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作者: Sophia Man|2024年3月4日

When you thoroughly search in the mirror and see bags under your eyes, you could become frightened. Your response might arrive past the level of your restorative appearance and worry about your well-being. While most bags around your eyes aren't severe, this occurrence paired with dark circles will get your heart racing with anxiety. In this article, we will discuss the causes and symptoms of bags under the eyes and dark circles as well as the treatment method available at Perfect Laser Clinic Australia to eradicate all your under-eye issues.


What Is the Difference Between Dark Circles and Bags Under Eyes?

Many wonders, "What eye problem am I facing, and how do I know the symptoms of these problems?". You are in good hands as we will explore the types of eye issues people face every day and their symptoms and causes.

1. Bags under eyes

Bags under the eyes are gentle expanding or puffiness under the eyes. They're normal as you become older, and the tissues surrounding your eyes debilitate, including a portion of the muscles supporting your eyelids. Fat that assists the eyes can then move into the lower eyelids, making them seem puffy. The liquid may likewise accumulate beneath your eyes. Bags under eyes are usually a corrective concern and seldom an indication of a problematic condition. At-home cures, like cool packs, can assist with working on their appearance.

a. Causes

Bags under eyes are caused when the tissue designs and muscles supporting your eyelids debilitate. The skin might begin to sag, and fat that is ordinarily around the eye can move into the region underneath your eyes. Likewise, the space underneath your eyes can accumulate liquid, making the area look puffy or enlarged. A few variables cause or worsen this impact, including:

• Ageing • Liquid retention, particularly after waking or after a salty feast • Absence of rest • Allergic reaction • Smoking • Hereditary qualities — bags under eyes can run in families • Ailments, like dermatitis, dermatomyositis, renal sickness, and thyroid eye infection

b. Treatments

Different wrinkle medicines are utilised to improve the presence of puffiness under the eyes. These incorporate laser reemerging, substance strips, and fillers, which might further develop complexion, fix the skin and restore the under-eye region. For individuals with brown or black skin, laser resurfacing poses the risk of permanent changes in skin tone (hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation).

Eyelid surgery

Contingent upon what's causing bags under the eyes, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) might be a treatment choice. Your specialist will tailor your blepharoplasty to your unique life systems and requirements. Overall the strategy includes eliminating the abundance of fat through a cut in the regular wrinkle of the upper eyelid or inside the lower top of the eyelid. The method is typically finished in a short-term setting with local sedation.

As well as revising packs under the eyes, blepharoplasty can likewise fix: • Droopy or puffy upper eyelids • An abundance of the skin of the upper eyelid that disrupts your vision • Saggy lower eyelids, which might make white show beneath the iris — the shaded piece of the eye • An abundance of skin on lower eyelids

2. Dark Circles

Dark circles under the eyes might look purple or blue to dim brown or dark, contingent upon skin tone. These circles are seldom a reason to worry. However, individuals might wish to diminish their appearance for cosmetic and beauty reasons. At times, dark circles under the eyes indicate a lifestyle change, for example, upgrades to rest propensities or diet.

a. Causes

Even though dark circles under your eyes are generally regularly brought about by exhaustion, there are different causes also, including: • Allergies • Hypersensitive rhinitis (hay fever) • Atopic dermatitis (eczema) • Contact dermatitis • Heredity • Pigmentation abnormalities • Scratching or scouring eyes • Too much sun exposure

One more reason for dark circles is the normal ageing process. You will generally lose fat and collagen when you become older, and your skin frequently diminishes. Dark circles can also make the reddish blood vessels under your eyes more conspicuous. Likewise, as individuals age, they usually develop swollen eyelids or hollows under their eyes. Sometimes, these bodily changes cast shadows that look like dark circles under the eyes.

b. Treatments

For a more long-lasting choice, a few clinical treatments are accessible to lessen the presence of dark circles. Keep in mind that dark circles are not something that must be fixed. There is nothing wrong with leaving them be. You shouldn't feel strained to change forever what you look like.

A few clinical medicines utilised for eradicating dark circles include: • chemical peels to decrease pigmentation • laser surgery to restore the skin and improve skin elasticity • medical tattoos to infuse pigment into diminishing skin regions • tissue fillers to cover veins and melanin that cause skin discolouration underneath your eyes • fat removal to eliminate overabundance of fat and skin, uncovering a smoother and all the more even surface • surgical implants of fat or synthetic items • carboxytherapy to increment blood flow to the region under the eyes

Intrusive clinical treatments, for example, eyelid surgeries, surgical implants, and many more can be costly, painful, and may require a lengthy recovery. Hence, we at Perfect Laser Clinic Australia have developed a painless and non-invasive treatment that removes bags under eyes and clears up dark circles, puffy eyes, and other eye-related issues that diminish your confidence.



