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作者: Tiviya Kumar|2024年3月15日

When we were younger, acne was what we were obsessed about. Most of us had it and some of us still have it until today. As we age, our skin concerns change. Slowly, our skin loses its elasticity and you slowly start seeing signs of ageing. Of course, we cannot reverse it entirely, because we still have not fully studied human biology. However, thanks to technological advancements and scientists, we get to benefit from it! If you have been looking for a skin tightening treatment, then you have landed on the right article. In this blog post, we will explain to you about jowls and how to treat this common skin condition. Do not forget to read out frequently asked questions at the bottom section of this article! Let’s dive deeper!


What Can Ageing Do To Your Skin?

Our skin is the largest organ of our body. Most of the time, when we are having health complications on the inside, it can show on our skin. Likewise, with ageing, the first sign is the skin losing its elasticity, especially around the face and neck.

There are many factors that can accelerate ageing. Sometimes, it may be in our control and there are many other times, it will not be. However, the common factor is that no one ever likes what ageing does to their body.

Common skin issues that are related to ageing are wrinkles, fine lines, jowls, and overall loss in skin laxity. But the good part is, there are remedies to this!



What are Jowls?

Face jowls are very prominent because it is the skin that sags around the chin and neck area. Most of the time, this happens when your body starts to age, but it could also happen to younger people who have lost a tremendous amount of weight, in a short period of time. Another reason why jowls sag faster is because of gravity.

What Factors Contribute to Jowls?

While we all know that jowls are usually the cause of ageing, there are several factors that could also cause it.

Here are some of the reasons why we get them:

1. As we age, we lose two important protein molecules that are responsible for skin tightness, which is elastin and collagen. When the body can no longer produce enough of them, you will notice your skin losing its elasticity and firmness. 2. If you are a chain smoker, then you are most likely to develop jowls sooner than folks who don’t! 3. Overexposure of harmful UV rays can also result in jowls. This is because these harmful and dangerous rays damage the elastin and collagen in the skin. This effect is worse if you do not use SPF! 4. Jowls could also be a result of genetics or other environmental and lifestyle decisions. For example, if you are a heavy user of computers and phones( who isn’t?) The skin around your chin is more vulnerable to form jowls because the angle we use our gadgets has a direct impact! 5. This last one often is unknown to people. Did you know that certain facial expressions could result in loose skin surrounding your face and neck? Hence why, it’s important to note how your facial muscles are over a period of time to help prevent jowls.

Is There A Way to Prevent Jowls?

Short answer, yes. There are some things you can do everyday to help delay this but can you stop it from happening, the answer is nope!

Here are some the things you can do to delay it:

1. You need to limit any extreme facial expression. And no, we don’t mean that you cannot laugh or anything, but more like avoid stretching the facial skin too much. 2. If you are a chain smoker, maybe it is time you really consider quitting. Studies have shown that nicotine can really damage both elastin and collagen levels in your skin. 3. Reduce your time under the sun. Vitamin D is very important to help the skin have a healthy glow, but too much of it can be counterproductive. Never forget to use SPF. Apply it everywhere, even behind your ears and do not hesitate to reapply every few hours if you are outdoors! 4. Last but not least, this will not only benefit your skin but also, could really help with your mental health. Consider limiting your screen time, across all devices. Be mindful of your posture when you use them as certain angles may not actually be comfortable. Do not forget to take breaks in between!


Foods That You Can Eat That Will Help With Skin Tightening!

It is without a doubt that nutrition plays a huge role in how our body ages. Poor lifestyle choices will result in premature ageing and sagging skin. Now, the bigger question is do you prefer to take supplements or consume the food directly? Which one is better?

Well, this depends on the kind of collagen supplement you opt for. Most supplements have a lot of filler substances and may not really be effective, hence why nutritionists always encourage people to eat foods that contain high in collagen if you want to see quicker results.

What are these foods? Let’s find out!

1. Bone broth

Bone broth has so much collagen in it. You can make it by simmering bones in water for at least 4 hours. Once it is done, you can season it with herbs for better taste. The reason why this is popular is because there is a lot of collagen in the connective tissues that are found in their bones. It also has other important minerals like magnesium, amino acids and calcium. For really good quality bone broth, be sure to buy bones from a market that sells fresh meat, to avoid other complications!

2. Chicken Feet

Chicken feet is a well known Asian delicacy. But why is it so popular? It is because of the high levels of collagen found, especially in the feet. Be sure to clean and cook them in the right method to extract the collagen.

3. Berries

Who doesn’t love a good berry smoothie? Although berries do not contain collagen, it has many important minerals which can result in a more youthful appearance! Plus, it is yummy!

There are so many other superfoods that you can consume to increase collagen levels in your body, however, for some people who have jowls, this alone may not work. In our next section, we will explore nonsurgical skin tightening procedures that could dramatically reduce the appearance of jowls!



