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We have been exposed to a variety of weight loss strategies as well as tactics that can assist in improving our health. The most common approaches to weight loss are adopting a healthy diet and engaging in regular physical activity. However, there are also a few weight loss alternatives, including the use of weight loss medications and surgical procedures, which are often recommended to patients who suffer from diabetes and obesity. Do you know that vibration, out of all the different ways to lose weight, is one of the ways that we can lose weight? You did indeed hear it correctly! One of the things that can assist you lose weight is whole body vibration therapy. Because it causes your muscles to contract reflexively, vibration is a strategy that has been shown to be effective in assisting people in their efforts to lose weight. Despite the fact that the concept of employing vibration may seem absurd or counterintuitive, this technique has scientific evidence of helping people lose weight and give out an abundance of health benefits. One way to achieve weight loss results with the assistance of a body vibration machine is to perform a whole-body vibration exercise on the vibration platform itself. This will cause the body to burn more calories. Some people are still relatively unfamiliar with the idea of employing vibration as a means of achieving weight loss. When it comes up, people's curiosity levels reach an all-time high. What exactly is meant by "vibration training"? How exactly do vibration machines work? What are some of the other health benefits that whole body vibration can have on our health? In this article, we are going to dig deep into the topic of whole-body vibrations as well as the vibration machine itself.


What is a Whole Body Vibration Machine?

Body vibration machines, which are also known as shaking machines or shaking platforms, cause your muscle contractions to act in a reflexive manner by subjecting your entire body to vibrations. They are sold for usage in private settings and can be found in certain fitness centers. On these machines, users will typically perform potential exercises such as squats, push-ups, or crunches while the devices are vibrating. Those who advocate for the use of whole-body vibration machines contend that these vibrations force your muscles to work more actively, which in turn can assist you in shedding excess fat, improve muscle strength and build muscle, and improve your overall strength.

Vibration machines are excellent fitness equipment that may be used for a variety of purposes, including rehabilitation, post-workout recovery, reducing body fat percentage and increasing circulation. You can perform dynamic exercises with your whole body or focus on certain areas by standing, lying down, or sitting on the vibration plates, respectively. Vibration training is also beneficial for anyone who wants to reduce the amount of pressure placed on their joints and ligaments, especially for those who suffer discomfort in the said areas such as elderly people or older adults.



Health Benefits of Whole-Body Vibration Training

Training with whole-body vibration has a wide range of positive effects on one's health, including a reduction in cellulite, an acceleration of weight loss, and toning and enhancing one's core muscles. Other positive effects include increased circulation, improved muscular strength, reduced low back pain, and reduced bone loss. Because of their space-saving design, they are an excellent choice for your personal home gym. The following is a list of some of the advantages that body vibration training can provide:

1. Increase strength for mobility

In a study that was conducted in 2012, the researchers found that women who participated in vibration training had an increase in maximum leg extension capacity that was 8.2 kilograms more than the control group. In a different study that was carried out in 2012 and published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, researchers investigated the possible health advantages of vibration training for women in their 20s who did not suffer from obesity. The women finished an 8-week training program that consisted of twice-weekly sessions. The researchers saw a significant improvement in the standing long jump scores of the 36 women who participated in the trial and finished it. The standing long jump score is a measurement of lower body power.

Untrained adults and elderly ladies, in particular, may benefit significantly from the favourable effects that full body vibration training has on their leg strength. The same principle applies to both amateur and elite athletes, with an increase in explosive strength of more than 10%.

2. Improve circulation & lower blood pressure

Muscles contract in response to vibrations felt throughout the body. Even at low intensities, the vibration exerts a pumping action that increases lymphatic and blood flow throughout the body. Simply stepping on the moving plate may be enough to boost peripheral circulation by a factor of two and lymphatic drainage by a factor of four thanks to these waves of movement that travel through the soft tissues.

