of the eyelid or encompassing area. Skin with tattoos must not be dealt with the same attitude as the lasers may cause internal harm to the skin. Hair tone and skin type impact the progress of laser hair removal. The basic standard is that the shade of the hair, yet not the colour of the skin, ought to retain the light. The laser ought to harm just the hair follicle while keeping away from harm to the skin. Hence, a differentiation among hair and skin tone — dark hair and fair complexion — brings about the best results. The gamble of harm to the skin is more prominent when there is little differentiation between hair and skin tone. However, progress in laser innovation has caused laser hair removal a possibility for individuals who have darker-toned skin. Laser hair removal is less viable for hair colours that don't ingest light well: dark, red, fair, and white. Nonetheless, laser hair removal treatment choices for light-shaded hair are on the market.


Types of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Laser hair removal was first cleared by the FDA during the mid-1990s. Older generation lasers were slow, very painful, and worked only on individuals with dark hair and very light skin. Today, lasers can work on all skin colours and most hair colours. Some lasers are even safe for treating dark skin. Lasers for hair removal can be performed on any (yes, any) area of the body (except perhaps the eyebrows). But what is the best laser for hair removal? Let’s explore them below.

The Ruby laser

The Ruby is the 'first' hair expulsion laser. The melanin shade all around consumes its dark red tone at the 694nm frequency in hair. This causes it to be a brilliant decision for fine and light hair. Since melanin is available in the skin to the hair shaft, the Ruby laser can't be utilised on patients with skin that isn't exceptionally light or tanned. Given this impediment, added to the slow repetition rate and generally small spot size, Ruby lasers have become less well known for laser hair removal.

The Alexandrite laser

The Alexandrite laser likewise creates a rosy light consumed by melanin in the hair. With its enormous spot size (up to 18mm) and high redundancy rate, it is the quickest laser hair removal treatment concerning pulse speed. It is appropriate for immediate treatment of enormous body regions. For instance, a whole back can be treated in under 30 minutes. The Alexandrite works perfectly on light to olive skin tones, yet not so much impact on darker skin tones. The most well-known choice for an Alexandrite laser today would be the Clarity™. The machine encompasses two lasers for one: the Alexandrite and the ND:YAG.

The Nd:YAG laser

The ND:YAG laser, or the long pulsed laser, is well known because it tends to be utilised on all skin types, including darker skin. It utilises huge spot sizes with quick repeating rates, allowing enormous regions of the body to be treated rapidly. The drawback with this choice is that it doesn't function as expected on fine and light hairs. Nonetheless, other hair expulsion lasers can be combined as well.

The Diode laser

This choice comprises a powerful laser diode that radiates infrared (invisible) light, ranging from 800-808nm frequency. This is viewed as an extended frequency. Its long wavelength profoundly infiltrates the skin, cutting through the upper layers. This treatment is suitable and safer for people with a darker complexion. On the contrary, this treatment is less receptible for people with lighter or thinner hair. This laser has a more modest spot size, which ultimately means a longer treatment time. Thus, this treatment is more costly at most facilities. Extended treatment may cause uneasiness and require effective desensitizing of the treated area. Famous Diode lasers utilised today incorporate the LightSheer and Soprano XL brand models. Although there are many providers, selecting the perfect treatment that not only eradicates unwanted hair but also smoothens your skin after the treatment can be challenging. Well, you are in luck as we at Perfect Laser Clinic have introduced the A3 Laser Hair Removal Treatment, our high-power laser technology that targets and eradicates the hair follicles and stops future hair growth.


What is The A3 Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

The A3 Laser Hair Removal Treatment utilises an 808nm frequency laser to trace the melanin inside the hair follicles, contract the vessels, stop protein supply to hair follicles, and dispose of undesirable hair from the root. The A3 Laser Hair Removal Treatment eliminates unwanted hair from many convoluted regions, for example, the face, arms, armpits, chest, back, swimsuit line, and legs, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. The 808nm frequency laser can be utilised on six different types of skin that range from light to tan complexions. This treatment suits all varieties of skin and has no incidental effects on the clients. Besides, outfitted with a double cooling framework, the A3 Laser Hair Removal Treatment can quickly chill off the skin for the greatest solace during treatment.


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Advantages of the A3 Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Long lasting outcome

The A3 Laser Hair Removal can infiltrate profound into the follicles of hair by following the melanin, unlike other hair removal choices, for example, razor, wax, or plucking. Once the energy beams reach the hair follicles, the laser energy shrivels the vessels and ensures the supplement supply to the hair strands is cut off. This causes the hair to stop growing eventually.

Easy and suitable

A3 Laser Hair Removal is the most helpful and least complicated method for eliminating undesirable hair. Say goodbye to cuts, scratches, or razor scars!

Lessen Ingrown Hairs

808nm frequency laser recoils the vessels that supply protein to the hair follicles, slowly reducing hair development. As the laser treatment goes on, thinning of hair will occur, and the ingrown hairs will ultimately rise to the skin's surface. The laser will then eliminate these ingrown hairs.

Smooth and Silky Skin Texture

Shaving can cause unnecessary friction on the skin, thus promoting melanin production. This makes the complexion on the shaved body parts exceptionally dull. Laser hair removal fuels melanin development and eliminates them, making the body parts more radiant and smoother.


The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a painless and non-invasive hair removal treatment that ensures that future hair does not grow back, the A3 Laser Hair Removal Treatment is the best option. At Perfect Laser Clinic, we provide this treatment to our clients, who have nothing but good things to say about it. Contact us today to book an appointment and start your journey to smoother skin!


What makes the A3 Laser Hair Removal Treatment different?

Perfect Laser Clinic's A3 Laser Hair Removal Treatment utilises an 808nm frequency laser to enter the hair follicles and capture the melanin inside. The laser heat constricts the hair's protein supply, preventing the hair follicles from developing. The treatment likewise utilises a double cooling framework to cool the skin immediately without causing any agony and disturbance. We ensure that you have undergone a professional skin and hair analysis and create a personalized treatment plan that caters to your goals and needs.

Who is appropriate for this treatment?

The A3 Laser Hair Removal Treatment is reasonable for most types of skin. We suggest that individuals with rough, dark hair partake in this treatment. Those with darker complexions can likewise encounter A3 Laser Hair Removal Treatment once we have thoroughly evaluated and analysed your skin and hair condition.

How many sessions do I need to see the result?

We normally suggest 4-6 treatments. You will have accomplished permanent hair removal after six treatments. You won't ever see regrowth; your skin is presently more precise and smoother.

Are these results long-lasting?

Yes, the A3 Laser Hair Removal Treatment, including other laser hair removal treatments, is the best method for accomplishing permanent results in removing hair. Only laser innovation can focus on the hair follicle straightforwardly and cut off the protein supply for future hair development. Shaving and waxing do not prevent undesirable hair from regrowing. IPL hair removal can decrease the melanin in the hair follicle. But this treatment does not have lasting effects. Our A3 Laser Hair Removal Treatment is the most ideal choice for forestalling hair regrowth.

Do I require additional downtime after the treatment?

The treatment requires no recovery times. The double cooling method can rapidly chill the skin during the treatment. You can go on with your everyday lifestyle right after the treatment.


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