Non-Invasive Skin Tightening Procedures That Helps With Jowls

When people think of a facelift, they automatically think that it is a surgical facelift and you would need to go under general anaesthesia, which is definitely painful. However, thanks to medical technology advancements, we get to deal with skin concerns without going under the knife!

Here are some popular ways to treat jowls:

1. Laser skin resurfacing

Laser technology has been around for a long time but with more research and fine tuning, laser skin tightening treatments have been dramatically helped with skin tightening. This treatment is very known for wrinkle and fine lines reduction and also has improved with skin tightening around the chin and neck area. However, the results may not be as efficient as a surgical facelift. Hence why, this is a preferred choice of treatment amongst folks who just started experiencing sagging skin.

2. High intensity focused ultrasound skin tightening

What is HIFU? HIFU stands for high intensity focused ultrasound. HIFU treatments use ultrasound waves to stimulate new collagen growth in your skin. One of the reasons why this particular treatment choice is popular is because it is noninvasive and pain free and has the potential to deliver results that are close to a surgical facelift!

Perfect Laser Clinics offers Ultherapy, a high performance HIFU neck lift treatment that helps with sagging jowls! In no time, you will have a jawline definition that you have been waiting for!


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How Does Our HIFU Ultherapy Skin Tightening Facelift Work?

Every clinic has their own standard operating procedure, however, the process of a HIFU treatment is standard. First, we will do an in-depth skin analysis. This is a very important part of the treatment process. This skin analysis will be done by your therapist. Doing this skin analysis will help our therapists understand the clients skin hydration level, pore size, degree of sagging and other factors prior to coming up with the treatment plan. During this session, the therapist will also explain the whole process and the technology behind focused ultrasound energy.

Once this is done, and the client is clear about the treatment, our therapist will have to perform a patch test. This is a must! The patch test is done to check if the client’s body is reacting well to the ultrasound energy waves. The results from the patch test will help the therapist to gauge the amount of effort needed to complete the treatment.

Here at Perfect Laser Clinics, our client’s comfort levels matter the most to us! With the help of ultrasound imaging, our therapist can adjust the wavelengths of ultrasound.



What can you expect from our HIFU treatment?

We understand how cruel the natural ageing process is and it is very important for our clients to know how Ultherapy can help with that!

Here are some of the benefits of our Ultherapy HIFU jowl lift treatment:

1. Long last results with no pain!

Unlike cosmetic surgery, you will not have to worry about the pain! A couple of HIFU treatment sessions will leave you with results that last up to 12 months! Our non-invasive treatment will not hold you back because there is no downtime needed for this treatment!

2. Natural results

The downside with surgical cosmetic treatments is that it could really go wrong and you may end up worse than you were before the surgery. This is because the risks are also way higher. With our HIFU treatment, your facelift will look more natural because ultrasound energy will help with collagen production, which may take a while to show but it is worth it!


Why Choose Perfect Laser Clinics?

Whether you are looking for body contouring treatments or ways to get rid of your double chin, we here at Perfect Laser Clinics are more than trained to help you handle your worries! We have been around for more than 18 years and have clinics in over 50 locations worldwide, including one in Melbourne and Sydney! FYI, we have done over 13 millions treatments, so you know that people trust us with their worries!

Call us now to book a free consultation with our highly trained therapists!


Can I get HIFU treatment if I am pregnant?

While HIFU is safe and non-invasive, we do not carry out HIFU treatments on pregnant mothers. This is because the waves from the ultrasound may affect the baby.

Can HIFU treatment accidentally make it worse?

From years of experience, the only side effects that are known to us is slight redness and swelling. However, this will go off within 48 hours of the treatment session. The worse case scenario is your collagen production system does not produce the collagen despite the heat waves that are penetrated deep into the skin. Hence why, it is important for our therapist to get a patch test done on our client before beginning the actual treatment session.

Can HIFU treatments be used to remove hair?

No. HIFU technology focuses on collagen production for a dramatic skin tightening effect. For hair removal, Perfect Laser Clinics uses laser technology to kill the hair follicles permanently.

Can the HIFU results match up to cosmetic injectables?

A strong yes! For years, people relied on Botox to lift their jawline or eyebrow or other sagging parts of their facial skin. However, with ultrasound technology, you will be able to have a facelift that looks more natural. The best part is, you can enjoy the results of a 2 session HIFU treatment for up to 12 months, and no needles are involved in this treatment.

Does HIFU treatment work on sagging skin for different parts of the body?

Yes! HIFU has helped so many clients tighten the saggy skin around their glutes, abdomen, neck and other areas. Do note that, it can be slightly more uncomfortable when the device goes near areas that are close to the bones. However, your therapist will be able to adjust the ultrasound waves to make it more comfortable.


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