The Ultimate Eye Treatment: EX EYE Pro Under Eye Treatment

Perfect Laser Clinic has presented the EX EYE Pro Under Eye Treatment to handle all your problematic eye troubles with after-effects that are far more astounding than eye creams. The potent combination of monopolar RF and ultrasound is used to enter the skin and break down the excess fat in the under-eye sacks. This treatment also detoxifies the eye via microcirculation of blood vessels. This treatment invigorates collagen recovery to lessen the presence of dark circles, bags under the eyes, under-eye puffiness, fine lines, and tear-throughs.


What are the Advantages of EX EYE Pro Under Eye Treatment?

Removes bags under eyes

The treatment utilises a unique blend of ultrasound and RF of three different frequencies that penetrate the under-eye muscles to encourage fat to dissolve and tightens the abundance of skin around the eyes. Sometimes, under-eye puffiness isn't brought about by a lot of fat under the eyes but by toxic and liquid retention. The EX EYE Pro Under Eye Treatment can diminish puffy eyes by speeding up the bloodstream of veins and lymphatic drainage to decrease swelling under the eyes. When your under-eye bags are gone, your eyes will look revived, radiant, and young!

Reactivates collagen creation

As we age, the eyes, the most delicate part of the body, are the most inclined to lose collagen. When collagen loss surpasses growth, ageing signs, for example, under-eye bags, fine lines, and dark circles, will show up. Luckily, the EX EYE Pro Under Eye Treatment can fix the damaged collagen tissues and reactivate collagen development under the eyes, effectively lighting up your skin's complexion.

Globally ensured

EX EYE Pro Under Eye Treatment is utilised solely for fragile eye regions. The innovation is an elite innovation that is FDA-cleared and CE-confirmed. You will want to see apparent tightening and reviving outcomes after only one session.

No infusions and medical procedure

EX EYE Pro Under Eye Treatment is totally harmless, which translates to no plastic surgery, infusion, or medicine. We ensure that there will be no pain, no irritation, no injuries, and downtime. You can get back to your day-to-day schedule just after therapy.



The Bottom Line

Dark circles and bags under your eyes can cause a real nuisance, despite your age and gender. Thankfully, Perfect Laser Clinic’s EX EYE Pro Under Eye Treatment painlessly treats all your under-eye issues. Our technology is among the most advanced in the world, and our treatments are tailored to each individual's needs. We want you to have clear, younger-looking under eyes - without any of the hassle or discomfort that comes with other treatments. So what are you waiting for? Book an appointment with us today!


How does it work?

The EX EYE Pro is an exclusive treatment method that combines monopolar RF and ultrasound technologies. The heat energy emitted by the patented 360° probe, is able to penetrate evenly into the skin around the eye area. The energy can effectively dissolve under-eye fat, promote blood circulation and lymphatic activities. This reduces fluid retention around the eyes and break down any melanin build-up under the eye. Other than that, the heat also kindles collagen regeneration to rebuild the elastin structure around the eyes. This treatment is known to remove bags under eyes, wrinkles and tear troughs. The EX EYE Pro also tightens skin and lightens dark circles.

Who is suitable for this treatment?

This treatment is appropriate for anyone who wishes to reduce under-eye bags, dark circles, wrinkles and tear troughs. It is also suitable for people who are afraid of painful surgical methods.

How many sessions is recommended for me?

We usually recommend our customers to take up 6-12 sessions to see the complete effect of the EYE EX Pro treatment. Our expert therapists will create a personalised treatment for you according to your needs and conditions after an in-depth consultation with you.

Is this treatment painful?

The EX EYE Pro can eliminate bags under eyes without surgery or injections. This leaves no wounds, bruises or scars on your face. This treatment is painless, non-irritating and comfortable. There is no downtime after this treatment and you can return to your regular routine instantly.

What to do after the treatment?

After undergoing the treatment, you must wear sunscreen with SPF 30+ protection as this can effectively block sunlight. You must also use moisturising cream to keep your skin hydrated. For one week after the treatment, you must also prevent using skin care products that contain irritants such as AHA/BHA, retinol, and any exfoliants.


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