In a 2012 study, 10 young women who were either overweight or obese participated in an experiment in which the effects of vibration training were investigated on their arterial stiffness and blood pressure. Either the individuals engaged in three sessions of vibration training over the course of six weeks, or they were part of a control group that did not exercise. Squats and calf raises were two of the exercises that members of the workout group combined to complete. When compared to the ladies in the control group, the women who participated in the vibration training program saw a significant drop in their systolic blood pressure at the conclusion of the six-week study.

3. Improve balance & body composition

A whole-body vibration (WBV) training has collaborated in a study with the World Health Organisation (WHO), reporting that after just 6 weeks of WBV, 3 times a week, the life quality as well as the walk, balance, and motor ability of senior persons aged 79 to 84 improved. The World Health Organization (WHO) was a collaborator on the study. The findings demonstrated a substantial improvement in both physical function (143%) and balance (77%), respectively.

However, in the matter of improving body composition, at the conclusion of the 8 weeks, the researchers in the study that was published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine discovered that the women's skin folds had significantly decreased, as had their overall body fat percentages. In a study that was conducted in 2016, researchers investigated the effects that vibration training had on the body composition of middle-aged women who were obese. The women were divided into the following three categories: dieting only, vibration training combined with dieting, and dieting with aerobic exercise. Although all three groups saw a loss of body fat, the second and third groups experienced a greater loss of fat than the first group did. Over the course of 9 months, the researchers came to the conclusion that vibration training in conjunction with a diet program was just as beneficial as an aerobic program in conjunction with a diet program.


How Do Vibration Machines Help You Lose Weight?

Your muscles automatically tighten into a shortened position in response to the platform of a vibration machine shaking. Despite the fact that you are not consciously in charge of this, it will still cause you to expend energy and lead you to burn calories. Electromyographs, which are machines that measure the electrical activity in your muscles, have demonstrated that vibration machines do, in fact, induce an increase in the amount of muscular activity. The frequency of the vibrations and the intensity of them both have an effect on the quantity of energy that your body expends.

It has been proven that vibrating plates, which are also known as body vibration machines or body vibration platforms, contribute to assisting in the decrease of belly fat; however, it has also been established that they accomplish this through a variety of distinct methods. The preliminary findings on the use of vibration plates are generally safe for weight loss have been fairly encouraging, and it would appear that researchers and health professionals may be heading in the right direction. These are ways on how the vibration machines help in shedding fat cells in your body:

· The high-frequency vibrations that are created by the plates are transmitted throughout the entire body, which causes a speeding up of the metabolic rate and an increase in the pace at which the cells in the abdomen region burn fat. · Increased muscle tissue anabolism, brought on by consistent usage of the vibration plate for 15–20 minutes per day, three to four days per week, leads to a stronger torso and a lower percentage of abdominal fat overall. · WBV works to enhance blood flow and oxygen delivery to adipocytes (fat cells), including those located in the visceral region (the belly), that makes them more approachable for energy use.

This machine is a great machine with flexible ways to use it. The simplest way to do it is to stand on the platform for a whole-body vibration process to shed fat mass for your overall body. Another way is, if you prefer to speed up the process to burn fat, you may apply any regular exercise or traditional exercise while being on the machine itself, such as squats, planks and even push-ups or sit-ups.

Side Effects of Whole-Body Vibration Training

In most cases, vibration machines are risk-free. On the other hand, they might not be appropriate for some individuals. Exercises that are performed while lying down or sitting down are preferable to those that are performed while standing for people who have a high risk of falling. However, not everything is a bed of roses, though the use a vibration method for whole body vibration training is beneficial, frequent exposure to vibration may have an increased risk of developing:

· cardiovascular disease · muscle soreness · headaches · digestive problems

On the other hand, the vast majority of research that links vibration to these health impacts focuses on persons who are exposed to vibration on the job on a daily basis over extended periods of time. These individuals are frequently put in situations where they are exposed to additional hazards, such as hazardous chemicals and repeated heavy lifting. To fully comprehend the ways in which vibration can affect your body, more research is required.



Other Weight Loss Solutions

A weight loss routine that focuses solely on whole-body vibration will unquestionably be beneficial to your efforts to trim down your waistline. Nevertheless, it is a slow process that can only be sped up with the assistance of a healthy diet and dynamic exercises. These cheap machines are absolutely worth a try, especially when you can buy the machine and execute the exercises in the comfort of your own house. However, as was previously noted, the path to obtaining your body weight target is possible, but the progression will be extremely slow.

Do you know that it is possible for you to achieve the body shape and weight goals that you desire without having to go through a process that involves whole body vibration? Yes! We are aware that not everyone has the financial means to purchase the machine or to go to their local gym in order to use a vibration machine. As a result, we are here in order to assist you in resolving your concern about having an excessive amount of fat by providing you with a weight loss treatment.

CoolShaping Fat Freezing Treatment

The CoolShaping Fat Freezing therapy has finally arrived! Because this treatment is absolutely painless and non-invasive, you won't have to worry about having any sort of surgery, taking any kind of medication, or getting any kind of injections! Our procedure is entirely risk-free, and there will be no recovery time required because there will be no wounds to heal.

Our fat-freezing procedure will get rid of all of the excess fat in certain sections of your body, such as the fat around your belly, thick thighs, love handles, and even back fat, without the need for any increased physical activity on your side. The CoolShaping gadget utilises a one-of-a-kind cooling cryolipolysis technique, which will freeze the undesirable fat cells at temperatures below the freezing point, which is between -10ºC to -15ºC. Because the cells in our bodies are unable to withstand temperatures that are too high, the fat cells in our bodies will be naturally destroyed and eliminated through the process of our metabolism, as our lymphatic system will recognise the dead cells as waste. Don't be concerned! There is almost no possibility of the fat cells coming back, as they will be eliminated for good. This therapy helps in the thinning of subcutaneous fat layers after 1 to 2 months post-treatment, which makes it possible for the skin to adapt and continue to preserve its firmness. Additionally, it helps in the removal of fat, which contributes to weight loss. Hence, no sagging skin at all! What a marvel of nature!

Before beginning the treatment, one of our highly trained aestheticians will conduct an in-depth consultation with you during which they will assess your current body condition, body mass index, kind of body, as well as your current health concerns. This is done in order to personalise the treatment programme to your specific needs in order to make it as effective as possible for you. The aesthetic therapist will then describe the entire procedure to you, together with your current bodily problems, so that you can make sense of it all. When it comes to assisting you in shedding those excess pounds, having a mutual understanding with the person helping you is really vital.

After the operation, the treatment area will be cleansed and sanitised, and then the specialised cryolipolysis equipment will be turned on for the process. This will cause the cold energy to be blasted into the skin, which will cause the fat to be destroyed. During the treatment process, it is possible that you will feel a little cold due to the fact that it will give out a freezing temperature experience; however, we can guarantee you that it will not be uncomfortable in any way! Simply put your feet up, unwind, and take pleasure in the individualised care we have prepared for you.


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A vibration training approach that makes use of a weight loss vibration machine may unquestionably assist you in losing the excess weight that has accumulated on your body, in addition to providing other benefits to your health. On the other hand, some people might not have the time to go to a gym so they can use this machine, and if it's going to be used at home, then some people might not have enough room to store the machine.

Do not be afraid to give our treatment a shot! Give us a call right away to schedule your appointment with us.


Can I use the vibration machine after the treatment?

Yes, you can! Since vibration training can help you with more health benefits such as help your blood pressure and ease pain in joints, it is safe for you to use the machine.

Will there be any side effects to this treatment?

Worries assured, there are no serious side effects when receiving this treatment. You may experience swelling on the treatment area, but it will be gone in a few days.

How is it different from thermal lipolysis?

The difference between this treatment and thermal lipolysis is that thermal lipolysis uses heat to shrink fat cells, but if you consume a lot of calories, the fat may come back. For our cryolipolysis treatment, the treated fat cells will be gone forever, leaving no chances of rebound.


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